Embrace Your Inner Caveman with an Outdoor Fire Pit

Cold… BAD. Fire pit… GOOD!

Channelling your inner cave-person; thaw these icy temperatures with a twenty-first-century outdoor fire pit!

Since the dawn of man, we’ve enjoyed huddling around the flickering flames to cook, catch up and most importantly – avoid the chill! But things have evolved a bit over the years. For starters, toasted marshmallows weren’t around back then…

From contemporary wood-fired designs to eco-friendly bio-ethanol fireplaces, our selection will have you forgetting about this seemingly never-ending winter! Just as much a smash-hit in the summer, relax in your outside space for longer with our cold-combating collection of fire pits!

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1. Garden Trading Barrington Fire Pit

Garden Trading Barrington Fire Pit

Perfect for bringing the family together, snuggle around the Garden Trading Barrington Fire Pit once the sun has set. Available in two sizes and crafted from raw steel, the heavy-duty design was made to withstand seriously hot temperatures! Including handles on either side and a detachable stand, position at the centre of your garden furniture set and get the marshmallows at the ready! Load with your choice of kindling and logs and watch the flames lick through the strapped metal bowl. And when you’re down to embers, your patio will be painted with deep orange light and shadow and you’ll be left with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

2. Maze Rattan Round Gas Fire Pit

Maze Rattan Round Gas Fire Pit

A design your cave-dwelling kin could only have dreamed of; avoid the fuss of firewood with the Maze Rattan Round Gas Fire Pit. Complete with lava rocks, a protective glass screen, and adjustable settings – achieve your desired temperature and safely enjoy the flickering flames. A centre-piece to garden gatherings with friends and family – take a seat, turn up the heat and stay outside for as long as you like! Circular and ultra-stylish, the surrounding surface doubles as a side table. Share hot drinks and snacks around and keep your guests snug and smiling! And if the rain interrupts your evening, you won’t have to worry, the Maze Rattan Fire Pit is completely weatherproof!

3. Le Feu Gas Patio Heater

Le Feu Gas Patio Heater

Sticking with gas-powered, for hassle-free heat, but with a slightly different style – the Le Feu Gas Patio Heater suits sitting and standing guests! It’s the perfect companion to an outdoor lounge, bar or dining set. Designed in Denmark, the cylindrical glass surround keeps you warm from every angle! With wheels integrated into the base, easily move the Le Feu Patio Heater into position and stay comfortable while you wine and dine outdoors. Finished in a bold black powder-coated finish, for added weatherproofing, the weather-resistant design also houses a large 11kg propane gas tank, providing 35 hours of burning time. That’s a whole lot of heat!

4. Maze Rattan Oxford Royal Corner Dining Set with Fire Pit

Maze Rattan Oxford Royal Corner Dining Set with Fire Pit

Incorporating a fire pit and outdoor furniture set, the 2 in 1 Maze Rattan Oxford Royal Corner Dining Set ticks all the boxes. This setup would have been worthy of a cave painting!
Including an integrated fire pit table, a protective glass surround, lava rocks and a grill plate – you can cook from the comfort of your corner sofa. Settle into the luxury, deep-filled showerproof cushions and create sizzling alfresco feasts for everyone to enjoy! From fresh fish to succulent steaks and sides, there’s no limit to the menu. Even pudding can be cooked up on the circular grill – caramelised pineapple is a must! And when your clan has cleared the last of the crumbs, wind down with the flickering flames in the background.

5. Quan Quadro Medium Wood Fired BBQ

Quan Quadro Medium Wood Fired BBQ

If outdoor cooking is top of your fire pit wishlist, your inner caveman is calling out for Quan! Designed, developed and tested by chefs, Quan Garden Art are experts in all things alfresco. Skillfully handcrafted, the Quadro Medium Wood Fired BBQ revolutionises outdoor heating and cooking. Thanks to the innovative airflow system – easily control the temperature of the central fire pit and create aromatic, wood-fired Teppanyaki style cuisine on the surrounding top plate. Complete with a log store at the base, keep the fire stoked and extra wood handy, and continue warming yourselves around the fire long after you’ve finished feasting. Reaching mammoth temperatures of up to 400 degrees, even in mid-winter you could be wining and dining outdoors with Quan!

6. Le Feu Ground Low Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Le Feu Ground Low Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Embrace your inner caveman, the eco-friendly way, with the Le Feu Bio Ethanol Fireplace. Cleverly engineered to replace traditional fuel types with a green alternative – sustainably sourced bio ethanol fuel produces clean and smokeless heat with minimal CO2 emissions – no more than a candle! The powder-coated, recycled cast iron dome efficiently circulates and radiates heat. Designed to be portable, and suitable for use outdoors under cover, position your Le Feu outdoor fireplace alongside a garden furniture set and cosy up on chilly evenings. Don’t have outdoor space to spare? Choose from a range of stands or opt for the Le Feu Sky and suspend your environmentally-friendly fireplace from your outdoor shelter.

7. Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lantern

4 Cosi Fires
Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lantern

Not so much a fire pit, but worthy of a mention – the Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lanterns suit smaller gardens, balconies and courtyards. If a full-sized outdoor fireplace isn’t possible, but you’re yearning for an evening of flickering flames, reading, relaxing and enjoying something fizzy (because who wouldn’t?) – you’ll get the same feel-good feeling with the Cori Fires Lantern. Completely portable and easy to use, you’ll be revelling in the fresh air, warm light and thanking Homoerectus for figuring it all out in the first place…

Modern Fire Pits That (Bed)Rock!

Anything but prehistoric, our collection of contemporary outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and heaters are hot, hot, hot! Want to fuel your fire? Email customerservice@cuckooland.com or +44 (0) 1305 231231 and we’ll help find your perfect match!


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