Unique Furniture & Occasional Pieces


For Cuckooland newbies, you may be wondering what we're all about (apart from making your home look better than ever of course) - in a nutshell, we strive for three things: shock (the wow type), scintillation (the weird and wonderful part), and a sprinkle of madness (thats the Cuckoo bit)!

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Unique Furniture


We are constantly scouring the Globe for Unique and Unusual Furniture Items to help brighten your home and put a smile on your face. Apart from sourcing original products from all over the world, we also love to work closely with our fabulous manufacturers to design and produce bespoke and exclusive Cuckooland products - because its a tough gig making it onto our wow, weird and wonderful world! Our Occasional Tub Chairs are an example of the Cuckooland make over without compromising on practicality! We had loads of fun designing, producing and photographing these great home furniture products...we hope this shines through in not only the quality but also the framework, fabric and colours we've chosen and we cross our stripes and plait our manes that all our items now and in the future find a home that's as quirky and unique as the products we sell!

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