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A Unique Collection for all those who enjoy Gardening, Planting and Growing with a touch of style.
Pottering about in the garden is tremendous fun, no matter what the season. With one caveat- great gardening can’t be pulled off with unorganised tools and implements. Storage options are a real must when it comes to creating that perfect landscape, which is why Cuckooland’s garden sheds, planters and drawers are the dream accompaniment to your outdoor paradise.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items

Garden Shed & Storage FAQ's


A wild and scraggly garden simply does not lend itself to a chilled and lazy afternoon soaking up our treasured British sun; which is why Cuckooland provide quality (and unique and ingenious) storage solutions, so the grass will always be greener on the neater side. We’ve gone through the necessities of getting your garden ready for the summer (check out this cool blog post) and keeping everything tidy is one way to appreciate sun-dappled chill time, but you’ll need good kit throughout the year to stay on top of the odds and ends that can spoil an idyllic scene. Considering our range of sheds, stands and planters, here are a few common questions we get from gardeners looking for first-rate storage:

  1. Is my outdoor area suitable?

  2. It’s an important consideration, and one that’ll be unique to your garden. You can find the measurements for each shed, for example, on our product pages. Any chunk of patio, grass, or soft earth will be suitable as long as its reasonably flat. And we recommend a damp proof base lining to extend the lifespan of any outdoor shed/storage solution. 

  3. How much space do I need?

  4. A bit of greenery goes a long way, and we know that not every property has a sumptuously large backyard to call its own. In response, our veg trugs and flower stands are deep enough to give showcase plants the room to grow, without being excessively lengthy. Our Brighton-style sheds are also thin enough to work with limited dimensions.

  5. Will they last all year?

  6. Yes, and beyond! We source products made from timber that’s long-lasting and highly durable against tough weather conditions. You can install any of our storage boxes, sheds, and stands without worrying they’ll keel over after a punishing breeze.

Require more assistance?

With many of our storage products built to meld seamlessly into a natural aesthetic, any of these purchases will look great alongside other standout garden features (including our stunning weathervanes and patio umbrellas). Take a look at our guide to a garden makeover if exterior design ideas are not really you're thing, there’s no reason why the same standards of style and attention to detail indoors shouldn’t apply to outdoors too! Need help braving the elements? Why not call our friendly gaggle of Garden experts on +44 (0) 1305 231 231.

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