Quirky Wedding Gifts for Unique Couples

Trust us – you are not by yourself… many people who find themselves invited to a wedding struggle with finding an original, yet personal, gift for the happy couple. Of course, some betrothed couples will provide a list of gifts that they need, but sometimes the best gifts are those which come as from thinking outside the box. Sometimes, when looking to buy a wedding gift, it pays to look for a creative or original option; a unique or quirky wedding day gift can often be one of the best gifts that the happy couple receives. So for your inspiration, today we take a look at some of the wedding gifts that are most likely to wow the affianced.

Silver Plated Champagne Flutes

LSA Polka Pastel Champagne Flutes

Whether they’re used to keeping the champagne flowing throughout the wedding day, or saved to help make the newlyweds first night together that bit more luxurious, these pastel champagne flutes with their gorgeously delicate colours are just the trick. They could even be used to add that extra touch to the wedding photos. Both mouth blown and hand-crafted, these champagne flutes will make any bottle of bubbly that touch more special, and make an ideal gift for any bride and groom.

A Personalised Monopoly Board

The best wedding gifts are often those which have a personalised touch. The makers of the original Monopoly board game, Hasbro, have recently introduced a fully customisable monopoly board, creating an original, quirky gift idea for the newlyweds, especially if they are big gamers.
As the name suggests, you can completely customise the board allowing you to truly show off just how well you know the couple. Ideas to include on the board could be the place where they first met, their honeymoon destination, the place where the proposal took place… the skys the limit with this creative option.

Personalised Monopoly Set

Uuni Pizza Oven

Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

There’s sure to be some post wedding blues going on after the big day. So why not bestow upon your quirky couple, a gift that’s sure to make them happy? 

The Uuni Pizza oven is like having your very own garden Pizzeria! This fully portable pizza oven, makes authentic tasting, wood-fired pizzas in no time.  It’s the perfect pizza oven for creating the one pizza not quirky couple can resist, hame and pineapple! 

Flying Lessons

For those couple’s who enjoy doing something a little bit out of the ordinary, why not stun them with the gift of flying lessons. This is a quirky and unique gift that is sure to have the happy couple looking bemused, curious and maybe even feeling a little bit of trepidation – what better a way to bond the newlyweds than a truly unforgettable experience. Of course, you need to make sure that the people that you are buying this gift for have a head for heights, otherwise it could be a big mistake.

Flying Lessons

Customised Whiskey

Customised Whiskey

If the people you are buying a wedding gift for enjoy a wee dram every now and again, why not make their day by giving them their own personalised whiskey blend. There is a wonderful website called ‘Whisky Blender‘ that gives you the chance to create a very unique and special blend of Scottish whiskey, by merely using the websites easy to use and fun feature, the “The Blending Lab”.
Once you are inside the blending lab, you get the opportunity to blend a number of different whiskies together in order to create your very own custom blend. Then the fun continues when you get to name your new blend, and choose the style of bottle for your whiskey. The bottle is then delivered to your home where you will find that it comes with a hand written label pronouncing the date of when it was bottled, as well as its own certificate of authenticity.

Light Up Globe

If the wonderfully quirky couple are planning a world wide trip of unknown places, we have just the gift!

The Light Up Globe by Wild & Wolf features a full map of the world which, of course, includes some of the most remotest places known to man. So whether it’s snorkelling in the secret caves of Fiji or spending time with an Amazonian tribe, the first map to check will be this fabulous light up globe.

Wild & Wolf_GlobeLightConcreteGrey
Light Up Globe in Concrete Grey

Rasul Exotic Body Treatment for Two

Body Treatment

For something a bit more down to Earth and relaxing, why not treat the bride and groom to a Rasul exotic body treatment. The Rasul is an ancient Arabian cleansing ritual that can be very relaxing as well as having a very beneficial effect on the couple’s skin. The process begins with the application of a number of mineral clays and mud that are rubbed on to the body and face. After the application has finished you both sit in a heat room, which hardens the mud, and combined with steam, it helps to soothe tension and open up the pores of the skin. After about 20 minutes, it is time for a warm shower mist to descend, which will help to soften your skin, whilst at the same time, washing away the mud. Bliss is just what one requires after the stress of planning a wedding, so we are sure this gift will be very appreciated.

Heart Shaped Toast Rack

After the ephemeral romance of the nuptials has passed into memory, and the happy couple have moved in to the marital home, they are going to be spending nearly every breakfast time together, and if you are on a tight budget, or you simply don’t know the happy couple all that well, a heart shaped toast rack is a great wedding gift for a low price, which will help to remind them of their love for each other and the commitment they made back on the big day, every morning at breakfast!

Heart Shaped Toast Rack

As you can see, these are just some of the quirky and unique gifts that you can add to your shortlist of things to buy for the happy couple, but there are countless other ones available, at prices to suit all budgets. At Cuckooland we stock hundreds of inspirational quirky gift ideas for wedding gifts for the bride and groom.
The only limit (aside from you budget) is your imagination, so why not try to get them something unique and original.

Our Gift Experts are always on standby to answer any questions you may have – simply call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 Mon-Fri 9-6pm or email customerservice@cuckooland.com and our super friendly team will reply immediately.


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