Make Your Garden Pod Insta-worthy

You’ve splashed out on a new Garden Pod, but don’t stop there!

Create a stylish setup that you’d be proud to share and show off to your online following. Showcase your personal taste and put your stamp on your outdoor retreat with furniture, accessories and lighting, for all the world to see.

We’re here to help you get your garden pod IG ready! Whether you’re using your pod to wine and dine, as a place to relax, creating a personal gym, a home office or a playroom for the kids – we’ve got you covered. Prepare yourself for the notifications, likes, comments, shares and DM’s coming your way!

Without further ado, let’s get your Garden Pod looking 11/10 with our luxurious, handpicked outdoor selection! #Gardenpodofdreams

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1. Garden Furniture You’ll Want to Photograph

Maze Rattan Oxford Round Ice Bucket Dining Set with Venice Chairs

Your Garden Pod is assembled, you’ve got guests coming over for a nosey and you’ve gone to dig out the garden furniture set to realise it’s not looking its best! Instead of cancelling or saying no to photographs, it’s time to upgrade…

Out with the old and in with the Maze Rattan Oxford Round Ice Bucket Dining Set with Venice Chairs! With a set this stylish, create the ultimate photo-op with your garden pod and Maze Rattan furniture.

The perfect setting for dinner parties, drinks and catchups with family and friends; arrange personalised place settings, ready your best tableware and put the bubbles on ice. Guests will be snapping and sharing like there’s no tomorrow! When you pop the Champagne, try and get an action shot to really impress!

2. Outdoor Furniture That Needs No Filter

Maze Rattan New York Round Dining Set in White

Achieve Insta-ready photos, every time, with the Maze Rattan New York Round Dining Set in White. Featuring clean lines, comfortable cushions and a contemporary design – guests won’t be able to resist a selfie while they relax around your new setup. Available in a choice of sizes to suit your garden pod, the round table steals the show from every angle!

Cosy into the deep-filled cushions and enjoy sharing platters, cocktails and party games while you create memorable moments worth capturing. Luxurious to look at and to sit down on; share a shot with your followers and ‘Where did you get that?’ will be the top comment!

Designed to be left outside all year round, the durable cushions and low-maintenance, easy-care design ensure your furniture will look good as new whenever you pay a visit. #Nofilterneeded

3. Outdoor Seating Worth Streaming

Maze Rattan Marina 2 Seat Sofa Set

The set your followers will want to see – give them a guided tour of your garden pod with the Maze Rattan Marina 2 Seat Sofa Set at the centre!

Available in a choice of colours; show off the handcrafted rope fabric chairs, tempered glass coffee table and deep-filled cushions. And when you’ve stopped sharing, sink into the plush cushioned seats, relax and reply to your comments sat in luxurious comfort.

Including a 2-seater garden sofa with matching armchairs to comfortably seat 4 people, enjoy coffee catchups, romantic evenings in or snuggle up with a good book when you’re taking a break from social media!

4. Rattan Chairs That Will Get You Noticed

Garden Trading Pair of Hampstead Armchairs

Part of the Hampstead collection from Garden Trading, the woven polyrattan armchairs were made for indoor or outdoor use, making them perfect for garden pods and outdoor retreats.

Arriving as a set of two, including off-white cushions you can really cosy into, these Windsor seats bring bohemian styling to your garden sanctuary.

Pair with additional seats, side tables and coordinating neutral accessories so your ‘gramfam’ will stop to pay your page a visit. Crafted with durable and lightweight steel frames, easily move the seats around to change up the look and keep your garden pod feeling fresh.

5. Add Finishing Touches with Outdoor Floor Rugs

Fab Hab Big Sur Outdoor Rug in Teal

No garden pod or outdoor furniture set is complete without a floor rug!

Select from two sizes, with plenty of reversible designs to choose from – the Fab Hab Outdoor Rugs are woven using recycled plastic bottles adding a bright pop of colour to your pod. It’s a fun way of styling, with little to no effort required.

Resistant to mould, mildew, UV light and easy to maintain, they’re a practical addition too. In wetter conditions with guests traipsing mud and grass into your new digs, a Fab Hab rug protects the flooring below and it’s quick to clean up once everyone has returned home. Your online audience will never know the state of things before… unless you want to keep it real and show the aftermath?

6. Statement Lighting You Reel-y Love!

Extreme Lounging B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights
Extreme Lounging B Bulb Plus Outdoor Light

Forget unflattering flash photography, the Extreme Lounging lighting range will give your garden pod pics the warming glow you’re looking for. 

The Extreme Lounging B Bulb Outdoor Light comes in standard or plus sizes. Scatter around your garden pod and adjust the brightness settings with the simple button controls to get your final photo. Fully weatherproof and suitable indoors and outdoors, use them as lanterns to light the way when moving to and from your garden pod or position them on either side of the entrance so guests know where they’re going! 

If you’d like a more permanent feature, the mains-powered Extreme Lounging B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights offer the same features as the coordinating lanterns. Change the brightness settings, connect several sets to extend and clip in and around your garden pod to create a magical atmosphere in the evenings. 

Not only will your online friends have serious garden accessory envy, your neighbours will too! 

7. Garden Accessories for Your Grid

Extreme Lounging Outdoor Sea Shell B-Cushion
Cozy Living Mathea Melange Throw

If your garden pod isn’t the cosy cocoon you’d pictured, style with soft accessories that were made for snuggling up. Blankets, throws and cushions bring added colour and texture and keep cold chills at bay.

With the Extreme Lounging Outdoor Sea Shell B-Cushions and Cozy Living Mathea Melange Throws your family and friends can huddle up inside your garden pod even in the winter months. Serve hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows and make sure to capture the moment before they’re finished!

8. Decorate with Garden Planters for the Perfect Post

Nkuku Mendi Baskets
House Doctor Rattan Brass Planter

Bring the outside in with a planter or two and show off your green-fingered skills!

The Nkuku Mendi Baskets and House Doctor Rattan Brass Planters both add a rustic look to your space. Grow flowers, leafy houseplants or decorative shrubs or why not go for herbs and flavour food and drinks while you’re dining inside your outdoor pod! Position either side of the door to create a welcoming display. Just don’t forget to water them…

9. Doormats They’ll Double Tap

Artsy Doormats Personalised Door Mat

A garden pod becomes a second home… so why not go all out and position a personalised door mat at the entrance!

With 36 characters to play with, keep things classic with a ‘Welcome’ sign, add your Instagram handle or go for a cheeky message and cause a stir in your stories.

Made from all-natural coconut fibres with a non-slip backing and suitable inside and out, these handmade doormats will keep mucky feet from dirtying your newly decorated garden pod!

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