5 Tips on How to Give the Kids Bedroom a Trendy Makeover

Are the kiddies’ bedrooms calling out for a makeover? If the walls are looking a little unloved, the furniture has taken a battering since they arrived on the scene or their once beloved nursery has been outgrown, then it’s time to start planning their ‘big kids’ bedroom!

The most important step of the makeover process – picking out their new kid’s bed! Once you’ve taken your measurements and your tot has given the all-important seal of approval, thinking about the décor, accessories, and wallpaper to go with their new bed, can be a complete headache, especially when there are so many options and themes to choose from!

By using their new bed as a starting point, the style of their room can be inspired and guided by the bed design your kids go gaga for!

We’ve put together a selection of our favourite Kids Beds to help steer you and your little tykes in the right direction and listed our top tips to help you get started.

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1. Make the Room ‘Pop’ with a Splash of Colour!

A simple lick of paint can totally transform the kid’s bedrooms! From feature walls to wall decals you can get as creative as you like. 

Scalloped wall designs can require a bit of DIY know-how, but there are lots of tutorials, templates and stencils to help you on your way. If you’re not brave enough to tackle wallpaper, you can cut and stick your own stencils and opt for any colour of wall paint your kids desire.

Cool Kids Tipi Day Bed

The Cool Kids Tipi Day Bed looks great when paired with this statement scalloped wall art! The responsibly sourced wooden frame can be adapted to suit your little one’s needs. Including a customisable nameplate, choice of fabric canopies and storage drawers – pick a complementary paint to fit the theme your little one loves most. If the canopy is outgrown, the tipi style roof can be removed and turned into a daybed – so once the teenage phase sets in, you won’t have to update their rooms again! Just a quick and simple frame adjustment and the bed can continue being used for years to come.

With matching furniture and storage available from the Cool Kids range by Lifetime, you can completely transform your tot’s room and not have to touch it again until they’re ready to move out. And even then… you might want the scalloped design to stay! It’s such a versatile choice!

Lifetime Lake House 1 Kids Bed

If you’re not feeling brave enough to try scalloped painting or follow a design, paint a feature wall in a bold colour or create a rough border with contrasting colours – just like we’ve done with the Lifetime Lake House Kids Bed. We’re sure your kids will be blown away by their new bedroom! If they’ve picked out their favourite colours, you can’t go wrong!

2. Pick a Bed with Longevity – from Tot to Teen!

When considering a kid’s bedroom makeover, we can get carried away with themes and styles that suit your little one’s current interests, but these can be quickly outgrown! One day they might adore jungle animals and the next they’re into gaming or all things football.

When it comes to picking out their new bed, think about the long term. Pick out a design where they can express themselves and personalise to suit their newfound style. Not only will this save you money down the line, but also save you the trouble of re-decorating, every time your tot finds a new hobby!

Vox 4 You 4 Poster Single Bed with Adjustable Height Levels

The Vox 4 You 4 Poster Single Bed is great for tots and teens and would be such a versatile addition to their bedroom. Styled in neutral colours with an oak wood canopy; any theme, bedding, décor and accessories can be paired with this kid’s bed by Vox

The frame is height adjustable too, so when your kiddies are smaller, they can get in and out easily and once they’re feeling more confident, raise the bed base and use the space below as storage. Handy right! 

Your kids will love personalising the canopy with fairy lights, hanging art and plants and as they grow and find their passions, simply change up the bedding for a completely new look. Much more efficient than changing the whole room every few years!

3. Utilise the Floor Space!

As your kiddies get bigger, so does their furniture! Their cot and toddler beds might have fit into their bedrooms easily before, but when it comes to selecting a single bed, are you struggling to find space for everything else they’ll need? Utilise the floor space with a high sleeper, mid sleeper or storage bed and keep all of their essentials tidied away in one place.

Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe

The Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe is a great choice if you’re short on space. Below the single bed, your kiddies can find a wardrobe, desk, shelves and drawers to keep their bedrooms spick and span. There is even a wire memo board – so organised! With everything stored in one hub, they’ll have more room for activities and other furniture.

Lars Low Cabin Bed

If your kiddies aren’t quite ready for a high sleeper, the Lars Low Cabin Bed would be another great solution to all of their storage needs. Including generously sized drawers, all of their essentials can be neatly tidied away – no more trip hazards, phew! The largest drawer can also be used as a trundle bed for sleepovers.

Both beds are finished in neutral colours too, so they’re easy to style with bedding and accessories and when they’ve outgrown their current theme, simply change them up to create a totally new look!

4. Let the Bed Guide your Theme!

If your kiddies are automatically drawn to a particular bed, this might help steer your style choices when it comes to everything else.

If they’ve picked out a fire engine bed, you wouldn’t think to pair it with ocean-themed accessories. But instead go for firefighter bedding, ladder bookshelves and other details that follow the theme.

Mathy by Bols Treehouse Cabin Bed with Slide & Platform

Available in every colour you could think of – the Mathy by Bols Treehouse Cabin Bed would suit little explorers! Featuring a slide to the side and plenty of space below the bed to create a hideout – there are lots of themes that could be paired with this incredible bed frame! Jungle, safari, woodland, beach – just to name a few!

Add bean bags, wall art, fairy lights, rugs and soft furnishings to follow the final theme. By picking the bed first, everything else just slots into place!

5. Let the Bed do the Talking!

If you’re renting, not able to decorate or just want to keep the walls as they are – by picking a colourful bed frame it can instantly update your kid’s bedrooms without having to worry about the walls.

New York Metal Kids Single Bed in Red

The New York Metal Kids Beds come in lots of colour options – ready and waiting to be styled up! The traditional style single bed frame makes an impact with the bold colours it comes in. Style the bed with cushions and quilts in coordinating colours, wrap fairy lights around the headboard and add a canopy overhead to brighten up your kid’s bedrooms and personalise their space.

Billy Single Kids Bed

The Billy Kids Bed range is perfect if your kids are into pastels. The chevron details and gold-tipped feet make it great for youngsters and teens alike. With matching furniture available, your kids’ bedrooms will be the epitome of colourful! By choosing colourful furniture, accessories, textiles and décor, you can add colour without having to get out the rollers and brushes!

Have We Inspired You to Start Planning Out the Kid's Bedroom Makeover?

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