Banish those Winter Blues with a Cheerful Toddler Bed

By the time the magic of Christmas fizzles out, it’s normal to feel a little deflated. With dismal weather and no more gifts to unwrap, kids can get easily bored by the time the new year rolls around…

But this year, you can banish those winter blues by popping one of our toddler beds under the Christmas tree! With fun features and playful design, your youngster will be more than happy to spend those wet weekends indoors.

So if your child is ready for their first bed, you can make their bedtime and winter months that little bit brighter. Read on to discover our most cheerful toddler beds for the new year…

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Casami Toddler House Bed

Casami Toddler House Bed

Too wet and miserable to head outside? Then your little one will be more than pleased to hunker down and play in this fun house-style bed. With a roof and two cut-out windows, you’ll give your child’s imagination a helping hand as they develop and grow.

And to give your child an extra cosy den to cuddle up in this winter, you can add some cotton ball fairy lights and wrap them around the roof.

Plus, you can give your child’s favourite teddies a seat to perch with the bench at the end of the bed. So, kids can keep those winter blues at bay and grab their cuddly friends at a moment’s notice!

Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Is your toddler on the wild side? Then give them the perfect base to plan their adventures with this jungle style 4-in-1 bed from Lifetime. With its mini leaf cushions, you add a splash of tropical fun to your little one’s bedroom – so even on the dullest of winter days, this upbeat toddler bed will bring a hint of warmer climes!

If your youngster is ready for their first big bed, they’ll be more than secure with the easy entrance and safety guard. Kids between the age of 2 and 4 can sleep safely with the lowest height setting, before you lift the bed for kids between 5 and 7. Then, you can convert it into a regular single bed for kids aged 11 and beyond! So from toddler to teen, this bed will go the distance.

And if you’re creating a fun jungle-themed room, why not wrap a toy snake or vines around the bedposts?

Kids Junior Tipi Bed

Kids Junior Tipi Bed

If it’s time to say goodbye to your child’s cot, then make way for this teepee-style junior bed. Low to the ground and oh-so fun, it’s ideal for toddlers just starting out with their first ‘big’ bed. As your little one will be just above the ground, there’s no need to worry about any big bumps during the night.

And thanks to the fun teepee shape, you’ll have one happy little camper this winter. Why not throw a blanket over the teepee roof to create an oh-so cute fort or den? It’ll be the cosiest spot to while away those wet and windy afternoons…

Cabane Toddler Floor Bed

Cabane Toddler Floor Bed

Another safe yet fun floor bed, this Cabane toddler bed is a great pick for toddlers. With its house-shaped design, kids can develop those budding imaginations through play.

Pop a canopy over the roof and there’s endless potential for play ideas – this bed can instantly transform into a house, a castle, a cave… or whatever else your little one fancies! So whenever it’s time for rainy day play, there’s endless potential for role play and games.

And to create the ultimate cosy den, you can wrap some fairy light bulbs around the frame. There won’t be anywhere cosier to snuggle up warm and enjoy a cup of hot milk before bed!

Oliver Furniture Seaside Junior Low Loft Bed

Oliver Furniture Seaside Junior Low Loft Bed

And finally, the Oliver Furniture Seaside Junior Loft Bed will raise a smile on even the gloomiest of days. As it’s a loft bed, there’s plenty of underbed space to play or store toys and games. Meaning you create a dedicated play area to keep your tot entertained all winter!

You can even add curtains to create a cosy underbed den. So when it’s less than warm outside, your little one will have their own private hideaway to relax all day long.

Or, you could even stash a heap of blankets and cushions underneath the bed. You’ll create the perfect spot for those cosy afternoon naps or pre-bed stories! What better way to banish those winter blues?

And don’t forget the Toddler-Friendly Bedding…

Now you’ve bagged a cheerful toddler bed, don’t forget to give everything your little one needs to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

First, get some fitted cotton sheets to add on top of the mattress. Fitted blankets mean your toddler won’t be able to easily kick off their sheets in the night or get caught up in tangled bedding. And that means you won’t need to continuously re-make their sheets each morning!

The fitted sheets by Panda London (bottom left) are absorbent – as they sap up moisture, they’re ideal for helping kids enjoy a dry and comfortable night’s sleep.

Then, pick a pillow that offers your toddler both comfort and support. The kids’ memory foam pillow by Panda London (below right) provides the ideal amount of support for their neck and shoulders, so they stay comfy all night long.

Panda London Bamboo Set of 2 Fitted Cot Bed Sheets

Panda London Kids Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

And last but not least, don’t forget the mattress protector. Not only will this protect the mattress from any accidents during the potty training phase, but it will protect your little one from pesky dust mites and bacteria.

Panda London Bamboo Mattress Protector

Find a Cheerful Toddler Bed for your little one

Browse our toddler beds to give your little one a fun bed to enjoy throughout winter and beyond. And since many of our toddler beds are designed to convert into full-sized singles, kids can get the most out of these beds for many years to come.

Want to chat about toddler beds? Then give me or my team a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email today.


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