Go Wild this Bank Holiday with Perfect Summer Products for the Whole Family!

The bank holiday is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and make the most of the great British weather. Feel the sun on your back, embrace the smell of freshly cut grass, and listen out for the sound of barbeques cranking up around the country. This is when family time comes into its own. Like you, we at Cuckooland are simply in our element when the sun comes out. We have a shedload of products that are bound to put a glow on your face well before the suntan starts to work its magic. So as you eagerly prepare for the bank holiday weekend, let us give you a rundown of our favourite outdoor accessories that will help you make the most of the summer months.

Cook up a storm

When tucking into al fresco treats, you can practically taste the summer in every single bite. As a starting point to make you salivate for long days in the garden and outdoor adventures, our range of Lotus BBQ Grills are a recipe for a delicious meaty feast. Fully portable and built with an award-winning, fan-assisted cooking system, the powerful smoke-free grill will ensure your sausages and burgers are the best-tasting on the block. We also have a mini-grill option for campers, but the standard size is great for family gatherings.

Love dining out, but want to savour every second of those summer evenings in the garden? Bring the restaurant experience to your home with the Wood-Fired Pizza Oven by Uuni. A delightfully compact (and easily moveable) way to achieve the perfect oven-baked pizza, Uuni offer an affordable and authentic flavour of gourmet cooking, to ensure your next garden party is one to remember.

Lotus BBQ Grill in Mandarin
Uuni Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

Take a seat

With kids running hither and thither across your lawn, it’s good to find something on which you can keep a watchful eye whilst enjoying your own form of relaxation. We have a beautiful collection of garden benches to sprawl on for all of those languorous afternoons.

We recommend the Modena Garden Arbour, which will set a nice contrast against the green grass, or the Cacoon Kajito Sun Lounger for real relaxation. The perfect setting for your morning in the sun – or a chilled sundowner! 

Rowlinson Arbours like the Modena Garden Arbour is built to endure summer after summer of fun. All you need to do is figure out the prime position to plonk your new seating down!

Cacoon Kajito Sun Lounger
Modena Garden Arbour

Plumping for the best

At Cuckooland, we like things a bit… well, quirky! So if you want to shake up the seating arrangements in your garden, or upgrade from your rickety camping chairs on your family outing, nothing gets quirkier than a bean bag made especially for outdoor lounging. Forget deck chairs –Extreme Lounging have produced a fun-tastic alternative to traditional garden seating. Made from waterproof polyester, these colourful bags are designed to cool you down or warm you up depending on the weather, wrapping your body in a comforting mould that’s as inviting as it sounds.

There’s no reason to let the portable comfort stop there, though. Bring a few little luxuries to your next family picnic with a rug that will make that age-old blanket pale in comparison. Browse through our selection of outdoor rugs to give your backyard frolics a cushioning, artistic veneer. From the kaleidoscopic to the simple-but-sweet, there’s a breadth of patterns to choose from, guaranteed to give a homely touch to any garden or general chill-out zone. Stretch out in the sun to work on your tan, or roll it out as a base for fun and games that will protect your little ones from stones, mucky patches and those pesky grass stains!

Extreme Lounging Mighty B Bean Bag
Cancun Outdoor Rug in Turquoise

It’s a dome deal

Let’s be honest, the bank holiday weather can be a little hit and miss. But you don’t want to cancel your BBQ or romantic al fresco dinner just because of a light breeze or chilly temperatures, right? The Brits are made of stronger stuff than that… or at least we can be with the right tools to protect us from unpredictable weather.

We’re super proud, elated, and eager to introduce the The Garden Igloo 360 Dome. Basically a cross between a bio-sphere and a conservatory, there’s truly very little else out there that matches its awesomeness. Just imagine unveiling this to your guests on a warm summer’s night, when the glorious view of your garden is simply begging to be shown off! Easy to assemble, stylish and practical, it’ll regulate temperature throughout the days and seasons, so what you do with it really is up to your imagination.

The Garden Igloo Dome
Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod

A bright idea

Don’t let the sundown put a stop to your escapades this bank holiday. Extend the three-day weekend even further, with garden lights that will illuminate your outdoor activities. Our outdoor lighting range has a bounty of options to choose from; whether you’re looking for wall-mounted lights or something more stately, we have a veritable treasure chest of bright ideas for garden sojourns that last long into the night.

There’s everything from lantern-esque designs to industrial-style bulbs that can fit onto any wall surface. Of course, if you want a little point in the right direction, we’re besotted with the Model A White Garden Tripod Lamp. 

LED Festoon Outdoor Lights
Model A White Garden Tripod Lamp

As we prepare to don our favourite shorts and t-shirts, count Cuckooland as your one-stop shop for quirky garden items certain to put the spark in your summer. However, these products are only a taster of our jam-packed collection. Browse our entire plethora of unique garden furniture and accessories, and we’re confident you’ll find what you need.

If you have any questions about our garden range, call +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email customerservice@cuckooland.com to bounce some concepts off our super friendly and devilishly clever Cuckooland team.


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