Kids Bedrooms & Furniture Ideas


In dreamland, a child’s imagination is free to run wild. Just imagine if, as a parent, you could take just a little piece of this incredible imagination and turn it into reality. You don’t need to visit Neverland to achieve this, for this wonder and amazement has been captured right here in Cuckooland’s fabulous range of children’s beds & bedroom accessories.

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Kids Bedroom FAQ's


Creating a magical bedroom for your son or daughter is no easy task. There’s a lot to consider, like how much space is needed to comfortably provide for their games and schoolwork, and finding the right amount of personal touches to split between co-habiting brothers and sisters.

We’ve already laid out the best ways to make a kids’ bedroom fun, engaging, and chock full of emotional stimulants. However, because of the endless turns a child’s décor can take, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about kitting out this cocktail of invention and adventure:

  1. How can I provide for shared bedrooms?

  2. It’s the perennial question: how do you balance the interests and tastes of both siblings? We suggest going for an overall, gender neutral palette if it’s housing a boy and a girl, with sprinklings of personal items at either end, by their beds. Alternatively, divide the room in half and let their imagination run wild (under adult supervision of course!). 

  3. How can they keep things tidy?

  4. Getting your brood to be proactive about mess is a challenge, so investing in quirky storage solutions – like a hefty toy box or a high sleeper bed with drawers underneath – has the best chance of making clean-up time fun and easy.

  5. Should it have a theme?

  6. This will be down to your little darling - do they have a sustained interest in something that’ll last for at least a few years? Providing a space-themed room for young boys (or girls!), as an example, might excite them massively, but only if their fascination has been proven by countless hours of pretending to be an astronaut. Try to think honestly about the long-term value of a themed bedroom; it’s a gamble, but one that can really pay off. You can view more kids bedroom theme ideas here.

Require more assistance?

We have so much passion for these ideas, that we sometimes catch ourselves daydreaming, wondering about new and magical ways to make a kids’ bedroom something they’ll never forget. You’ll have to work with your child to ascertain the right character, style and composition (tip: always check dimensions of any kids furniture ideas!) of their special retreat; if you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our tips for giving their bedroom a makeover. And for even more Cuckooland goodness, call Nat, Sophie, Anna or Kate on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 to get specialist advice on any kiddie conundrums!

Dreams are the realm of imagination, so why should bedtime signal the end of a little girl’s or boy's fantasy? Whether your little boy or girl is a princess or an adventuress by day, why shouldn’t they be by night? Let them sleep like royalty in a prim, proper and pink bed with a crown-shaped theme, or let them live out their fantasy of sleeping below the stars in a tent-shaped bed that’s just as good as the real thing!

We believe that bedtime should be something to look forward to, with beds that kids are going to get all dreamy about – beds that appeal to children and allow their imaginations to live on in their dreams. With our unique and exciting range of girls & boys beds, kids cabin beds, and toddler beds, we hope that bedtime will be a restful time – not just for the kids – but for mum and dad, too.

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