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A new range of Unique Log Cabins, Studio Cabins, Garden Rooms and Log Sheds are available to buy direct from Cuckooland, the home of original products and award winning Customer Service!

Oh dear, oh my… we’re getting a bit lightheaded thinking about our log cabin collection. These epic, inspiring social hubs are like a home away from home, right on our doorstep…

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Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items

Log Cabins FAQ's


Now and then, a genuine Cuckooland miracle falls into our lap! Our log cabins certainly seem like a magical addition to our roster. Just think – a near-full-on second home, standing proudly amidst your garden! What a wonder for the kids to explore, and for curious adults to take up a pew in the dimmed yet majestic strains of twilight…

Whether you love dining al fresco, or fancy sneaking away to an outdoor study, there’s no denying how great these structures are. Our Ultimate Guide to Log Cabins, gives a raft of info about what you might be looking for, but here are some FAQs to absorb, helping you finalise a purchase:

  1. Do I build the cabin myself?

  2. Yes, you’ll have to grab a partner and roll up your sleeves for this one, as our log cabins arrive flat-packed with a full set of instructions. If this isn't your bag, fear not, Cuckooland does provide the option of a specialised installation team for an additional fee. Contact details are provided below.

  3. How will it endure harsh weather over time?

  4. With proper care and maintenance, your log cabin should endure for years to come. There are multiple wood treatment oils, sprays and varnishes on the market to help you protect and reinforce the exterior. Again simply call us for some FREE expert advise. Do a thorough sweep of the structure once a year, and you’ll be eligible for our 10-year anti-rot guarantee.

  5. What are the security features like?

  6. Very good, as it happens! The entrances include a lock and key, so you can fasten up your cabin securely at night, along with any windows that can be opened. You can also opt for double glazing, to give you confidence in the warmth and security of your log cabin. TIP: The simple installation of a night time sensor light (that picks up movement) is a great way to deter any intruders from your property as a whole. 

Require more assistance?

Now that you’re halfway down the path to a log cabin winner, the only question left is how you’re going to dress the rest of your outdoor space to the same standard!

We have some tips for that in our Garden Makeover piece, which you should check out for all sorts of décor suggestions. Or simply call our advice team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 if you want to pick our noggins about anything else, or if you just feel like a chat!

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