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Forget the basic BBQ this summer, what you need to be crowned outdoor master chef of the year is a genuine outdoor pizza oven. Yep, you heard us right foodlovers, this year it’s all about cooking up an Italian feast, al-fresco style! Being the home of unique and quirky lifestyle accessories, Cuckooland is on hand to turn your garden into a mini Pizzeria with our fantastic collection of Pizza Oven Accessories...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items

Pizza Oven Accessories FAQ's


Pizza is the great leveller for foodies who frolic under the sun. You can make them into whatever you like, whether that’s a popping peel of peppers and pepperoni, or a huge delicious grate of every cheese in the cupboard. Our pizza oven accessories are essential components to throwing the perfect summer party, turning any dough novice from 'doh' to dynamite in a few minutes!

For a lot of people, though, home-made pizzas are a new concept; but wow has it ever got off to a fast start. Pizzalution is well and truly in full string! If you have any questions about our accessories, here are some answers to get your taste buds folding like origanum:

  1. What if I don’t want to invest in a dedicated Pizza Oven?

  2. Our Uuni Pizza Ovens are not like a normal dedicated Pizza Oven, they're portable and versatile and very very stylish (with a 100% rating on Feefo). But if that doesn't float your pizza boat, then we suggest buying one of our Lotus BBQ Grills including the Pizza Stone Set. They transform a portable barbeque into a viable pizza-cooker, so you can get dough on the go wherever you are.

  3. Why get an extra Pizza Peel?

  4. Since our favourite pizza oven manufacturer, Uuni, lets you cook a pizza in a matter of minutes, it’s always good to have more peels to maintain a quick preparation process. They allow you to line up multiple pizzas, oven-ready.

  5. Can I leave my Pizza Oven outdoors?

  6. Thankfully, you can. Our Pizza Oven Bags guard against bad weather, so you merely have to unzip it to get the party started.

Require more assistance?

Donning a chef’s hat, and perhaps a comedy apron, gets you more than ready for the glow of a pizza oven in full swing. By having plenty of accessories at your side, your gatherings will only become more impressive, catering for anyone who’s dashing about, paper plate in hand, ravenous for the next slice. Armed with multiple peels, even a formal sit down Pizza evening becomes child's play - its that simple and so much fun!. 

Cuckooland loves this spin on products the whole family can enjoy outdoors, and we think you’ll feel the same way. Call Anna, Nat, Sophie, or Kate on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 if you have any other questions (cheesy or otherwise) about what a fully equipped pizza set can do for your pizza making prowess.

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