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What a glorious way to enjoy the sunshine! Cuckooland’s high-grade gazebos provide a shaded canvas from which to build a mightier more stylish and sophisticated outdoor experience. Enjoy your lawn, patio or yard space from the shaded confines of a beautiful, versatile, multi faceted structure that's not just restricted to auspicious occasions or grand celebrations.

Fashioned from 100% natural timber, you’ll see the forest and the trees when a sizeable gazebo enters your garden blueprint. Part of the magic of this structure is witnessing how it brings together everything you’ve worked on: the pruned bushes and trees, the pathways and fence hangings, the kaleidoscopic flower beds in neat rows by your seat. As a visual anchor to the garden as a whole, gazebos occupy similar ground – perhaps literally – to our log cabins and summer houses.

The difference is their sense of freedom on all sides. Our gazebos come in a classic hut style, rearing up above you on suspended beams, maximising your preference for space or semi-enclosure. Kids can chill with their mates in the dappled evening light; or instead, you might want to co-opt it for a garden soiree, where your friends get to mingle under the slanting canopy of fine woodwork. In a sense, they’re like our arbours, just grander with more dimensions to share!

Gazebo FAQ's

No need to keep those butterflies in check, set them free with a quick read of our expert FAQ's:

  1. Will the gazebo blow down in high winds?

  2. We assure you, that unless a hurricane comes to town, it won’t happen to our larger models. Those at risk of wind will have a relevant warning on their product page. The rest either come with weighty, fully-supportive structuring, or employ stakes to keep them surefooted in adverse weather conditions.

  3. How long will the wooden structure remain in good condition?

  4. Cuckooland’s suppliers have treated the timber with pressurised anti-rot solutions. Like all outdoor timber structures, as long as you maintain it once a year or so with an off the shelf timber seal or conditioner, you’ll have years of enjoyment ahead.

  5. Can I protect it during the winter?

  6. Indeed you can! Our canopy models have a special covering that will resist damp and dew, whilst you can disassemble our pop up gazebos until the days brighten up again. The rest are built to withstand whatever our British weather can throw at them!

  7. Is it possible to dress the gazebo in floral features?

  8. Certainly – that’s half the enjoyment! Vines, planters and climbing flowers can all be held on the gazebo structure.

  9. Do instructions come with the gazebo?

  10. Each and every one of our gazebo kits has a step-by-step guide to erecting it. Or you can call our team on +44 (0) 1205 231231 and we'll do it for you. Or simply select the two man professional installation option on the individual product pages.

Require more assistance?

Armed with these points of interest, you’ll be on the great green path to a gazebo purchase. But don’t forget to breeze over a clutch of outdoor furniture to maximise your enjoyment of this great investment - after all, our structures are only as scintillating as the things we fill them with.

For more advice and information, call our garden party planners (err we mean 'award winning customer service team') on +44 (0) 1205 231231 or email us if you prefer the non verbal route to free advise.

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