Hanging Basket Brackets

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Explore our Unique Collection of Animal Themed Hanging Basket Bracket products.

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Huge Selection of Unique Designs, the largest collection of Animal Hanging Brackets in the UK.

The outside of your home should say as much about you as the inside. Why settle for the plain and mundane when you can show off your creative flare? That’s why here at Cuckooland you will find everything imaginable to create an outdoor space that is “just so you.” Our fabulous range of Hanging Basket Brackets are no exception to this rule of self expression. Choosing one of our quirky and unusual Hanging Brackets is a sure fire way to turn your outdoor space into a reflection of your wonderful personality.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items

Hanging Basket Brackets


What’s that there, swinging amiably from a hook? No, its not our latest hammock invention for a hedgehog... it’s a brilliant hanging basket, resting on the tenterhooks of a gorgeous bracket from our very popular hanging basket bracket collection. 

A collection filled with 100's of unique designs; taking a cute, silhouetted approach to dogs, squirrels, livestock, scenes of the British countryside and so much more – a dash of fly-fishing, anyone? There’s so much to soak up and explore, just like the country life frames of our coat racks and weathervanes.

You might have a home in the city, missing that rural English vibe while you hang out your washing. Or perhaps you’re already stocked up on rustic style and are searching for that final capper to your cottage or bungalow. Either way, have a nose around for the perfect hanging basket bracket design from our extensive catalogue above.

Hanging Basket Bracket FAQ's

We don’t want to leave you hanging (ok that was weak!) so here are some FAQs we often encounter:

  1. How do I affix my hanging basket bracket?

  2. First, choose a spot that’s high enough on your wall, but easy enough to reach if you’re going to water flowers in the basket. Raise the bracket, and mark (with a black sharpie) the spot on the brick or fence you’re going to drill. Once the holes are made, fit them with wall plugs, then hold the bracket in place while you lock them with screws.

  3. Do I have to buy my own baskets separately?

  4. As a rule, none of our brackets arrive with a basket. Cuckooland does have a refined stash of hanging planters to make use of, though. Check our gardening and country gifts range to see some super fabulous options.

  5. What size baskets are appropriate?

  6. Our brackets can be made to order in two distinct dimensions – either 13 inches long (33cm), or 16 inches (40cm). For the former, hook a basket no bigger than 12 inches, and up to 18 inches for the latter type of bracket. This leaves the requisite room for your basket sit away from the wall.

  7. Will these hanging basket brackets endure harsh weather?

  8. Absolutely. For starters, they’re made from metal, lending a heft and stability to your basket attachment. The brackets have also been coated in high quality polyethylene – it’s a method that prevents rust, maintains the sheen of the surface finish, and makes the model tougher to resist dents or scratches.

  9. Can you make a customised bracket design?

  10. Actually yes we do this all the time. All our brackets are made to order anyway and our suppliers provide scope for a bespoke framework. All you need to do is call us to place your order – it’s an extra request that’ll carry a fee (around £25+ on the price of a regular item) and requires you to send images of the design you want to imitate. But how cool would it be to have your own unique design. Let us know in advance, and we’ll liaise with them to pull your concept off.

Require more assistance?

Still swaying between a ‘yes’ or a ‘no' and not quite ready yet to get wild in your backyard or front porch, with a hanging basket bracket? Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for more info, top tips and outdoor décor strategies.

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