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Nursery Rugs

What do our range of nursery rugs and kittens have in common? They are soft, cute, cuddly and should be stroked as much as possible! Not content with our top spot for cots and nursery furniture, Cuckooland have branched out with a range of charming nursery rugs.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

Nursery Rug FAQ's


Little feet padding around the house is a truly heavenly sound. Soft, uncertain, yet oh-so adorable, you’ll want to cushion your baby’s earliest steps as their physical growth and curiosity start to align. A plush rug can certainly be a part of the 7 steps to a nurturing nursery (take a peek at our Blog post), providing the visual serenity and textured feel that’ll look after a child’s first tentative steps into their new environment.

However, when choosing the ideal rug for your nursery, there could be a few uncertainties playing on your mind. Let’s identify a few and answers some FAQ's:

  1. Are they suitable for wooden floors?

  2. Yes – in fact, they’ll protect your baby from those little bumps with a softer, thicker weave than regular household rugs. Anti-slip rug grips as always a good idea for keeping those rugs in place.

  3. What if I don’t know the gender yet?

  4. That’s fine, actually, since the majority of our beautiful rugs come in multi-coloured finishes, or gender-neutral themes like jungles and dominoes.

  5. Do they care for sensitive skin?

  6. All of our rugs are made from faux fur, natural wool or densely packed felt balls, all of which are approved for kids and kind to your baby’s skin, leaving no room for irritation.

Require more assistance?

Hopefully, you’re on firmer footing now and on track to purchase a rug that’ll tie your nursery décor together. Cuckooland’s guide to buying for the modern nursery can jumpstart your interior choices even more, getting your child's room on-point with the latest in nursing fashion.

Why not take some time to browse our site- with a few clicks of your mouse you'll discover a treasure trove of wow, weird and wonderful products buried over a vast landscape of intriguing web terrain! Alternatively, why not call our super friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 for more help in finding those essential Nursery items?

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