Host Bonfire Night With Our Garden Must-Haves

Remember, remember, the 5th of November… for the incredible Bonfire Night party you hosted!

Whether you’re watching fireworks together, huddling around a fire, or leaving trails of stars in the night air with sparklers, Bonfire Night is an excellent excuse for a garden gathering.

If you fancy inviting your friends and family round to celebrate, here are the top 10 garden accessories we recommend to help you host the ultimate Bonfire Night bash. The Guys will be Fawke-ing about this one for years!

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1. Extreme Lounging B Bulb Plus Outdoor Light

Extreme Lounging B Bulb Plus Outdoor Light

During any gaps in the fireworks, you’ll need some light to illuminate the party!

The B Bulb Plus Outdoor Light by Extreme Lounging is a portable USB-powered indoor/outdoor lamp. It can shine for up to 22 hours on a single charge, and you can choose to set it to soft or bright white light, depending on the mood you want to create.

Best of all, the lamp is fully weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry if it starts to drizzle in true November fashion!

2. Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lantern

Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lantern

The Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lantern is the perfect nod to the occasion for small balconies and terraces.

This tabletop lantern is powered by a gas canister and is super easy to fire up – just turn on the ignition and light the flame with a taper lighter. Once lit, you can adjust the flame to your perfect height.

One gas canister will power the lantern for up to 6 hours – so you can keep it burning throughout the party.

3. Heatsail Electric Dome Patio Heater

Heatsail Electric Dome Patio Heater

What’s that in the sky? Have the fireworks started? Nope – it’s just the Heatsail Dome Freestanding Patio Heater!

This overhead heater is ideal for keeping the chill off on a cool November evening. It’s powered by electricity but uses less energy than traditional heaters and emits zero emissions. Despite this, it radiates heat up to 5 metres – so you can keep everyone warm and toasty.

If you really want to get the party started, you could choose to add the optional waterproof Bluetooth speakers in the base and use the remote control to activate them from anywhere in the garden.

4. Cook King Kongo Deep Fire Bowl

Cook King Kongo Deep Fire Bowl

There’s nothing like a crackling fire, the smell of wood smoke and warming your hands by the flames on Bonfire Night to put you in the spirit of the occasion.

No space for a bonfire, or want to avoid burning your lawn? Then use this Kongo Deep Fire Pit by Cook King instead!

The Kongo is made from 3mm crude steel and has a deep concave bowl to stop logs from toppling out while your fire’s blazing. Even more practically, you can add the optional grill and use it as a BBQ too!

5. The Garden Village Billington Log Store

The Garden Village Billington Log Store

Keep your fire fully fuelled with The Garden Village Billington Log Store.

Pack this handy garden storage unit full to the brim with logs, and you’ll have everything you need to keep the fire pit burning all night.

The Billington is made from pressure-treated FSC redwood timber with a mineral felt roof to help it withstand the elements and keep your logs dry and ready for burning.

6. Ooni Fyra 12 Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Want to feed your firework party guests? (This is recommended to avoid any hangry land-based outbursts!)

Fire up the Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza Oven to create delicious authentic Italian-style pizzas for your Bonfire Night bashers.

Best of all, once it’s heated up (which takes approximately 15 minutes), the Fyra 12 cooks each pizza to perfection in just 60 seconds – so you’re free to get back to your sparklers and mulled cider.

7. Keter Bevy Bar

Keter Bevy Bar

Speaking of drinks, keep your Bonfire Night beverages close by and contained with the Keter Bevy Bar!

This handy garden bar can hold up to 65 bottles and 130 cans in the double-walled cooler section, so you’ll be able to keep the party going well into the night (and the next day, if you want!)

The table above the cooler is ideal for holding snacks, cutlery and glasses. Best of all, as it’s made from weather-resistant resin, you don’t need to worry about your bar if the heavens open!

8. Maze Rattan Pulse Dining Set with Fire Pit Table

Maze Rattan Pulse Dining Set with Fire Pit Table

When you’re not fetching drinks, stoking the bonfire or supervising the kids with their sparklers, you’ll want somewhere to put your feet up and enjoy a glass of something with your guests.

The Maze Rattan Pulse Dining Set with Fire Pit Table is the perfect place to do that. The built-in fire pit on the table is ideal for keeping food and chilly fingers warm on your Bonfire Night soirée.

With enough space for up to 7 people to recline comfortably, you can gather everyone around for that much-needed catch-up!

9. HypeDome Garden Pod

HypeDome Garden Pod

The Hypedome Garden Pod is the ultimate outdoor base for star and firework gazing!

Constructed from over 100 clear polycarbonate hexagonal panels, the HypeDome offers a 360-degree view of your garden and the night sky while fully protecting you from the elements.

It even has noise-cancelling acoustic properties, so it can help dull the bangs of the fireworks. Add an electric heater to make the dome extra cosy – you’ll want to stay here until next November!

10. Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola

Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola

Finally, if the forecast’s looking dodgy (and you don’t have a HypeDome handy!), consider a pergola with a retractable roof and sides, such as this Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola.

Sit out in the crisp night air and if you feel the first drops of rain, simply close the tilting roof louvres, roll down the sides, and stay dry.

You can also turn on the built-in LED lighting and set it to white or various bright colours to keep the party vibes going.

Ready to Host the Best Bonfire Night Bash?

With these must-have garden accessories, you’ll be the ‘host with the most’ this 5th of November! If you’d like to chat about any of our garden furniture or accessories, give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email


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