Garden Essentials for When the Sun Isn't Shining

If you’re lucky enough to have an outside space, you’ll know the joys of relaxing out in the sunshine, with your feet up, shades down and a cold beverage in hand. This sunny and warm picture we’ve painted can often be a rare treat with such changeable conditions, unpredictable forecasts and temperamental temperatures!

On average it rains for a third of the year in the UK, with only a few months to really embrace the warmer weather and longer evenings. Don’t let these facts put a dampener on your plans, you can take advantage of your outside space for longer with our list of garden essentials!

No more BBQing with your brolly, scrambling to get your garden sofa cushions inside and teeth chattering once the sun has set – you can enjoy your exteriors no matter how cruel or kind the climate!

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1. Avoid the Showers in Luxurious Comfort

Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod

Offering 360-degree panoramic views of your garden, rain or shine you can enjoy your surroundings with the Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod.

Don’t cancel your garden get-togethers and coffee catchups, instead simply rotate your protective Garden Pod to avoid the wind and rain – or create shade if the sun suddenly manages to break through! The luxurious interior and plush upholstered cushions are all completely water-resistant too, ensuring you’re comfortable while you relax around the removable dining table.

Expertly crafted from curved timber arcs with a stainless steel roof, the Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod is suitable for all seasons. During the summer months the structure reflects heat to keep you and 6 guests cool and with a front canopy, you can continue to use your outdoor pod when temperatures drop. No matter the weather conditions or time of year, your beautiful views won’t go to waste!

2. Dodge the Rain with Pop-Up Protection

Alvantor Pop Up PVC Bubble Tent

Creating a protective dome in just 30 seconds, avoid soggy garden celebrations with the Alvantor Pop-Up PVC Bubble Tent! Available in a choice of sizes, position over garden furniture sets for added peace of mind.

Made from transparent PVC panels with supportive poles to protect from rainy and windy conditions, where you’d normally be scrambling to get everything indoors, you won’t flinch if dark clouds suddenly gather. With a pop-up tent for protection, you’ll be comfortable and dry inside, enjoying 360-degree views with your favourite people around you.

Portable and movable, don’t limit yourself to the garden. Take yours with you on picnics, camping trips and days out. The weather won’t have to hold you back from making memories!

3. Party Rain or Shine, Night and Day

Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola with Roof and LED Lighting
Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola with Colour Changing Lighting

Sunny outdoor shindigs are great, but what if the weather has other plans? Offering protection from the sun, wind, rain and frost – adjust the Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola and party anytime, in any weather!

As the weather changes throughout the day, simply tilt the roof louvres and drop the textilene sides to offer you shade and shelter from the elements and protect your garden furniture below. The smart design features a built-in drainage system allowing rainwater to run down the inside of the pergola legs and out onto the ground. You’ll be so busy enjoying yourselves, you might not even notice it’s started raining!

With the integrated colour-changing LED lighting and controls, brighten up the dull weather and keep celebrating late into the night.

4. Protect the Chef from the Changeable Weather

Rowlinson Outdoor Party Arbour in Natural Timber

You’ve prepared all of your BBQ bites, the refreshments are chilled to perfection and guests are on their way… and then it starts tipping it down. It’s too late to cancel now, but what are you to do? Keep calm and carry on grilling with the Rowlinson Outdoor Party Arbour in Natural Timber!

The 2-in-1 design converts from a relaxing arbour into a cooking station of dreams. Position your BBQ grill below the shelter, lift the sides to create prep areas and serving side tables and keep the chef and guests smiling. A little rain won’t stop you all from having the best day out in the garden.

And when the clouds have passed, the food has been gobbled and you need a spot to relax, just as easily convert it back into an arbour bench!

5. Thank the Heavens for Quick-Drying Garden Furniture

Maze Rattan Pulse Rectangular Corner Dining Set with Rising Table

We’ve all been there – relaxing out in the sunshine and suddenly it starts raining cats and dogs and the garden furniture is soaked through! You’d normally call it a day and give in, even if it was only a brief downpour. Not so if you have a quick-drying furniture set! As soon as the sun shows its face again, you can head straight back outside and soak up those rays… for as long as the weather will allow!

The Maze Rattan Pulse Rectangular Corner Dining Set with Rising Table is completely weatherproof! The La Vita solution-dyed acrylic upholstered cushions have been filled with high-performance foam – cleverly engineered with an open cell structure allowing rain to easily pass through and quickly dry within moments. Simply wait for the shower to pass and assemble again around the height-adjustable table and make the most of the burst of sunshine!

UV and fade resistant with a durable aluminium frame, even when you’re not using your garden furniture set, it’s protected all year round, even in the harshest of conditions!

6. Showerproof Sun-bathing Essentials

Extreme Lounging Pastel B Bed Outdoor Bean Bag

Your sunbathing might get rudely interrupted by the rain, but your seating can stay where it is if you select a showerproof design!

The Extreme Lounging Pastel B Bed Outdoor Bean Bag is completely weatherproof, offering protection from rain and UV light. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, choose to make a run for it and leave your bean bag outside or carry the lightweight design inside and resume relaxing indoors instead.

Filled with thousands of supportive poly beads that mould to your body, wherever you end up sitting, the weather forecast will be long forgotten! Choose from a selection of calming colours and this home accessory will leave you feeling zen!

7. Enjoy Your Garden 24/7/365

Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater Floor Lamp in Black with +25 HEAT

When the sun disappears for the day, don’t retreat inside! Stay out for longer and enjoy every waking second with the Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater Floor Lamp.

Illuminating your evening and taking the chill away, the elegant Heatsail design radiates Far Infrared Rays up to 5 metres keeping you and your guests comfortable while you swap stories and enjoy the background music playing on the optional Bluetooth speakers.

FIR offers added health benefits too. As you sit and relax under the Heatsail lamp, these rays promote cell regeneration, development, healing and re-growth. This invisible spectrum is working hard in the background to give your body a boost. Another excuse to keep the garden party going!

Using 5 times less energy than standard patio heaters, with zero emissions, you can keep warm feeling guilt-free!

8. Longer Evenings with Outdoor Lighting

Extreme Lounging B Bulb Plus Outdoor Light
Extreme Lounging B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights

Part of the lighting collection from Extreme Lounging, the B Bulb lamps and festoon lights give your garden a warming glow, even when the sun has dipped behind the horizon.

Available in a choice of sizes, completely weatherproof and easily rechargeable – position the B Bulb lights around your garden furniture, along pathways or on either side of entrances. With up to 22 hours of battery life on a single charge, stay out stargazing for as long as you like!

The Extreme Lounging B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights are party ready! Mains powered – each set features 10 bulbs, with the option to connect 3 sets to create a 15m long string. Hang your outdoor lights along a garden fence, suspend from a tree, wrap around your structures and brighten up your evening. Adjust the brightness to set the mood when things start to wind down.

Versatile Garden Essentials No Matter the Month!

Don’t let the weather spoil your day. Enjoy your garden on your terms with our selection of Garden Essentials. This was just a sample, if you’d like to hear more, call +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email, our team are filled with garden essentials suggestions!


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