6 ways to heat up your Garden this Autumn

Now the nights are beginning to draw in, you might be preparing to bid your garden farewell until next year…

The good news is, you have plenty of ways to stay warm and well-lit as the weather cools down. From fire bowls to heat lamps, there are all kinds of options to choose from.

Whether you’d rather make a stylish statement or pick something practical, it all comes down to your personal taste. And from traditional log fires to modern gas or electric options, we’ve covered all bases here at Cuckooland.

To help you find the right option for you, we’ve explored six ways to heat up your garden this autumn…

A gas fire pit

Bowl Cocoon Gas Fire Pit

Want a super simple and stylish way to heat up your garden? Then a gas fire pit is perfect for you.

With a gas fire pit, you get instant warmth in just the flick of a switch. So if you haven’t the time or patience to start and maintain a real log fire, a gas fire makes your life much easier. All you need to do is top up the gas, switch on, and light up – no hassle, no smoke, and no clean up.

Plus, gas fire pits are an incredibly stylish way to entertain outdoors. As they look attractive, they make for a great centrepiece to gather round and host guests. Add some outdoor seating around the pit, and you’ve created an oh-so cosy garden set up.

Gas fire pits come in all different shapes and sizes. From faux log-style fire bowls to sleek tables, you can choose a style that suits your taste. Take a look at the Cosi Fires pit below. With sleek and modern design, you can give your garden a contemporary twist.

Cosi Fires Cosibrixx 90 Fire Pit Table

An outdoor bio ethanol fireplace

Le Feu Ground Wood Bio Ethanol Fireplace in Black

If you’d rather not deal with smoke or fumes – but still want to enjoy all the fun of a fire – choose a bio ethanol fireplace. Bio ethanol is a renewable energy source that burns without releasing harmful emissions into the air.

Interested? Then meet Le Feu – the masters of bio ethanol fireplaces. Super lightweight and portable, you can move these fireplaces around your garden whenever you please.

So no matter where you’re sitting outside, you can easily bring the warmth to you. And if you’d like to enjoy your fire indoors, you can! Suitable for both garden and home, you can easily bring your fireplace inside (once it’s cooled down).

Ultra stylish and eco-friendly, you can stay toasty all night long – while only releasing as much carbon as a candle.

Le Feu Ground Low Bio Ethanol Fireplace in Black

A log fire bowl

Cook King Montana 80cm High Fire Bowl

After a real fire? If the crackling flames and authentic fireside smell are a must, then a log fire bowl is the one for you.

With a real log fire, you can embrace all things cosy and traditional. Whether you’re roasting chestnuts at Christmas or toasting marshmallows on bonfire night, a real fire can be a fun way to stay warm and heat food. Plus, there’s just something so satisfying about starting your own fire…

And since wood is cheap and energy-efficient, a log fire is a super affordable way to heat up your garden. You won’t need to spend heaps to keep your fire topped up – if you head to your closest woods, you can get kindling for free!

The fire bowl by Cook King (below) is perfect for adding warmth to your garden. With its sleek design, this bowl is the perfect finishing touch to your patio area.

Cook King Cuba 70cm Fire Bowl

A heat lamp

Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater Floor Lamp in Black with +25 HEAT

You don’t need a fire to heat up your garden. With an electric heat lamp, you can stay just as warm – in the flick of a switch.

There’s a reason bars and restaurants opt for heat lamps for their outdoor dining. Heat lamps generate powerful and widespread heat, all night long. Thankfully, you can enjoy that toasty warmth and ambient lighting from the comfort of your own home.

Since you’re not relying on a fire that can die down – or a gas bottle to run out – you can stay warm for as long as you like. The party doesn’t end until you say so!

Lamps from Heatsail give off heat at a range of five metres – meaning everyone can stay toasty outdoors. Plus, you can choose between a freestanding lamp or hanging fixtures. So, whether you’d rather move the lamp around you, or pick a permanent spot in your garden, Heatsail has you covered.

Heatsail Dome Patio Heater Pendant Light in Black with +25 HEAT

Heatsail BEEM Pendant Light with Heater

A fire lantern

Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Basket Fire Lantern

Not got the space for a big fire? Want a more affordable way to stay warm while you sit outside? Then a fire lantern is perfect for you…

A fire lantern is essentially a small portable fire you can carry around. You can simply pop your fire lantern next to your seating area to instantly add warmth and light to your garden. And if you’d like to move somewhere comfier, pick a fire lantern with a handle – so you can always keep the heat with you!

Fueled by gas, you can flick on the flames in seconds and wave goodbye to any hassle. And since there’s no smoke or permanent set-up, they’re the perfect option if you’re renting or have a balcony.

Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lantern

A wood burning stove

Cook King Rosa Stove

If you want to enjoy an authentic log fire in style, a wood burning stove ticks every box.

A wood burning stove is one of the most attractive outdoor heating options you can choose – they’re a great choice if you want to create an inviting outdoor seating area. From contemporary to traditional, you can choose from a wide range of different styles.

Plus, a wood burning stove has a chimney to filter the smoke upwards. So, while you enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells of a real crackling fire, you won’t need to deal with dust and smoke blowing everywhere. And with space to stash your firewood underneath, it’s easy to keep your patio area neat and tidy.

Cook King Faro Garden Stove

Shop all outdoor heating at Cuckooland

Now it’s autumn, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your new outdoor heating solution. You can say no to the cold and stay toasty warm throughout the autumn and winter months.

Whether you’re after a traditional log burner or an electric heat lamp, discover our entire range of outdoor heating options today.

Got a burning question about our outdoor heating options? Then get in touch on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email.


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