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A quirky collection of exquisite yesteryear accessories to enhance your fabulous home.

Our preference to music is a testament to our individual personalities. But, perhaps the greatest insight one can gain from a music lover is how they like to listen to music. Does said music fanatic prefer the imperfect sound of a record player which possesses those priceless crackles of retro nirvana? Or do your music fans prefer the near perfect sound of a digital sound system?

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Showing 1 - 12 of 59 items

Retro Record Player FAQ's


Music is something a lot of us can’t live without; and by the interest shown in our glorious range of vintage-style audio devices, this cathartic addiction shows no sign of easing up any time soon. We’ve already shouted about how GPO vinyl players (take a peek) as just one example, can get your Olivia in a Newton John. Whilst we love the harmonic scales of retrophilia that accompany these beautiful, nostalgic purchases, some of you may still be seeking information to help you boogie (or rock or twist) out to the max.

Here are a few common questions that reach our ears about these awesome inventions:

  1. Are these items compatible with digital devices?

  2. Very few people are music dinosaurs, even if they claim to be. Our record players have digital output channels (to play music stored on mobile devices), along with recording options that let you transfer an authentic vinyl sound to mp3.

  3. How long do wireless speaker batteries last?

  4. This obviously depends on how much you use the speakers, but our products are fitted with lithium ion batteries, which work on ‘charge cycles’. Put simply, one charge cycle is depleted every time you top up the battery life. This can be charging from 90%, or 1% power, so you might as well wait until it’s entirely out of juice before you get it back to full capacity. Once fully charged, speaker batteries typically last for anything up to 8-10 hours!

  5. What about their bass capabilities?

  6. Every product is different, and specs are clearly outlined on each product page. As a general rule though, FM and digital radio devices will not have bass-enhancement technology, whereas speaker systems come with woofers and other additions that can draw out poundingly heavy frequencies. Also, most of our Retro Record Players have the ability to be plugged into a more powerful external speaker. 

Require more assistance?

Since you can take these devices on-the-go, it’s important to know how they might react to a certain environment, or a long time away from the charging docks. For more musical know-how, or even if its just to consider and chat about what audio presents would make the perfect gift for him or her, call our friendly Vinyl Revival Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 1305 231231.

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