Montessori Kids’ Beds and Furniture – What’s It All About?

Have you heard of Montessori?

The Montessori educational method was started by Italian physician Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. It focuses on the importance of a child-friendly environment to encourage creative development and hands-on learning, allowing kids to become more independent.

When it comes to furniture, this is reflected in child-sized or adjustable designs and low heights that are easy for children to access. Montessori kids’ beds sit low to the ground, so little ones can move easily between their bed and the rest of the room and don’t have to rely on adults for help.

Sound good? Then read on for our pick of our best Montessori kid’s beds and furniture to take your little one from bedtime to learning to playtime – all by themselves!

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1. Fraser Single Storage Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawer

Fraser Single Storage Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawer

As far as Montessori beds for kids go, our Fraser Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawer by Cuckooland is hard to beat.

It features a low height with an included trundle drawer, which can hold a mattress and be rolled out to provide an additional floor-level bed or a step for easier access to the main bed.

The bookcase in the headboard is easy for kids to reach from the bed. It will allow them to arrange their favourite books or toys in order, expressing their creativity and exerting influence over their surroundings – something we all know kids love to do!

2. Vipack Kids Tipi Bed

Vipack Kids Tipi Bed

A floor bed is considered Montessori because it is safe for your child to access and use on their own, which encourages independence.

As it is only mattress height, they can easily crawl in whenever they like, and there is little risk of them falling out of bed and hurting themselves (although we’re sure some of the kids we know could manage it!)

With its simple tipi design, this Vipack Kids Tipi Bed is the perfect blend of Montessori principles, affordability and style.

3. Vox Tuli Bookcase & Toy Storage

Vox Tuli Bookcase & Toy Storage

Low, open toy storage that’s easy for kids to access is highly supportive of the Montessori method.

Little ones will be able to select their toys, without relying on adults to retrieve them – and (even better!) put them away again when they are finished. Turn this practice of organising their toys into a fun routine to encourage development.

Ideally, try to choose toys that are engaging and sensory, and allow little ones to hone a variety of skills. You could always rotate the toys on their shelves to avoid clutter and keep things fresh.

4. Vipack Cabane House Bed

Vipack Cabane House Bed

The floor height of this Vipack Cabane House Bed means children won’t need help to get in and out of bed and can tuck themselves up for a nap whenever they feel like it (providing they haven’t got school, of course!)

This can give a child control more control over their sleep schedule, which may lead to improved sleeping. They’ll love crawling into their very own house every night!

The bed is available in White or Natural and also comes as a toddler bed if your little one is smaller.

5. Vipack Casami Kids House Bed

Vipack Casami Kids House Bed

For something a little different, check out the Vipack Casami Kids House Bed.

This unique kid’s bed features a low mattress height, a house-shaped enclosed headboard with child-height porthole windows, and a child-sized bench/ shelf at the foot of the bed. This is the perfect place for them to sit during the day, or leave their toys by night.

The plethora of child-friendly features make this bed an excellent choice for parents who want to embrace the Montessori method with their kid’s furniture.

6. Dallas Single Bed

Vipack Dallas Single Bed

The Dallas Single Bed is another low-height Montessori kid’s bed that kids will be able to access easily – whilst being slightly raised off the floor.

This house bed has an optional trundle drawer, which you could use to store a mattress or for storage at a child-accessible level.

Made from solid pine, it’s available in Natural or White and is ideally suited to Scandinavian-style spaces, as well as Montessori kids’ rooms.

7. Mathy by Bols Tent Cabin Bed and Trundle

Mathy by Bols Kids Tent Cabin Bed with Trundle Drawer

What mini explorer wouldn’t love climbing unassisted into this incredible Mathy By Bols Tent Cabin Bed? None that we know!

Complete with a closing canvas side propped up on poles, the Tent Cabin Bed is the perfect combination of fun, style and practicality. It has a low height, but there’s still space for an optional trundle if you need it. Kids will love ‘camping’ out in their room before emerging from their tent, ready to face another day!

This artisan kid’s bed is available in a whopping 26 colours, so you can create a bright and stimulating room for your little one.

8. Lifetime 2 in 1 Beach House Single Bed

Lifetime 2 in 1 Beach House Single Bed

The Lifetime 2-in-1 Beach House Single Bed embodies the teachings of the Montessori method.

The bed is at floor level and there are railings to ensure little ones feel safe and secure in the environment, whilst the opening in the front provides unimpeded access to their bed at all times.

When your child gets older and more confident, you can raise the height of this 2-in-1 bed to create a bed that will last them a ‘Lifetime’!

9. Vox Maxim Wardrobe in White

Vox Maxim Wardrobe in White

To encourage kids’ independence when it comes to dressing themselves, we recommend choosing a wardrobe with open shelving at a low height.

The Vox Maxim Wardrobe has sections that kids will be able to reach easily, as well as a rail and other shelves that they will not. To encourage your child to get themselves dressed, place their favourite clothes on the bottom shelves where they can grab them.

You may also find it helpful to place a mirror near the wardrobe, so your little one can see their progress and admire their chosen outfit of the day!

So, That’s the Story of Montessori!

Are you ready to bring this independence-encouraging trend into your child’s bedroom? We hope so! If you want to discuss any of our kid’s furniture, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email – we’re always happy to help.


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