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The fable goes that a poor princess could not get a good night’s sleep because of a pesky pea. No matter how hard princess tried or how many mattresses were placed on the royal bed, that poor sleep deprived princess just couldn’t drift off. As any parent will know when little princes and princesses have not had a good night’s sleep, it makes the royal household a very grumpy place to be.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

Cot & Cot bed mattress FAQ's


Quite apart from giving support and comfort to a munchkin fresh on the scene, the right cot mattress can protect your baby from the world outside their crib. To ensure your new arrival gets the best start in life, we’ve put our heads together to source the finest mattresses around for our cots and cot beds.

Take a peek at our children’s mattress guide, and you’ll see (it helps being parents ourselves) that we care deeply about safe and happy babies. However, if you’re still concerned about finding the right foundation for your cot, below are some FAQs that pop up when parents are grappling with this very dilemma:

  1. Does it have to fit perfectly?

  2. Absolutely, yes. A baby has the potential to wedge itself between a mattress and the walls of a crib whilst they're wriggling around in the night. To avoid this, all of our infant sleepers have compatible mattresses that fit to cot/crib dimensions and specifications.

  3. Is cleaning the mattress easy?

  4. It's easier than you think. Most cot mattresses are water resistant, but it’s a wise idea to invest in a mattress protector that you can easily wash when accidents happen. It’s a lot easier to clean the protector than the mattress itself!

  5. Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

  6. Yes they are. We know that little bottoms and new skin can be sensitive, which is why we select only the softest, most natural products for your growing babe. Our organic wool and natural twist mattresses and protectors are a favourite amongst parents – and snoozing angels!

Require more assistance?

A mattress is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your little one’s nursery, but they aren’t the only secret ingredients to a sound night’s sleep. Our tips for newborn sleep solutions will have your baby snoozing through the night in no time. Still scratching your head over mattresses? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 and we’ll jump at the chance to help provide your little bundle with the cosiest intro to the world of peaceful nap time!

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