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A Unique Collection for all those who enjoy Gardening, Planting and Growing with a touch of style.
Pottering about in the garden is tremendous fun, no matter what the season. With one caveat- great gardening can’t be pulled off with unorganised tools and implements. Storage options are a real must when it comes to creating that perfect landscape, which is why Cuckooland’s garden sheds, planters and drawers are the dream accompaniment to your outdoor paradise.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items



Our British Gardens are a treasured place, a precious asset that you don’t want to see ruined by mess or unsightly equipment. Cuckooland’s sheds are a one-stop storage solution and who's to say they can't be the brightest spot in your exterior design?

Think you know what a beautiful shed looks like? Well, pinch yourself, then follow us to the smarter edge of the lawn! Our hand-picked units were chosen to throw all those certainties up in the air! The essentials in our collection have the boxy, straight-backed frame that’s needed for the bulky and tall bits of clipping, pruning and fertilising kit. Yet their visual spark, too, is undiminished – we're always hunting for the flashiest, funkiest sheds on the market and we're continuously adding to our range (so call us if you can't find what your looking for- chances are they're lined up for site upload!). Like the rest of our garden buildings, there are differences in style, shading and inherent functionality, meaning you have the right hut for the job, practically, aesthetically or otherwise.

Alongside our shed builds, we stock a fine range of greenhouses, planters, potting stations and storage boxes to go with your garden furniture. Whether you’re a horticulturalist with time on your hands, or a social dynamo planning the next lawn party, Cuckooland’s selection guarantee a clutter-free space that’ll look the bee’s knees in lances of golden sunshine.

Shed FAQ's

Still have a few questions that have taken root? Let’s weed out the most popular ones…

  1. Do I need planning permission for a shed?

  2. Almost certainly not as garden buildings are generally considered to be a 'Permitted Development'. However, it's always best to check with your local authority - for example: if the footprint of your shed is greater than 15m2 (161 square foot) or if the shed or greenhouse covers more than half the area of garden or patio area excluding area covered by your house you will need permission. And you will also need permission if you are planning on turning the shed or outside structure into sleeping quarters (but that's a pretty obvious one really!). Height wise all our sheds are fine but if you're planning on building your own shed you will need to keep maximum eave height to 2.5m and if its a dual pitch roof (ridge roof), the maximum overall height is 4 metres (3m for a flat roof).  

  3. How should I secure my shed’s foundations?

  4. Don’t worry – we give you a specialised base with our shed purchases; all you require is flat ground for standing. Our flat-based models have been fashioned with pressure treatment that halts the advance of rot, providing you leave enough open space around the bottom. Our assembly team do this anyway and all this info is provided.

  5. Is my shed waterproof?

  6. Cuckooland’s manufacturers use felt roofing and anti-damp paintwork to prolong your shed’s health. However, you should treat the wood (or metal, as the case may be) every year with recommended sprays or chemicals.

  7. Do the sheds need to be assembled?

  8. Yes, most of our sheds arrive flat packed, with all the instructions you need to assemble at home. Some also include the option for 2-man installation, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to bring your garden dreams to life simply call our team below.

  9. What kind of tools can it house?

  10. The sheds your oyster here as everything and anything goes (however it's not advisable to keep fireworks next to highly flammable liquids!). To help, Cuckooland has a plethora of potting and planting tools to get your shed store fattened up!

Require more assistance?

In the scheme of things, sheds can pay off big-time, acting as a protector and projector of your garden’s best assets. From tight, reserved designs to those with sloping roofs and separate greenhouse compartments to those with log stores and shelves, there's a shed in our catalogue for everyone. 

Still searching for answers? Why not call our super friendly customer service team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us to get tips and suggestions about your dream shed or for your shed installation. The man-cave just got a whole lot more beautiful!

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