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Summer comes around but once a year and if you’re anything like the sun loving team here at Cuckooland, you will be counting down the days each year. Summer is the perfect few months where we can spend more days outdoors, ridding yourself of the trapping and trials and tribulations of modern life.

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BBQ & Accessories FAQ's


No-one can resist the seductive scent of barbeque smoke, or the sizzle of pepperoni in a pizza oven. Our Cuckooland foodies are dab hands at al fresco get-togethers – feast your eyes on our party essentials - a pretty cool guide to creating the perfect social soiree. From our Blog to our main Site, we’re super excited to bring to you our latest collections of mouth-watering cooking kits and bbq accessories for your garden. However, beneath the anticipation, you might have some questions about our products, so let’s clear the burger-tinged air with some FAQs:

  1. Should I get a Pizza Oven?

  2. Traditional oven cooking is all well and good, but it doesn’t have half the special qualities of a pizza unit. You can cook a pizza in several minutes, and it’s far quicker to peel it out with a paddle, and chuck in the next one, than fiddling about with oven gloves. You can also cook other more traditional food too (from fish to pasta)! It's also much more fun, far more sociable and the food tastes so much better! Plus you can take a portable pizza oven anywhere (like our fabulous Uuni Pizza Ovens). 

  3. Do all BBQs produce smoke while cooking?

  4. Not all of them – in fact, an increasing trend for smokeless BBQs is reflected in our current stock (take our Lotus BBQ Grill for example), so keep your eyes open for product pages specifying what cooking methods they use.

  5. Do accessories ‘match’ the cooking units?

  6. In terms of our Lotus range, yes. This is our most colourful BBQ collection with matching kit (from tongs to basting brushes), although separate, metal tongs and skewers are available for a more neutral look and feel.

Require more assistance?

Donning a chef’s hat, and inviting family and friends to loaf and laugh together, is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer. Our main cooking kits are adaptable for any sort of outdoor occasion, coming in all shapes, sizes, with wondrous grilling and baking functions.

Our culinary party tips will stoke the coals of your BBQ ambitions, but remember to always check the instructions that come with each item, and invest in some quality accessories to make the whole thing easier. We can already smell the good times from here....

For more help or a friendly flip on the bbq side, call Anna, Nat, Kate or Sophie on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 and they'll sprinkle some spice on any (other) questions you may have! 

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