Mix and Match with our Fabulous Nursery Furniture

When it comes to kitting out your baby’s room, you might be tempted to buy a matching nursery furniture set and get the job done. But there is another way!

As with any room in your house, you can mix and match your nursery furniture to create a look that is not only exactly what you want, but also completely unique and something no one else at baby group will have.

Read on for our top nursery furniture collections to mix up, so you can put your stamp on your little one’s room, and find your perfect match!

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1. Vox Vintage – 5 pastel colours

Vox Vintage Chest of Drawers in Pink
Vox Vintage Tall Chest in Blue
Vox Vintage Chest of Drawers in Green

Vox Vintage nursery furniture comes in a choice of white, oak or pastel-coloured drawer fronts, which perfectly complement the oak legs and surround. The colours on offer are muted pink, blue, green and yellow.

Instead of choosing just one for your nursery, we recommend mixing it up and bringing 2 or 3 (or more!) shades into your baby’s room, to create a fun yet cohesive look. The mix of pastel colours works especially well for spring babies or rainbow-themed nurseries.

This option can also be a great solution for rental properties, if you aren’t allowed to paint the walls, but still want to add an injection of colour!

2. Vox Maxim & Galipette Lison

Vox Maxim Wardrobe in White
Galipette Lison 3 Drawer Dresser

If you prefer to keep the colour to furnishings, you could introduce a mix of neutral shades to your nursery instead.

The Vox Maxim Wardrobe in White is a practical solution for a baby’s room, with open shelving, internal compartments and a hanging rail offering plenty of storage. You could opt for a classic look and pair it with white nursery furniture – or, why not add interest by introducing a complimentary wood shade?

The Galipette Lison Dresser has three deep drawers and a cupboard with two internal compartments, as well as an optional baby changing top to transform it into a changing unit. It’s available in an Artisan Oak effect finish, with a white cupboard front that ties it in perfectly with the Maxim Wardrobe. By mixing these two ranges, you’ll have all the storage you need for your new arrival!

3. Vox Paris, 4 You & Canne

Vox Paris Baby Cot Bed
Vox 4 You Corner Wardrobe
Vox Canne Dresser white

Add a Scandi or bohemian touch to your nursery by combining white nursery furniture with light wood and rattan accents.

The Vox Paris Cot features an adjustable mattress height, so you can set it at the right level for your baby, and it can be transformed into a toddler bed as they grow. In addition to being well-designed, it’s also super stylish, with a unique oval design and light oak legs.

The Paris Cot can be paired with any white nursery furniture. The Vox 4 You Corner Wardrobe is a great example of a matching storage unit from a different range. The corner design is highly practical, squeezing a lot of storage into a small space. There are 6 compartments, 2 larger shelves and a hanging rail, perfect for holding all their little outfits!

Mix up this look by adding items from the Canne range. Canne’s rattan webbing drawer fronts and gold handles will add a touch of boho luxe, whilst keeping the overall effect subtle.

4. Galipette Lison & Celeste

Galipette Lison Cot Bed
Galipette Celeste Two Door Wardrobe

Galipette offers a wide range of practical, stylish and affordable nursery furniture. Lison and Celeste are two of their most popular ranges, but as they both have similar white and wood tones, you could easily combine pieces from the two collections.

For example, the Lison Cot Bed is a Scandi-style cot bed made from a combination of beech and particle board. It’s finished in ‘Artisan Oak’ with either matching oak or white end panels.

Either version could be paired with the Celeste Two Door Wardrobe, which comes in white, with light oak-effect accents. The timeless design will not only look great in a nursery but last your little one throughout their childhood.

5. Vox Bosque, Vintage & 4 You

Vox Bosque Chest of Drawers
Vox Vintage Wardrobe
Vox 4 You 3 in 1 Cot Bed

Vox’s organisational furniture comes in cohesive collections which often have similar features, making them easy to mix and match.

In the case of Bosque, Vintage and 4 You, the light shades of wood, angled legs and mid-century styles unite the ranges and mean you can easily put them together in a room, without it looking mismatched.

The white and oak 4 You 3-in-1 Cot Bed is a particularly good item to use in a mix-and-match nursery, as it can be adapted into a toddler bed and desk as your little one grows.

6. Vox Leaf & Nature

Vox Leaf Changing Unit
Vox Nature Baby Cot in Dark Grey and Oak

Finally, if you’re looking for something a little different to white, how about mixing some of our darker-coloured nursery furniture?

The Vox Leaf range in Graphite and the Vox Nature Cot in Dark Grey is a grey-t place to start! With their moody grey finishes, these ranges will add drama and unique flair to your child’s nursery.

Both collections feature oak accents, in the form of either shelves or legs, which further ties the look together, and means you could easily add in some more oak furniture too.

Catching on to Mixing and Matching?

There are so many options when it comes to pairing your nursery furniture with items from other collections – you’ll love mixing things up and seeing what happens! If you’d like to discuss your ideas, just give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email customerservice@cuckooland.com. We’re always happy to help!


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