The wives and girlfriends’ guide to surviving the World Cup!

Has it really been four years already?  The sun’s out, the beer gardens are full, and people are starting to stick those little England flags on their cars.  It can only mean one thing – it’s time for the World Cup again!  And you know what that means – two solid months of hearing about nothing but football, while the whole nation of men get their hopes up for England, only to be hopelessly disappointed on penalties – as always!

But fear not, wives and girlfriends of England – we feel your pain!  And we’re not going to idly stand by and let you suffer an excruciating month of being patronised for choosing not to care about the “offside” rule.  We’ve put together the Cuckooland 2018 Official Wives and Girlfriends’ Guide to Surviving the World Cup!  Here are some of the things that you and your lady-friends can do to make the most of the peace and quiet you’ll have while boys are pre-occupied at the pub!

Vodka Tasting

LSA Boris Vodka Glasses

Just because you’re not glued to the telly doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved in the World Cup Russian spirit!  Since you’re going to have a few weeks to yourself, why not round up a friend or two and enjoy Russia’s most famous export?  Forget supermarket brand, Vodka is a complex spirit which should be enjoyed ice-cold and neat. Why not stump up for a collection of fine vodka’s to sample with your fellow wives/girlfriends? Gather round and explore the unique taste of a good quality vodka without a single mention of the world cup.

Start your own cook book!

Nothing broadens the mind quite like dabbling in a spot of literature creation, so while the husband’s down at the pub killing off his brain cells, why not take a spot of time out to grow yours?  The My Family Cook Book is the perfect place to record all your favourite recipes and dishes. Writers block usually strikes at the beginning which is why this handle little book come complete with an introduction, useful cooking guides, tips, tables and more.

My Family Cook Book

Hold a continental barbecue

Lotus Grill BBQ

While you’re making the most of the Russian spirit sweeping the nation, it’s important not to forget that the World Cup is a big (if not the biggest) international sporting event of our time!  So with that in mind, let’s not miss out on a chance to brush up on a few recipes from around the world!  Why not hold a continental barbecue?  That way, while the lads are enjoying a few cross-Germanic beers in the living room, you could be out in the sunshine, showing off your newly-acquired recipes for Russian Shashlik Kebabs, Cameroonian shrimp; and of course, Anglo-American bangers and burgers!  And don’t forget to make the whole experience smoke-free and tidy with a dishwasher-friendly Lotus Grill!

Go on a girls’ holiday

It doesn’t have to be a World Cup-themed Russian adventure. While the gentlemen are enjoying the Russian summer from the telly, why don’t you and the girls take the time out to enjoy it for real?  After all, you have four whole weeks of football mania (or at least, let’s face it, two weeks until England are out of the competition) to avoid, and during that time, most people will either be in their living rooms or at the pub!  Take liberty of the quiet beaches and country roads this summer, and take a ladies’ retreat away from the World Cup!  And if you do, don’t forget to prepare yourself with our Top 6 gifts for ladies on holiday.


Treat yourself!

Personalised Double Star Necklace

If nothing else, you can at least make the most of the independence that World Cup season brings you!  While Danny Welbeck and Jamie Vardy babysit your boys, it’s a great excuse to take some time out and look after number 1.  Have a spa day with the girls; get a facial; do that thing you’ve been meaning to do for ages but never got around to!  Or why not treat yourself to a few devilish chocolates?  After all; everyone else will be going heavy on the booze!  Glam yourself up with some trendy and unique jewellery, or maybe a new purse or handbag. The World Cup is a neglectful time for the wives and girlfriends of football fans, so you have every right to treat yourself!

We hope our field guide to surviving the World Cup has helped you see that, while you might not be able to expect quite as more TLC from the man in your life as you’d normally like, all hope isn’t lost!  Rather than condemning yourself to a boring week of puzzle books and childcare while the commentary from the TV drones on in the background, see these few weeks as a real opportunity to take a bit of time out – just for yourself!  Don’t let the World Cup relegate you to the house cook and beer-carrier; claw back your independence, leave the kids at home to babysit dad (because there will be tantrums), and go out there and make the most of the quiet roads this summer!

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