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To a toddler the world can be a pretty daunting place. Everything that surrounds you is bigger than you are and can only be accessed by climbing, which for some reason mummy and daddy don’t like. So when you sit in your first high chair the world becomes a very different place. From up high you can gaze upon the world’s splendour and make mental notes to chew, climb or play with all manner of things that have previously escaped your notice!

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High Chair FAQ's


We all know that little tykes want a seat at the big boys’ or girls’ table, right? Babies can boggle us with their relentless curiosity, eyes and hands constantly roaming for the next most curious thing. Thankfully, our range of hand-picked high chairs will get them on the path to growing up, providing them with a base for mealtimes around a loving family table.

They’ll need some practice though, so we recommend reading up on modern nursery kit (another cool & informative Cuckooland Blog Post!) to prepare your little monkey for their place with the grown-ups. Seeing as high chairs are absolutely essential for babies to learn skills for a lifetime, you’d be forgiven for wanting to know more about how they’re used, and how to take care of them. Here are some FAQs we’ve encountered over the years:

  1. When does my baby need a high chair?

  2. From 3-4 months into their development, a baby can sit up, as their neck and leg muscles are strengthening. As soon as they can hold themselves up with a relatively straight back (usually between 5-6 months) a high chair will be appropriate.

  3. Will the chair mark my floor?

  4. Chairs are unlikely to jiggle around with a baby’s movements, as they’re designed specifically for stable use. So they are unlikely to mark the floor. However, if you're concerned about the effects of a high chair on laminate or timber flooring, some of our models do have optional cast materials that may suit you better. 

  5. Are the seat heights adjustable?

  6. In some cases, yes! A few of our models even evolve to become cool, regular stools for growing kids. However, please check our product pages for specific features and dimensions.

Require more assistance?

Nurturing your child to a stage where they sit, spoon and chew by themselves is a wondrous feeling, made all the sweeter by knowing their table manners are going to be tip top once they’re in the school canteen.

Getting the right high chair is a crucial first step for a well-formed baby to stretch their independence. Still awaiting your new arrival? You can read more about preparing for a newborn with our essential nursery checklist, or call Anna, Nat, Sophie or Kate on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 for a helping hand.

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