Garden Buildings


Garden Buildings


We love to be out and about in our gardens with the sun on our backs, the familiar summer scent of fresh cut grass and the rush of a thousand flowers riding in on the sweetest birdsong - this lovely sensory overload is food for the soul. However there's nothing quite like a little sunstroke to ruin this otherwise perfect picture. Suncream is a given of course but that's not going to provide enough protection when we're in the throes of a balmy British Summer - you'll need shade, shade and more shade. Garden umbrellas would help (and we do stock these too!) but we're thinking bigger, bolder, better: Cuckooland’s Garden Buildings are not just brilliant options for storage they can also be the perfect solution for entertaining in the garden and enjoying the sun on your terms. 

Flowerbeds and water features are garden embellishments we can all appreciate; but nothing quite beats a firm, beautiful, all-season structure to create a more practical and functional centre piece. We have gazebos, greenhouses, log cabins and more to sample as a home away from home (only by a couple of feet, mind you!). After you’ve finalised the other part of your outdoor makeover (how about a grand set of chairs, tables and sofas), a garden building is your next port of call for a space you’ll keep coming back to. Actually, we reckon it’s the biggest and best statement you can make for frolics with family and friends in the sunshine, barbecue in full swing and Pimm's in hand. 

Lay some outdoor beanbags inside for a kids’ party; toast to a special occasion below the snug arch of an arbour; even, perhaps, take an artistic approach with your sheds, going for a beachside look (Brighton Beach Hut anyone?) that’ll never old. Dive in and explore our collection and let your mind conjure up all sorts of awesome for a lawn or patio makeover.

Garden Building FAQ's

Let’s stay practical, though – in case you’re doubting how our picks will behave in your garden, have a quick read through our FAQs below:

  1. How secure are your log cabins and greenhouses?

  2. Most of our Garden Buildings come with lockable windows and doors. In some cases, we’ll provide you with a pad bolt ready for a lock (as in our greenhouse selection). In others, like our log cabins, there’ll be a key delivered with the building kit, so you can lock it right out of the box.

  3. Do I have to assemble everything myself?

  4. Cuckooland’s garden buildings include full instructions for self-assembly. However we understand that this can seem quite daunting so we've put together an installation team that can help you. This information will be on the relevant product page or simply call us if you wish to enquire about the installation of your garden structure - our number is +44 (0) 1305 231231.

  5. If I’m buying a shed, where should I put it?

  6. It’s definitely recommended that you don’t stand a shed right up against your wall, fence or trellising. Damp can set in if air isn’t able to reach and dry the wood. A little distance is better, and most regulations state you need to keep it at least a metre away from your boundary wall. 

  7. Where can I go to furnish my garden building?

  8. Right here, of course! We have an extensive (and growing) collection of unique garden accessories to dress your new shelters with, such as outdoor lights, rugs and seating.

Require more assistance?

Take five, grab some lemonade, and click through our catalogue of garden buildings! There’s so much in here to soak up, just like that magical sunbeam… If you need assistance remember our advice is free, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us directly to get more green-fingered titbits for your outdoor design plans.

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