How to Create a Roar-Some Dinosaur Kids Bedroom

Is your little one dino-mad?

Do they know the difference between their Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops? Are they watching Jurassic World on repeat and practising their Velociraptor impression? (We feel your pain!)

Why not make their day by creating a roar-some dinosaur-themed kid’s bedroom? Read on for our top tips to make the most dino-mite room they’ve ever seen!

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Image source: @tidgeyandtomsmom

1. Mathy by Bols Kids Tent Cabin Bed

Mathy by Bols Kids Tent Cabin Bed

Every explorer needs a base camp for their adventures and the Tent Cabin Bed with Trundle Drawer by Mathy By Bols is a perfect choice.

With a cloth front canopy, propped up on poles, your little one will be able to snuggle up at night and pretend they’re out in the fresh air, looking up at the stars – with perhaps a Pterodactyl or two swooping overhead.

Available in 26 colours, ranging from Jungle Green to Summer Pink, this artisan kids’ bed can be customised with their favourite shades – whether they want to camouflage into the jungle or stand out and attract predators!

2. Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed

Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed

The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps by Lifetime is the ideal choice for siblings or sleepover buddies to embark on a trip to Jurassic Park together.

With a treehouse style, the top bunk features a fabric roof lookout window that little ones can use to watch out for passing dinosaurs – don’t forget their binoculars.

This unique kid’s bed is practical too, with plenty of convenient storage in the soft-close steps. It’s also made from 100% certified sustainable Scandinavian pine, so no dino habitat was lost in the making of this bed!

3. Lifetime Dino 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Lifetime Dino 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Specifically designed for dinosaur lovers, the Lifetime Dino 4 in 1 Combination Bed features a canopy roof with 2 roll-up windows and a jungle leaf pattern, as well as a back panel with a dinosaur skeleton motif.

The best thing about this bed is its versatility – it can take on 4 different forms, to take your little one from toddler to teen.

Change it from a low toddler bed with canopy (as pictured), to the same bed raised off the ground, to a mid-sleeper, and finally, to a standard single that will last them a lifetime.

4. Lifetime Dino Kids Mid Sleeper

Lifetime Dino Kids Mid Sleeper

No matter how much you love dinosaurs, you might need somewhere to hide when a T-rex comes by.

The Dino Kids Mid Sleeper Bed by Lifetime offers your child the perfect hide-out/ den space, behind the patterned curtains. It’s also a great place to play for them to play with their favourite dino toys.

After a long day discovering new species, they can simply ascend the ladder and drift off to The Land Before Time.

5. Snurk Children’s Dinosaur Bedding Set

Snurk Children’s Dinosaur Bedding Set

Once you’ve selected the perfect bed for your dino-mad youngster, complete the look with this incredible Dinosaur Duvet Set from Snurk.

This photo-realistic kids’ bedding set means that your little one can drift off in the jaws of their favourite dinosaur every night.

As it’s made from 100% cotton with a 160-thread count, it’s not only seriously cool but seriously comfy too. They’ll be dino-snoring in no time!

6. Snurk Fresh Leaves Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Fresh Leaves Duvet Bedding Set

For a more subtle jungle theme, check out Snurk’s Fresh Leaves Duvet Set.

This colourful, tropical leaf print bedding will appeal to older children as well, so it offers longevity.

When (or if!) your child outgrows the dinosaur theme, they’ll be able to easily update their space to a stylish botanical look.

7. Lifetime Dino Teepee Play Tent

Lifetime Dino Teepee Play Tent

Every Jurassic Park ranger needs a place to camp overnight whilst on patrol!

This Lifetime Dino Teepee Play Tent will encourage imaginative play and is the ideal place for your little one to hang out with their friends.

It features roll-up lookout windows on either side (perfect for keeping an eye out for hungry raptors!) and pockets, for storing their favourite dinosaur toys.

8. Extreme Lounging Mighty B Indoor Bean Bag

Extreme Lounging Mighty B Indoor Bean Bag in Lime Green

At the end of a hard day’s dino-ing, kids will need somewhere to relax and chill.

The Extreme Lounging Mighty B Indoor Bean Bag is a great place for them to put their feet up and watch The Good Dinosaur for the hundredth time.

It’s available in a choice of bright colours, including this funky Lime Green, which we think is perfect for a dinosaur kid’s room.

9. Designer Kids Bookcase

Mathy by Bols Louane Tree Bookcase

Sticking to the prehistoric theme, it wouldn’t be a dino bedroom without some foliage! Doubling up as toy storage, with the Louane Tree Bookcase from Mathy by Bols, kids can organise their collection for all to see! 

Fill the shelves of the Louane Tree Bookcase with non-fictional books, bursting with dino facts, and instantly surround them with their favourite herbivores and carnivores.

Available in a choice of 26 colours, this stylish kids’ bookcase is an ideal final touch to any dinosaur themed boys’ and girls’ bedroom.

10. Prehistoric Box Kids Mini Animal Wall Heads

Prehistoric Box Kids Mini Animal Wall Heads

If you prefer a plain wall, you can still add prehistoric interest with this set of 3 Kids Mini Animal Wall Heads by Wild & Soft.

The plush, faux fur set includes Adam the Triceratops, Hendrik the T-Rex and Arthur the Mammoth (ok, he’s not strictly a dinosaur, but we’ll allow it!) Display them together or split up the herd and dot them around your child’s room.

Wild & Soft donate a percentage from every sale to the Zonnegloed and Cikananga wildlife sanctuaries – they don’t want any more animals to go extinct!

11. Kids Dinosaur Plush Animal Head Coat Hook

Kids Dinosaur Plush Animal Head Coat Hook

For a dino that’s more than just decoration, check out Wild & Soft’s Plush Dinosaur Coat Hook.

Every young explorer needs somewhere to hang up their jacket after a long day of fossil hunting.

Having this gorgeous faux fur Triceratops to hang their clothes on at night might even encourage them to tidy up after themselves (no promises!)

12. Ratatam! Kids Dinosaur Animal Disguise & Accessory

Ratatam! Kids Dinosaur Animal Disguise & Accessory

If your little one is crazy about dinosaurs, having a dinosaur room might not be enough for them. With this roar-some Ratatam! Dinosaur Disguise, they can actually become a dinosaur!

Perfect for playing with friends or entertaining themselves, they’ll love prowling around the garden and jumping out on unsuspecting pray (watch out Grandma!)

Made from faux fur with a cotton lining, it’s soft and snuggly, and just as good for getting into after a bath as it is for playtime. You could even use it as a roar-some rug!

13. Kids Concept Neo Rocking Dino

Kids Concept Neo Rocking Dino

Finally, if your mini palaeontologist has only recently hatched, add this Neo Dino Rocker to their room, to encourage their interest in all things prehistoric.

Suitable for ages 18 months+, Neo will be your toddler’s first un-fossilised friend.

They’ll love his soft cotton body, colourful spiky tail and fun rocking motion. After all, dinosaurs rock!

Ready to Create the Ultimate Dinosaur Kids Room?

Design their dream room with these roar-some dinosaur kid’s bedroom ideas. Which one Tricera-tops your list? If you have any questions or want to discuss our kids’ furniture, give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email


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