Why a Garden Pod is the Ultimate Garden Building of 2022

It’s January – a month where the excitement of Christmas has subsided and the winter weather is particularly chilly.

Yet, it’s now when we eagerly look forward to al fresco dining during the long summer days.

Summer sioree’s aside, we here at Cuckooland still think it’s possible to beat the ‘January blues’, take in your surroundings and experience your lovely garden 12 months of the year, with a super modern garden pod.

Sleek, transparent and with a host of features, we think garden pods are the ultimate garden buildings of 2022 – let us show you why.

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1. Astreea Igloo 360 Dome with Oslo PVC Weatherproof Cover

Astreea Igloo 360 Dome with Oslo PVC Weatherproof Cover

Unlike sheds and summerhouses, this dome by Astreea offers you a 360-degree unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Plus, imagine the smiles on your loved ones’ faces when they approach this enchanting garden pod. The three different sizes can accommodate up to 6, 10 or 16 people – so it’s perfect for soirees under the stars this year and beyond.

It doesn’t just look amazing, it’s durable and practical too thanks to the premium transparent PVC cover, easily moveable (aerospace-grade) aluminium frame, vent and Philips lighting system. Theme and decorate with string lights to upgrade your garden entertaining.

Snow-proof as well as water and wind-resistant – now, you can spend more time outdoors.

2. HypeDome Garden Pod

HypeDome Garden Pod

The noise-cancelling acoustic nature of this pod by HypeDome makes it a must-have for evening dinner parties. You can now listen to your favourite playlist and chat into the small hours – without worrying about upsetting the neighbours.

Made from 100 hexagonal glass-like panels, this virtually unbreakable garden pod is ideal if your kids enjoy kicking a ball around the garden.

Worried it’s too cold? Simply scatter some cuddly blankets on your guests’ chairs – it’ll accommodate eight people seated around a table.

Then, in the daytime, there’s nothing like reading outdoors – although now, you’ll be protected from the elements including UV rays – although a standalone electric heater can be added.

3. The Garden Igloo 360 Dome with PVC Weatherproof Cover

The Garden Igloo 360 Dome with PVC Weatherproof Cover

Save the expense (and disruption) of adding a conservatory onto your home, with this rust and rot-free German-designed bio-dome by Garden Igloo.

Looking for a ‘pop up’ igloo structure where you can place your favourite reading chair or roll down your trusty yoga mat? Simply anchor it using the system provided. There’s no need to ruin your lawn by laying a foundation either.

So, this portable (no-foundation) garden building offers you added spontaneity – perfect for capitalising on our rare British heatwaves.

Simply invite your pals over and ‘wow’ them whilst opening the windows and door to invite a welcomed breeze during summer.

4. Small Oval House Garden Pod

Small Oval House Garden Pod

This architectural garden pod is so stunning that you’ll probably spend more time relaxing here than indoors.

And why not … when there’s ample space – including seats for eight people that surround an adjustable dining/coffee table?

Suitable as a peaceful study space or office pod – thanks to the inbuilt heater and electrical socket – you can work from its table cushioned by luxuriously thick seating pads. The hardest part is choosing between the six cushion cover colours.

All of these benefits only require the footprint of a standard patio set (300x240cm) – yet its shade-giving stainless steel roof and treated sustainable spruce arcs offer a superior garden experience in terms of the looks, comfort and craftsmanship delivered.

5. Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod

Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod

Do you love the idea of having a garden cabin or lodge, but are disappointed by their static nature? In 2022, this luxury curved rotating garden pod by Ornate Garden is the answer!

No longer will you see the same view every time you use it – now, you can rotate and offer a panoramic experience to get out of the sun’s rays.

Seven guests can enjoy afternoon tea or cocktail evenings with a difference – the removable table provides a handy surface for placing nibbles and glasses on.

Illuminated on darker days by its pendant light – with rechargeable LED bulb and on-trend brushed aluminium texture, this rotating garden pod is ideal when extending your power supply isn’t an option.

6. Alvantor Pop Up PVC Bubble Tent

Alvantor Pop Up PVC Bubble Tent

Feeling outdoorsy and keen to go out and explore the countryside this year?

This bubble tent by Alvantor with its pop-up feature is ideal for free-spirited friends and families who can quickly secure it with sandbags, stakes and guy lines (included). It’s all possible within 30 seconds.

Closer to home, your garden will have a festival feel with room to accommodate a maximum of 4-6 (small), 8-10 (medium) or 12-15 (large) people.

Simply scatter floor cushions and throws before adorning with boho accessories and lighting.

What other garden building allows you to pitch up and take in nature?

7. Luxury Summerhouse Garden Pod

Luxury Summerhouse Garden Pod

Seeking home comforts … but in the garden?

This luxurious summerhouse style garden pod comes with ‘mod cons’ that’ll upgrade you and your nine guests’ time outdoors – there’s a Bluetooth Audio system, power point, heater, soft LED downlights, tinted windows and a mould resistant interior.

Then, when the warmer weather returns, you can rely on its fan, alongside the stainless steel roof, that’ll offer shade and reflect heat away.

We’re confident you’ll use this sculptural addition to your garden often – for al fresco meals, birdwatching and a light-filled studio for work and art.

It’s an additional room to your house but only requires a hard standing base of 190cm2.

8. Large Oval House Garden Pod

Large Oval House Garden Pod

What is there not to love about this large (lockable) garden pod?

Constructed from hard-wearing materials including five slide-up and over polycarbonate windows, laminated pressure treated spruce timber arcs and a heat reflecting stainless steel roof, you can be assured of its quality.

At 4m long, with two tables and ample seating, we think it would make an awesome space for team quizzes and games nights.

Let’s meet up with friends and celebrate 2022 in style!

9. Grande Deluxe Chic Garden Pod

Grande Deluxe Chic Garden Pod

Imagine the scene – you can recreate your living room’s comfortable sofa-style seating in your very own garden building.

Few homes or garden buildings would be heated – or able to accommodate 12 people – like this roomy and substantial pod will.

We’re loving the versatility this grande deluxe garden pod offers – just imagine holding your child’s next birthday party here. Simply open wide the double-glazed French doors before decorating the in-built table with party poppers, cake and snacks.

Later, the pod’s ambient lighting will set the mood for a romantic date night.

There’s nothing shabby about this chic!

Garden Pods Make an Amazing (Year-Round) Space to Socialise and Unwind

We’re ‘digging’ these garden pods as the ultimate garden buildings for 2022. Their striking presence, panoramic views and unique ‘outdoorsy’ atmosphere encourages togetherness among friends and family. Keen to discover more about these beautiful spaces? Simply call +44 (0) 1305 231231, or send us an email for more info.


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