Top 6 Places to take your Lotus Grill BBQ

This week we’re celebrating the cutting-edge of barbecuing technology, the Lotus Grill.  A smoke-free, burn-proof and dishwasher-friendly portable barbecue unit, we can see no reason not to get excited, especially with barbecue season just around the corner!  Due to its compact size, you can take the Lotus Grill anywhere, so it’s perfect for on-the-move barbecue aficionados.

The Park

Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as “parklife”, and what better way to build confidence than by setting up your own barbecue with a huge selection of food and booze?  Invite some friends, invite some neighbours; as a matter of fact, invite the whole community!  Throw a Great British “party-in-the-park” that people will be talking about for years to come!  With a combination of the dishwasher-friendly Lotus Grill and some paper plates, the clean-up will be a doddle!

Lotus Grill XXL BBQ Hood
Lotus Grill BBQ in Lime Green Carry Bag

A Holiday Camp

What could be better than the smell of hot, sizzling meat on the grill, you may ask?  How about hot, sizzling meat on the grill mixed with the fresh, crisp sea air?  Find a nice, remote cliff away from all the tourists and set up shop with the Lotus Grill.  Bring your friends and some beers, bring your family and some lemonades, or bring your loved one and some champagne, and watch the sun go down (or come up, depending on your location!) over the watery horizon while you enjoy some fresh-off-the-grill meat.

Just make sure you’ve got a big stick to keep the seagulls at bay.

Lotus Grill BBQ in Plum Purple
Lotus Grill BBQ in Mandarin


Everyone loves a bit of a love-in under the stars.  Folk songs, ghost stories and that brief return to tribalism away from the rat-race of the big cities and their suburbs.  But when it comes to food, you can almost guarantee it’s going to be a couple of solid, black sausages – utterly cremated on the campfire – with a side of questionable coleslaw.  Bring your Lotus Grill along and sizzle your meat to smoke-free perfection; you’ll definitely be the centre of the attention, and those campfire sausages can be put to better use – like being used as weights to keep the tents in place.

Lotus Grill BBQ
Lotus Grill BBQ Tongs

The Beach

We all love a barbecue in the sun, but a nice, sandy beach can only add to the effect!  Crack open a cold box loaded with some cans, and fry up some burgers while people have a swim or play a non-descript game with an inflatable ball.  Or take the family, and keep everyone well-fed while the grown-ups sunbathe and the kids build (and destroy) sand castles!  Oh, and since the Lotus Grill is smoke-free, you don’t have to worry about the wind picking up and blowing your smoke at the girlfriend of the bloke who looks a bit like the Hoff from Baywatch.

Lotus Grill BBQ
Lotus Grill BBQ Basting Brush


Whether you’re the live-and-let-live foodie who’s willing to try anything new, or the cautious Brit-abroad who spends their holidays seeking out the nearest establishment that does bangers and mash just the way you like them, we all get to that point on holiday where we get a little bit homesick.  With the Lotus Grill, you can bring the Great British barbecue with you!  Gather your fellow pasty Brits together, or even invite a few of the locals; you never know what new foods you’ll find yourself trying!  That’s really one for the scrapbook!

Lotus Grill BBQ with free lighter gel and charcoal
Lotus Grill BBQ in Red

At Home

You can take your Lotus all over the British Isles, and you can take it to the seven continents, but there’s no place for a barbecue quite like home.  Whether it’s a great British garden party or just a few beers and sausages with a few close friends while the sun’s out, you no longer have to worry about the huge chore of scraping soot and charcoal out of your rusting, old grill.  With the Lotus Grill you simply whip it out when you need it, and slap it in the dishwasher when you’re done with it, storing it away for next time.

Lotus Grill BBQ Pizza Stone Set
Lotus Grill BBQ Teppanyaki Plate

Somewhere a bit different

Be creative and let your imagination run wild!  Since it’s smoke-free you can use the Lotus Grill pretty-much anywhere in the world without worrying about choking somebody out or proving a substantial threat to the local wildlife.  Challenge yourself to hold the world’s most unique and unusual barbecue, and let us know about it right here in the comments!  Happy grilling.

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