The Most Amazing Kids Cabin Beds Ever Made!

Children love to use their imagination at every opportunity. They’re dreamers, pure and simple; if any mums or dads have seen their little darling boogie to a room without music, you know what we’re talking about! That same approach – turning imagination into reality – is mirrored in Cuckooland’s hand-picked collection of Cabin Beds. The following items knock us sideways with their super-cool designs, giving bedtime a new frontier of creativity. Without further ado, let’s cast an eye over the most stunning, comfortable and unique cabin beds in the Cuckooland vault:

10. Children’s Luxury High Loft Bed

Children’s Luxury High Loft Bed

Perhaps our most elegant addition to the roster, Oliver Furniture has pulled out all the stops with this piece, bringing a classy and minimalist thrill to young sleepers. Its rounded mould is comforting to grip, whilst oak legs are sanded, classy and redolent of great support qualities. And that’s without mentioning the generous under-space for games and reading!

9. Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed

Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed

If you’re on the look out for a cabin bed with some really panache, we recommend the Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed. This unique mid-sleeper cabin bed comes with a multitude of add-ons which literally turn this bed into it’s very own bedroom. Featuring shelves and a fixed ladder as standard, you can add on options that will trick this cabin bed out to the max! Extras include, desk, drawer with shelves, a hanging rail, low table, pull out wardrobe and narrow bookcase. But why stop there when you can even add stylish shutters, headboard cushions, a modular floor mattress, hanging organisers and a frame with built in lights. The Vox Nest really is the one stop-shop when it comes to customisable cabin beds.

8. Flexa Nordic Kids Mid Sleeper 2

Flexa Nordic Kids Mid Sleeper 2 in White

For parents with space saving in mind, the Flexa Nordic Kids Mid Sleeper is the perfect choice. This gorgeous cabin bed features a pull out desk which can be positioned on either side of the bed and a chest with 3 drawers that can be neatly tucked under this dynamic kids bed. Flexa have a flair for design and have created the Nordic mid sleeper cabin bed to be a unique as your little one. Customisable options are available with head and footboard in 4 alternative colour options: Grey, Rose, Slatted or Tongue and Groove.

7. Noah Kids Mid Sleeper Bed

Noah Kids Mid Sleeper Bed

The Noah Kids Mid Sleeper Bed combines the two fundamental elements of any child’s bedroom; play and sleep. The space underneath this super comfy mid sleeper can be converted into a mini den with a few fairy lights and cushions, you can even purchase fabric curtains separately for the window and door. If space saving is more of a consideration, the ample space can be used to storage large toys or toy boxes.

6. Kids Cabin Bed with 8 Drawers & Ladder

Kids Cabin Bed with 8 Drawers & Ladder

For the tyke with enough toys to reach the ceiling, a Kids Cabin Bed by Asoral is just what they’ve been waiting for. An astounding eight drawers munches up all the stray clutter you can imagine, whilst a guard rail protects little arms and legs from slipping off in the night. The ladder has a lot of space between each rung, so nervous climbers don’t need to worry about bounding up for a bedtime story.

5. Lifetime Sugar Pie Kids Cabin Bed

Lifetime Sugar Pie Kids Cabin Bed

Our next cabin bed is a real imagination creation station! The oh-so-cute Sugar Pie Kids Cabin Bed is all about playtime, sleepovers and a good nights rest. With the additional of a flood mattress, the den like space underneath can be converted into an extra bed when friends pop over and end up staying for the entire weekend. What’s more the play curtains and front panel cover are washable so this delightful bed can be kept in pristine condition.

4. Knight Cabin Bed with Slide

Knight Cabin Bed with Slide

For brave little knights, a Knight and Castle Cabin Bed is the only way to slumber. This fabulous fairytale inspired cabin bed comes in a playful medieval design, with fun slide thrown in for good measure. The space underneath the cabin bed is the perfect size for any knights of the round table to meet and discuss rescue tactics. Personalised name plate, coat rack and clip on table can all be added on to this awesome bed to make it truly unique.

3. Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Cabin Bed

Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Bed

Winner of the IF Design Award 2015 for Home Products, it’s hard to believe that this bed actually exists, never mind the incredible price it’s going for. We’ll try and sum it up anyway: a top bed with canopy options, mountains of drawer space, and a walk-in dresser with LED lighting. That’s a whole lot of bang for your buck, making this the premium, multi-purpose sleep station for tight interiors.

2. Lifetime Fairy Dust Mid Sleeper Four Poster Bed

Lifetime Fairy Dust Mid Sleeper

Bring the magic of fairytales to life with the Fairy Dust Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed by Lifetime. This incredibly cute cabin bed comes complete with a beautiful butterfly and star print canopy, draped lovingly over the entire bed. Available in three neutral colour this one-of-a-kind cabin bed will fit in with just about any decor.

1. . Mathy By Bols Treehouse Single Cabin Bed

Kids Treehouse Single Cabin Bed

What better place to end our list than a modern treehouse, sitting squarely indoors for the wee adventurer to go nuts in? Kids can’t get enough of the outdoors, and this piece sets their room up as a supreme woodland hideaway. With a delicious range of 26 colours to pick from, your child’s new base can have any flavour they like. You just might have to pry them out of the top bunk when dinner’s ready…

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So there you have it – our roundup of king-of-the-castle cabin beds that tower high above the competition. From wondrously themed sleepers to super storage solutions, we’ve got it all in this tip-top collection of our ten best cabin beds. We find it hard to imagine much room for improvement, but we’re constantly adding new marvels to our kid’s cabin bed range, so keep checking for the latest arrivals that keep our standards up in the clouds.

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