Unique Toys & Gifts for Kids


Our little dreamers can have pretty big wishes when their birthday or Christmas arrives, so keeping the kids happy without shelling out for a pony, spaceship or a time travelling machine is a delicate game of managing expectations. Surprise your budding star with the perfect present they didn’t even know they wanted, with a little help from the elves at Cuckooland.

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Kids Toys & Gifts


If you've travelled this deep into Cuckooland you'll know by now that we're a Luxury Lifestyle Emporium & Online Gift Shop showcasing an Original Collection of Designer Childrens Beds & Furniture; Stylishly Quirky Homeware; Unusual & Unique Gifts and an eclectic mix of all things Wow, Weird & Wonderful from the Worlds freshest and brightest Designers of Innovative Homeware & Gifts. We scour the Earth looking for them! Our Mathy By Bols Range of Unique Childrens Beds and Kids Furniture features as a highlight in our 'Kids Bedroom' section with our Innovative Rocking Horses and our gorgeous handmade Outdoor Tents & Playhouses, available in a multitude of kids themes sharing pride of place in our Unique Gifts for Kids Category. Looking for a quirky storage toy bag perfect to use as both a storage solution and a carry bag? Look no further than our gorgeous range of unique & unusual bags for kids. How about a Luxury Rocking Chair in a Zebra or Panda Design? Zebarella found them all, she loves original products with a great story! Dive in and explore our Unique Collection of Toys & Gifts for Kids and you're sure to find something they'll love.

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