5 easy tips to accessorise your outdoor space

Time to spruce up your outdoor space?

If your garden is due a makeover, take a look at our top tips to decorate outdoors. Because when you work hard to keep your home looking stylish, there’s no reason to drop it all as soon as you step outside!

And with these oh-so quick and simple tips, you can give your outdoor space a new lease of life in no time. Here’s how…

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1. Lay down an outdoor rug

An ideal option for spaces with a decking area or patio, an outdoor rug instantly adds a touch of flair to your garden. With a chic outdoor rug, you can add colour and style to even the smallest of spaces.

Plus, along with giving your garden a breath of fresh air, an outdoor rug means you can make an inviting space to sit. Pop your rug underneath your outdoor table and chairs and it’ll instantly pull together your space and create a cohesive al fresco dining area.

And not only that, but an outdoor rug stops your furniture legs from scraping your patio or decking – so it’s much more than just a statement!

Here’s a couple of my favourite outdoor rugs to get you started…

Zuiver Coventry Outdoor Rug

Vintage Style Zuiver Rug

Ornate and opulent, this rug by Zuvier wouldn’t look out of place inside a fancy stately home. But don’t worry – this hardy rug can withstand all outdoor weather, and you won’t need to take off your shoes to walk over it!

So if you’re hoping to bring a touch of class outdoors, this vintage-style rug will do just the job.

Zuiver Moon Outdoor Rug in Stone Grey

Fancy something a bit different? This moon-style rug by Zuiver is ideal if you’d like to make a statement in your garden. Whether you want to lie back and catch the rays or create an outdoor dining space, this rug will look the part.

2. Add cosy spaces to hang out

When you decorate your garden, it’s all about making it an inviting space you just can’t resist lounging in. So if you’re after outdoor accessories, think ‘cosy’: big squashy bean bags, hammocks, and scatter cushions are perfect.

With a cosy area to sit and flop after a long day, you’ll never want to head indoors. And with weatherproof soft furnishings, it’s easy to add a stamp of personality to your outdoor space.

Looking for some inspiration? Look no further…

Tiipii Hammock Bed in Natural White

This hammock bed by TiiPii will instantly transform your garden into a relaxing haven. Think tropical beach getaway at a five-star resort…

And with minimal canvas, this hammock will effortlessly blend into your outdoor space. Don’t forget to throw a few cushions onto the hammock for extra cosiness and style – this hammock works well with monochrome and abstract patterns, like this outdoor cushion by Beanbag Bazaar (below).

Icon Boho Broken Stripe Outdoor Cushion

Extreme Lounging Mini B-Bag Outdoor Bean Bag

This bean bag from Extreme Lounging is the definition of comfort. Sink into the foam-filled huggable seat and you’ll struggle to ever get up…

And with a choice of bright or neutral colours, you can pick a hue that suits your garden. So whether you’d rather make a statement or blend in, find a bean bag that accents your outdoor space.

Extreme Lounging B Pad Outdoor Cushion

Scatter a few of these outdoor cushions around your garden, and you’ll create a fun chill-out zone to lie back and relax. From lime green to silver grey, you can choose from 6 colours to bring out the tones in your outdoor space.

3. Bring the indoors outside with a fireplace

An outdoor fire is the ultimate garden accessory. With the heat and ambient lighting, they’re perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere outdoors.

It can be tempting to watch the flames dance all night long – and keep toasty warm while you’re at it. Popping a fire in your garden also means you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

So whether you’re hosting a summer party or enjoying mulled wine while it snows, a garden fire really is a must-have accessory to get that cosy ‘hygge’ feel. And from ethanol fires to fire pits and bowls, you’re spoilt for choice with our range at Cuckooland.

Here’s a couple of dreamy outdoor fires to liven up your outdoor space:

Le Feu Ground Wood Bio Ethanol Fireplace in Black

Ideal for balconies and smaller gardens, the ethanol fireplace from Le Feu is the eco-friendly way to enjoy an outdoor fire. With smokeless heat, you can gather around the fire without smelling like smoke for weeks – or annoying your next-door neighbours! And best of all, this fireplace creates no harmful emissions like a wood burner.

With its Danish design and minimal look, you can bring a touch of Scandinavian charm to your outdoor space. Choose from black or white, and 6 different shades of oak leg to best complement your garden.

And if you’d like to bring this fireplace inside, you’re more than welcome. This handy fireplace is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Maze Rattan Round Gas Fire Pit

This gas fire pit by Maze Rattan will add a splash of glamour to your garden. As gas fire pits are enjoyed by contestants on shows like Love Island, they’re the new hottest place to gather around.

And since it’s a gas fire, you can enjoy all the cosiness of the flames without the hassle of cleaning away a wood or coal fire.

4. Arrange your plant life on a stand or shelf

Displaying your greenery on a stylish shelf is an easy but oh-so effective way to decorate your outdoor space.

And if you’ve got green fingers, a shelf or stand is an ideal way to draw attention to all your thriving plants. Even if gardening isn’t your thing, nothing is stopping you from showing off a few nice fake plants…

Here’s a couple of eye-catching plant shelves to liven up your garden:

Galaxy Plant Stand with 4 Shelves

Rowlinson Wooden Plant Stand

5. Use ambient lanterns and lights

You could create the most stylish garden in the world – but without ambient lighting, that could all go to waste as soon as the sun goes down. Nothing ruins a cosy vibe like overly harsh or dim lighting.

So when you accessorise your outdoor space, it’s all about choosing ambient and attractive lighting options. Plus, it’s important to find lighting that looks great even when it’s not switched on. Because even if your lights make a warm and cosy glow at night, you don’t want them creating an eye-sore during the day!

With that in mind, take a look at these outdoor lights…

Extreme Lounging B Bulb Plus Outdoor Light

This stylish light will be the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor space. Simply pop it on your patio or decking area to create a warm and cosy glow – and with up to 22 hours of battery life, it’s perfect for lighting up outdoor gatherings or parties.

Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lantern

For both warmth and style, look no further than this chic fire lantern. With Scandi-style glass and a choice of ivory, taupe, or terracotta design, this lantern will add a splash of sophistication to any garden.

And with a carrying handle, you can bring a touch of ambience wherever you please. Simply switch on the button, and light with a candle lighter, and it’s ready to go.

Time to accessorise your outdoor space?

If your garden is due a makeover, we’ve got you covered. Head over to our garden accessories to browse our range of outdoor rugs, lighting, planters, and more.

Fancy a chat? You can speak to our friendly customer service team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email.


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