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Nursery Wallpaper and Wall Art

Creating the perfect nursery can seem like a daunting task. For some, the idea of designing a playful yet peaceful room can require lots of research and a whole heap of time and frustration. Which is why we zorb across oceans and bungee jump into trade fairs to help.

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Nursery Wall Art FAQ's


Etching an amazing space for your child doesn’t always come naturally; there’s a lot to contend with, especially if you’re waiting eagerly to learn whether it’s a boy or girl! Our posters, paintings and wallpaper all have a gorgeous, stimulating atmosphere about them, helping a child's imagination develop so it can eventually and inevitably... run wild.

If you’ve seen our guide to giving a child’s bedroom the makeover they’ll adore, you’ll have an idea of what amazing contrasts can be achieved by great aesthetic material. However,  we thought we’d answer any burning questions you might have, before you get mixing and matching:

  1. Will wallpaper last through to their teenage years?

  2. We can comfortably say it can, since not all of our wallpaper selections are exclusively baby-brained. A jigsaw pattern, for instance, or any of our nature-based designs, have enough free association embedded to suit older children.

  3. How smoothly do wall stickers blend to a surface? (and how easy are they to remove?)

  4. The whole point of our stickers is to make a room’s blank canvas soar with inspiration, giving you the flexibility to add and remove as you wish. None of our stickers leave marks, and all are easy to attach and simple to remove.

  5. Do all pictures come in a frame?

  6. Our wall art comes in beautiful white matte frames, ready to hang in a prime position for all to see. Our posters, however, are meant to be stuck straight onto a wall, so they don’t have (or need) one.

Require more assistance?

Adding some visual aids to your babe’s sense of wonder and mischief is a brilliant way to get them ready for the world. A few thoughtfully placed pieces of art will instantly transform that spare room into a haven worthy of a little wonder.

Posters, stickers and artwork are right on-trend for our top nursery tips, so get ‘em while they’re young! To ask about potential pairings and decor matches, call Anna, Kate, Sophie or Nat on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 Mon-Fri , 9am- 6pm. 

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