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We all know that the bedroom is the epicentre of clutter; it’s a fact of life, but it needn’t be a headache or a chore.

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Bedroom Furniture FAQ's


Huzzah! Sleep is calling us! Well, maybe not right now, but soon enough, your head will want to hit that dreamy pillow, falling down a rabbit hole of recuperation. But then, it’s nice to have something to wake up to as well, like a beautiful furnishing set that’ll make you pinch yourself.

That’s where our bedroom furniture experts come up trumps – with amazing beds on offer, and a raft of swish items and accessories to deck around it. We like to think we're the masters of the modern sleeping space! We’ve introduced the UK to some pretty fabulous brand over the years, such as the 4You collection by Vox, and because of this (bringing new products to the UK) our brand and product pages are designed and written with FAQ's in mind... but there's always room for a few more. Let’s rise and shine, then, and tackle them head on:

  1. What sizes do your adult beds come in?

  2. A few of our most popular beds have various sizes made-to-order. These tend to come in three sizes: Double (140x200cm), King (160x200cm) and Super King (180x200cm). The depth stays the same throughout each category.

  3. Do wardrobes and beds come in matching sets?

  4. Indeed, some do, to the extent that some of our favourite designers use them as the starting point from where they build their clients bedroom story board. Although, with such a huge range of bedroom accessories available these days to help create those dream spaces, matching sets are not nearly as essential as they use to be. 

  5. How do I condition my wooden chest of drawers?

  6. Dusting is not the only option! There are a huge variety of cleaning products on the market for old and new-style wood pieces. These include oil soaps, and scratch and colour restorers if your chest of drawers are in the category of 'well used' or even 'last legs'. Restoring your old set will save money and create an original piece, we've done it loads of times and its also great fun, you should give it a try. Or call in and speak to Anna (see below) she's an old hand at it!

Require more assistance?

Bedrooms really aren’t a space we should forget about. They welcome us on both ends of the day, building us up for that next adventure, they rest us before that stressful meeting or evoke a long stretch to the sound of rain on the windows.

We’ve got a bunch more suggestions for awesome bedrooms, such as ways to have a harmonious kids’ setup (if you enjoy a helpful, well written Blog piece). Otherwise call in and speak to Anna, Nat, Sophie or Kate on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 – they’re our dedicated bedroom fanatics!

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