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Explore our Unique Collection of Childrens Mid-Sleeper Beds, bursting with luxury original middle sleeper kids beds with storage solution ideas for children and their bedrooms.

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What do you get if your cross some awesomely unique kids beds with some epically good space saving ideas? The Cuckooland range of Kid’s Mid Sleeper Beds of course! Not content with being the number one retailer of quirky single beds and brilliant bunk beds, Cuckooland now specialises in Children’s Mid Sleepers. A Mid Sleeper bed is not only a funky designed bed; it also offers practicality in the shape of additional storage space, which let's face it, is a must for kiddies.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items

Mid-Sleeper Bed FAQ's


If you’re a parent concerned about making the most of limited ceiling and floor space, a mid sleeper bed could be the ideal choice, giving young children a durable base for rest, play, and tidying things away. They’re excellent buys if you want to bring a sense of fun to sleep time, whilst ticking the box for safety and practical considerations.

Our children's bed guide should point you in the right direction if you’re on the hunt for a sleeper that’s suitable for your youngster. However, we recognise that some questions just need a quick answer, so below are some FAQs we encounter regarding these innovative and beautifully practical items:

  1. What exactly is a mid sleeper?

  2. We don’t blame you for asking! Basically, they’re extremely close cousins to cabin beds, which are renowned for their imaginative, enclosed designs. Mid sleepers (like cabins) still occupy the height bracket between a normal single bed and a bunk, but they have a more open look and feel with a bit more space below the elevated sleeping area.

  3. Are they easy to build?

  4. Like any piece of furniture you need to construct, the answer relies on planning ahead for how big the room is. So our tip here is always look at the bed measurements vs room dimensions. Once you're satisfied the bed will fit, our flat pack designs come with handy (easy to follow) instructions, whilst some have the option of professional assembly- simply click on the 2 man assembly option on the product page and we'll handle it all.

  5. Why not a bunk bed?

  6. Bunk beds are great, don’t get us wrong, but not everyone has the need or space for two beds all year round. A mid sleeper unit is perfect for young kids and low ceilings, raised from the ground to give you flexible storage below, yet not too high for little legs to climb.

Require more assistance?

Here at Cuckooland, we’re big fans of mid sleepers, cos’ they present the ideal middle ground between single and bunk beds, particularly for rooms with limited space and storage! If you need more inspiration on how to reduce clutter in the kids’ bedroom, we have plenty of storage tips to help you use those trundle drawers effectively. Got a question? Call our friendly sleep gurus on +44 (0) 1305 231231 for a helping hand.

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