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Dive in and discover our Unique Collection of Luxury Gifts for New Moms, Dads & Babies, filled with Original, Functional & Unusual Gifts they'll all adore.

Who doesn't love receiving a gift on their birthday? Feeling extra special on your birthday is one of life's little indulgences, and friends and family are sure to be going out of their way to find the perfect gifts and arrange the well planned celebrations.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 147 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 147 items

Baby Gifts FAQ's


There’s not much in this world more adorable than a baby’s wet, gummy smile babbling sweet nothings at a new toy. If you want to get the mini-me in your life something they’ll cherish – because, let’s face it, clothes are for mummies and daddies to enjoy really – Cuckooland is here to provide the goods. Our baby gifts are fresh, fun, and filled with unique inventive touches, bringing oodles of joy to infants who deserve a bit of a treat.

Of course, you might not be used to making a big gesture for someone so tiny, so we put together a gift guide in case you get stuck. If any other doubts are pressing on you, let us answer a couple of questions we hear all the time from parents, relatives and family friends:

  1. Are wall stickers permanent?

  2. No, they’re specially made for quick application and removal, leaving no marks on a wall surface no matter how long they’ve been there.

  3. What about gift wrapping?

  4. We do offer beautiful gift wrapping with personalised messages for £4.95, products suitable for gift wrapping will have a 'suitable for gift wrapping' box ticked on the product page. 

  5. When would a rocker be suitable?

  6. Rockers are perfect for babies beginning to find their balance, generally around 9-12 months. As such, they're a perfect gift for christenings and first Christmases, but please check the product description for specific ages (and product specifications).

Require more assistance?

Whether you’re surprising a wee little soldier with a toy, or a princess with a sparkling addition to their nursery makeup, we have a ton of items to get babies wriggling with joy. They may not be able to thank you quite yet, but it doesn’t matter; you can see the results in their smile – and the gushing comments of mummy and daddy!

Buying for a special occasion? We have pointers for any event, including unusual christening gifts. Pick our Cuckooland brains on anything else you may have a question about, by calling +44 (0) 1305 231 231 for a chat. We'll help you find anything and everything unique and unusual including the perfect Baby Gift Idea. 

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