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Oh the joyous occasion of a newborn coming into the world. Our hearts and homes expand to accommodate the precious gift of life. Many parents invest months of preparation in the run up to the arrival of that bundle of joy, meticulously planning to create the most peaceful of surroundings.

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Moses Basket & Crib FAQ's


As a sensory arena for sleep, Moses Baskets take the (teething!) biscuit for babies everywhere! They’re traditional, secure, and full of plush materials for little fingers and toes to explore, giving your child a vibrant introduction to the world that awaits them. With a Moses Basket by your side, baby can stretch out in a prone position and move with you as you go about your day, whatever you’re up to.

Check out our essential nursery guide and checklist if you’re stumped for purchases that cater for a little munchkin’s early development - it’ll give you heaps of inspiration. If you come away with a couple of points you’re unclear about, we thought we’d tackle some FAQs that wibble our way:

  1. Where can I place a Moses basket?

  2. We urge you to keep it away from hot radiators, open windows, or hanging items that a baby might be able to grasp. Anywhere else is fine, as long as it’s a stable surface.

  3. Is a stand necessary?

  4. It’ll certainly make it easier to check up on your wee darling, but stands aren’t essential. Many of our baskets and cradles come with bassinets to secure babies on a raised platform.

  5. How should I clean my Moses basket?

  6. This depends on what basket you go for. Wicker models, for instance, should be cleaned with a damp cloth to rid dirt and spills from the latticework, while cotton-based baskets are generally machine washable.

Require more assistance?

We hope these answers have shed light on a timeless nursery essential. Moses baskets are a brilliant choice for parents who want to spend every second watching over their babe in those first few weeks and months, allowing you to get on with your chores, without losing sight of the person who matters most.

To carry the traditional theme throughout every inch of your nursery, take a peek at our guide for creating a woodland themed nursery. Still feeling a little lost? Get in touch with Sophie, Anna, Nat or Kate (our Kiddie Dream-team) on +44 (0) 1305 231231 for more newborn essentials.

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