Hanging Chairs & Hammocks for the Garden

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Showing 1 - 12 of 43 items

Hanging Chairs & Hammocks


Prepping for a lazy day in the garden should be an exhilarating experience, pure and simple. At Cuckooland, we have a unique array of hanging chairs and hammocks, each of which let you waft over the sanctity of your hallowed turf, patio slabs or any outdoor garden space you love coming back to…

Gentle dozing doesn’t come more easily – or succulently, for that matter – as it does with these hanging chairs. We have double hammocks, globular chairs and more ragged models with a hand-strung feel. They act as a different kind of sun lounger, balanced on your tree branch or fence hooks.

Free-standing pieces are available too, so you can follow the sun as all good gamma gods do. With wide, rearing, dependable frames, they can survive a tumble from the kids or a cuddle-in-motion with your partner after dinner. Our garden furniture as a whole has the chops to take on any design, with a visual quirk that’s undeniable.

Hanging Chairs & Hammock FAQ's

Are you swinging between options on your hanging chair purchase? Let’s clear up some frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I install a hammock or hanging chair?

  2. As we mentioned, some models stand on their own frame so no installation is needed. For a traditional hammock, you’ll have to buy a pair of wall hooks or attach it with two smartrope extensions to parallel poles/trees. Only one smartrope is necessary for a hanging chair. You clasp the hammock or chair string with a carabiner component at a decent height; then, drill and screw your fixture into place, and link the carabiner to it. Luckily we sell all these installation kits so give us a call.

  3. Do your hammocks and hanging chairs come with attachments?

  4. Some of our hammocks and hanging chairs, like our Cacoon models, already come with everything you need. Others require a separate fixture purchase, but this will always be outlined on the product page so that you can stock up before your item arrives. Or simply call us and we'll make sure you order the correct one.

  5. Are hammocks and hanging chairs safe?

  6. Absolutely, providing they are installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Our hammocks benefit from slip-resistant support bars and ergonomic design. Hanging chairs make use of spruce wood, which can handle shifting weight, or aluminium rings beneath the fabric.

  7. How do I stop myself from falling out or getting constricted in the hammock?

  8. Many people pull their hammocks too tightly against the hooks. The looser the ends are, the wider your hammock will be. Remember to lie diagonally, when you’re ready to step inside, so your back isn’t curved in a ‘C’ shape.

Require more assistance?

Nothing can top a swaying afternoon in the heat, watching the kids mess about at the hazy edge of our eye line. Cuckooland wants to give you and your family the chill-out tool of the year; but we also invite you to browse our garden accessories when you’re dressing the rest of your exterior haven, just to boost that view from above. We're ready and on standby to sway (see what we did there?) any ideas and thoughts you may have, call our gregarious garden gnomes on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us today.

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