An Infographic Guide to Toddler Beds

What is a Toddler Bed?

A toddler bed is a bed that measures smaller than a standard single bed (140cm x 70cm versus 90 cm x 190 cm UK standard single). Toddler beds are often thought of as a transition bed between a cot and a single bed. Many toddler beds feature a bed frame that is low to the ground to avoid accidents.

At what age should a child move into a Toddler Bed?

Children can move into a toddler bed from around the age of two. With the developmental leaps in coordination and cognitive ability that happen around the age of two, children are ready to make the move from cot bed to toddler bed.

Different types of Toddler Bed

Toddler or Junior Bed

A toddler bed (sometimes referred to as a junior bed) is a bed frame that is smaller than a standard single, low to the ground and usually has some form of safety rail around the frame.

Floor Bed

A floor bed is typically characterised as a bed frame that rests on the floor. For example, our Teepee Bed for toddlers has no real height to the bed frame which means it is perfect for avoiding accidents whilst your toddler gets used to their new bed.

Novelty Bed

A novelty toddler bed often features a unique bed frame design such as a car, fire truck or princess carriage. A lot of novelty beds are bright, colourful and whimsical to stimulate and appeal to young children.

Day Bed

A day bed makes a great toddler bed as it often features a surrounding back and sides which can help prevent toddlers from falling out of bed. A day bed is a small, manageable bed perfect for toddlers.

Low Bunk Bed

There are unique bunk beds designed for toddler use known as low bunk beds. A low bunk bed has a lower frame with the bottom bunk designed for smaller children to use.

Things to avoid

  • Beds that are too high for toddlers
  • Beds without safety features for young children
  • A bed designed for older children
  • Bars that are too close together
  • Finishes that have harmful chemicals
  • Bed frames with sharp edges
  • Components that can be easily removed/choking hazards


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