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Summer does funny things to people; those sparkling rays of sunshine cast a spell over our entire nation and as we slap on the sun cream and bring out the hats, thoughts turn to that wonderful British Summer experience called outdoor dining (or al fresco dining if you prefer something sounding a little more emotive).

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Anyone with an ounce of cooking prowess has had a bash at the perfect BBQ. Whilst it’s not too difficult to get a grill fired up, there’s certainly an art to it – deliver a singed sausage to a guest, and you'll never live it down, certainly not in the eyes of the barbecue gods!

To get all wannabe BBQ maestros sizzling in perfect cohesion and harmony, Cuckooland is proud to offer barbeque grill sets that make the whole process as easy and entertaining as possible. Our helpful guides to this sort of thing, including wonderful beer-based recipe tips, will give you some food for thought. We’d also like to offer up some advise and answer some common queries and questions about BBQ use and maintenance:

  1. How and when should I clean my BBQ grill?

  2. Ideally, after every cook, once it has cooled down. Our popular Lotus BBQ range can be dismantled and placed in a dishwasher (once charcoal is emptied of course!) For other models, such as a fire pit, use a specialised scraper to rid meat and sauce spills and ash before you get to work with a cloth.

  3. Are they easy to transport?

  4. Portable items are, with their specially adapted materials and design specs. Others are built to be outdoor showcase pieces, our product page descriptions let you know what falls into either category. Once again, the Lotus Grill comes our trumps for cleaning and portability! As does our Uuni Pizza Oven- now here's a fab bit of kit!

  5. How do I control the temperature?

  6. The more charcoal you use, the hotter and longer the embers burn. Use plenty to get a cook going, then measure out a reserve stash (and keep them glowing to one side), scrap them across and top up to a consistent level. By doing this you'll control the temperature and you'll never need to interrupt the bbq to bring fresh coals up to speed. 

Require more assistance?

Now that you have some measure of the care these products require, you’re ready to dive into a great barbeque experience. We’ve written before about the history of the humble BBQ, have a peek, it maps out where the bbq originated and this gives us an indication as to where this age-old cooking tradition is going. 

For more help or a friendly grilling, call Anna, Nat, Kate or Sophie on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 and they'll turn up the heat on any (other) questions you may have! 

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