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Ahhhhh, the sweet relaxed hours of deep sleep – we here at Cuckooland love nothing more than to hit the hay, ideally with a quality set of covers and pillows. But beds are more than just a practical vessel that sends us off to Dreamland; dive in and discover their many weird and wonderful designs in this premier collection!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 406 items

Beds FAQ's


Beds are fairly basic, right? Well, not really – there are a whole lot of design smarts beneath that fluffy duvet, that be-speckled headboard with the pillows angled just how you love them. At Cuckooland, we’re always investigating the latest bed styles, designs and trends (and manufacturing techniques and attributes too!), sourcing the best and bringing them straight to your doorstep…

Our passion for sleep is the driving factor behind our guides, such as buying a bed for a retro retreat, because – with an item of such gravitas – you can’t afford to sleep on the job. However, in case you have questions about our sleeper range, here are some oft-repeated questions we’d like to tackle once and for all:

  1. Do the beds come fully assembled?

  2. In most cases, each bed is constructed by the manufacturer before it’s delivered to yours truly. Some are flat-packed for convenience and affordability. Where our beds are made to order and a little on the complex side, we offer an optional installation/assembly fee, including the removal of any packaging.

  3. What is the size range of your beds?

  4. Cuckooland expressly provides for every member of the family, whether that’s a tot, teenager or couple. Our beds span from cot beds, toddler-sized frames to king and queen builds, with a select few in a four-poster style. For specific dimensions, check the individual product page, so you know exactly how to measure up for your new sleeper.

  5. Is there a mattress provided with the bed?

  6. We don't (and most quality bed retailers don't either), because we know how much preferences can vary from one sleepy head to the next! Mattresses must be bought separately, although we have matching items on each product page to go with each size and design, so you can find a base that’s perfect for your bed.

Require more assistance?

And there we have it, folks – the simplest answers to the lynchpin of your interior décor, dressed in the dreaminess that Cuckooland is famous for! Now it’s up to you to dive into our irresistible bed selection….

Take a tour through some of our most revered manufacturers, including 4You by Vox and its trademark, spotless chic. We’ll see you when a decision is ready to wake, stretch, and leap into action, but until then you can call our super friendly advisory team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email if you’re still sleeping on it.

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