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Explore our Unique Collection of Toddler beds for kids and youngsters, bursting with original & exquisite items and luxury gift ideas for children and their bedrooms.

As any parent will know there are days when we see just how much our little ones have grown. The all important milestones come by all too quickly and before you know it, your little bundle of joy has transformed into an inquisitive toddler. The fun really begins when the kiddies find their feet and stumble around independently, necessitating their cot be upgraded to a more appropriate toddler bed.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items

Toddler Beds FAQ's


Those intermediate years between a baby and a child can be difficult to shop for. You’ll want furniture that appeals to their growing wonder of the world, whilst still keeping them oh-so safe and secure, right? Subsequently, toddler beds are a careful and considered purchase for any parent – our sleep experts know you want something functional (and unique) and stimulating enough for your child to blossom during these formative years.

You’ll find lots of handy tips in our guide to buying beds for kids of all ages, but if you still have a few questions, here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help:

  1. What age do they make the switch?

  2. This isn’t set in stone, but generally 18 months (or thereabouts) is appropriate to start thinking about the cot-to-bed transition. Your baby will start outgrowing the dimensions of their cot anyway, so you’ll more or less know when it’s time.

  3. What size mattress and bedding do I need?

  4. 140cm x 70cm is the standard size for a toddler mattress, although intermediate options are available. We also stock appropriate bedding that’s slightly bigger, for maximum comfort when tucking your tot up at night. You can learn more about our kids mattresses here.

  5. How stimulating should the bed design be?

  6. Put simply: as stimulating as you like! Your darling will already be forming the core elements of their personality. Listen to them, and respond accordingly, to create a space they’ll love bedding down in. And when they are old enough to move from a Toddler Bed to a proper Kids Bed we have everything from High Treehouse Beds and Mid Sleeper Beds to Themed Fairy, Princess and Rocket Ship's to Tent and Caravan Beds and even Childrens Beds that resemble replica VW Beetles, Camper Vans and Ferrari's! We also have a new range we're extremely excited about- the ultimate in Storage and Style from our fabulous new Polish friends Vox. 

Require more assistance?

Soothing your toddler off to sleep can take some doing, particularly if growing pains are keeping them up at night. Thankfully, the tried and tested method of getting those eyelids heavy remains your secret weapon – the bedtime read, of course! We’ve picked plenty of books, for a variety of tastes, sure to get your child drifting to the land of Nod, in our guide to the best children’s bedtime stories...

Saying that, if you still want tips and tricks for a sound night’s sleep, email or give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 to have a chat with the lovely Nat, Kate, Anna or Sophie.

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