Dine Outdoors this Valentine’s Day

Left it too late to book your favourite restaurant for Valentine’s Day?

No problem! We’re here to tell you about this year’s ultimate romantic dinner destination – your very own garden. ‘What?’ we hear you ask, ‘won’t it be freezing?’ Not with the right garden furniture, outdoor heating and accessories, it won’t!

So, avoid the crowds and the sickly loved-up couples, and do something more exciting than another TV dinner this 14th February. Dine outdoors and give your Valentine a night to remember.

Need some tips on where to start? Here’s how to create the ultimate romantic outdoor dining experience for a truly special night ‘out’.

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1. Small Oval House Garden Pod

Small Oval House Garden Pod

First thing first: it is February, so if you have the space to create an undercover outdoor area, we’d certainly recommend it (but don’t worry if you can’t, there are plenty of other ways to stay warm, as you’ll see below!)

The Ornate Garden Small Oval House Pod is an incredible outdoor room that makes the perfect cosy retreat for two. Inside, you’ll find comfy seating in your choice of cushion colours and an adjustable oval dining table for holding your bubbly and dinner for two.

The pod also features a built-in heater and LED lighting, so you don’t need to add anything to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

2. HypeDome Garden Pod

HypeDome Garden Pod

Another outdoor room option for your al fresco dining extravaganza is the HypeDome Garden Pod.

This futuristic igloo is made from recyclable polycarbonate panels that are 200 times stronger than glass and virtually unbreakable, so you can leave it outside year-round – even in the depths of February.

One of the best things about this outdoor pod is that you can see the sky through the panels, so when dinner is finished, you can indulge in a spot of stargazing (weather dependent!) Could there be anything more romantic?

3. Extreme Lounging B Bulb Outdoor Light

Extreme Lounging B Bulb Outdoor Light

Candlelight is overrated and cliché, especially on Valentine’s Day!

Instead, create an atmospheric glow with our stylish B Bulb Outdoor Lights by Extreme Lounging. With these rechargeable garden lights, you can be guaranteed a flattering light with no risk of setting your hair on fire when you lean over the grab the salt!

They come with a choice of 2 lighting options (soft or bright white) and 3 brightness settings, so you can adjust the light according to the mood as the evening progresses!

4. Heatsail Dome Electric Patio Heater

Heatsail Dome Electric Patio Heater

Unless you’re a fan of the slightly blue, teeth-chattering look, you’ll probably want some form of outdoor heating if you’re spending your Valentine’s Day outside!

The Heatsail Dome Electric Patio Heater is the perfect option for instant and reliable warmth. It radiates heat for up to 5 metres whilst using less energy than many heaters and producing no emissions. There’s also a built-in light and optional Bluetooth speakers in the base, so you can play your and your partner’s favourite songs.

Thanks to the handy remote control, you won’t even have to extract yourself from their embrace to adjust your environment!

5. Globo Royal Garden Hanging Chair & Stand

Globo Royal Garden Hanging Chair & Stand

The Globo Hanging Chair is the perfect place to enjoy a pre-dinner drink with your beloved.

Whether you’ve just finished work, made it back from the gym, or battled through bedtime with the kids, hanging out together in this cosy chair will allow you to relax and unwind after a long day.

Sink into the soft cushions, close your eyes and gently sway while you listen to your partner’s best anecdotes (even if you have heard them 20 times before!)

6. Ooni Karu 12 Wood and Charcoal Fired Portable Pizza Oven

Holiday Ooni Karu 12 with pizza_1 copy
Ooni Karu 12 Wood and Charcoal Fired Portable Pizza Oven

What do you think of as the most romantic cuisine? Oysters and caviar? Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate? Wood-fired Italian pizza, covered in your favourite toppings and washed down with a nice bottle of red? For us, it’s definitely the latter!

If you agree, we recommend investing in the Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven (or one of our other Ooni pizza ovens), so you can serve your Valentine delicious, authentic pizzas cooked to perfection in just 60 seconds.

This is one way to guarantee your culinary skills will impress on the night!

7. Maze Rattan New York 3 Piece Bistro Set

Maze Rattan New York 3 Piece Bistro Set

When the food is ready, it’s time to really wine and dine your date.

Snuggle up on an outdoor sofa or take a seat at our New York 3-Piece Bistro Set by Maze Rattan to keep things intimate. You don’t want to be sat at opposite ends of a huge dining table, shouting to hear each other!

The table has a tempered glass top, and the cushions are UV-resistant and showerproof, so you’ll be prepared for all weather (but let’s hope it doesn’t rain on your parade!)

8. Le Feu Ground Wood Bio-Ethanol Fireplace in Black

Le Feu Ground Wood Bio Ethanol Fireplace in Black

Embrace your inner caveperson by serving your romantic meal around a fire. There are few things quite as atmospheric and mesmerising as flickering flames!

Luckily, we’re not living in prehistoric times, so there’s no need to go foraging through the February frost for firewood. With a Le Feu Fireplace, you can simply fill it with bio-ethanol fuel and control the flame with the regulator rod.

Le Feu will produce a clean, smoke-free fire, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like a bonfire for the rest of the night!

9. TiiPii Hammock Bed

TiiPii Hammock Bed

After dinner, if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably want to snuggle up with your significant other and fall down a Netflix rabbit hole. Sure, you could go inside for this, like you do every other night – or you could live a little adventurously and snuggle up under the stars.

Our TiiPii Hammock Bed is the ultimate place to hang out outside. Just add some thick blankets and cushions, and you’ll be as snug as two bugs. You could even bring your duvet outside and make a whole night of it!

Love to Dine Outdoors this Valentine's Day?

Well, ask your date if they want to go ‘out’ for dinner on the 14th, and just keep the details vague! If you want to discuss your grand romantic plans – or chat about any of our garden furniture – call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email customerservice@cuckooland.com. Here at Cuckooland, we love love!


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