A Guide to Gaming Beds and Furniture

There are big benefits to gaming!

Its an opportunity to relax, escape the daily grind and socialise with like-minded people all over the world. Science also suggests that gaming stimulates brain activity, encourages problem-solving, stress relief and improves dexterity. With so many pluses, why is it that so many of us are gaming in less than adequate conditions?

Aches, pains, ailments and health conditions can be caused by gaming the wrong way. But we have some amazing Gaming Furniture ideas to lead you and your kids on the path of comfort, and get you all beating your top scores, unlocking achievements, and taking your place on leader boards!

Pop your PC on pause for a moment and turn your peepers to our list of gaming furniture. You will not be sorry!

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1. Flair Furnishings Power Z Gaming Desk

Flair Furnishings Power Z Gaming Desk

Adding extra screens to a gaming setup helps you get fully emersed and stuck into the action – you can really enjoy the complete experience in the comfort of your own home. But what desk can handle so much equipment?

A Power Z Desk has you covered. The raised shelf can handle the weight of extra screens and speakers and is set at the perfect distance and height to avoid eye strain and neck and back pains – providing youve got the gaming chair for the job! The shelves have been cleverly designed to keep consoles and desktop units well ventilated and prevent them from overheating while youre midway through a campaign. And hidden cable ports and cupboards keep equipment and accessories neat and tidy. Finally with colour-changing lights installed, set them to the colour that best fits the gameplay! If theyre glowing red… you mean business.

2. Parisot SetUp Gaming Desk

Parisot SetUp Gaming Desk

Ergonomically designed to improve your experience, the SetUp Gaming Desk is the real deal! The generously sized desk and monitor shelf can hold up to 3 screens. Set at eye level, straining is not a problem. Designed to keep your equipment running smoothly and at the optimum temperature, the open design and storage compartments help with airflow and ventilation. Those struggling PC fans will love you for it! Retire those mousemats too – the desk has an infrared compatible coating so theres no need for one. There are storage compartments, cupboards and shelves galore – keeping accessories tidied away and the desk space free… so maybe a new home for that old mousemat to live?

3. Trasman Pod 1 Gaming Bed

Trasman Pod 1 Gaming Bed

The ultimate choice for teens – the Trasman Gaming Beds will score big with your kids!

Styled in a bold black and red, this gaming hub has everything a hardcore gamer needs to get to the top of the leader boards. Shelves for discs, controllers and headsets, a full-width desk and shelf to support monitors, consoles and computer equipment and a spot for their all-important gaming chair. The LED lights are a really cool feature – your kids will be the envy of their co-op teammates. There is even a hanging rail to keep outfits tidied and out of the way – great if youre short on space. A wireless charger can be added to avoid those low battery notifications interrupting gameplay. When theyve completed their campaign or the dreaded game overscreen appears, they can climb up to the single bed to reset, think strategy and get some much-needed rest.

Installation options are available too – so no need to hit pause, our friendly team will come and assemble the bed for them!

4. Urban Birch High Sleeper 2 Bed

Urban Birch High Sleeper 2 Bed in White & Birch

Keeping work, rest and play together – the Urban range from Kids Avenue was made for busy kids!

At the end of the bed, the fold-out desk with shelves is the perfect spot for a laptop and accessories – great for gaming and completing dreaded homework assignments. When theyve finished up with school stuff, their games console is ready and waiting under the bed with a built-in TV support bar and comfortable cushioned seat. This also doubles as a fold-out bed, perfect for sleepovers. They can enjoy multi-player games at the desk and console and compete for the top spot. Just make sure theyve got headsets ready… otherwise, youre in for a noisy evening! With extra shelves and lights available, theyll have everything they need to keep themselves entertained!

With other variations available from the Urban collection, select the bed to suit your kid’s needs and space.

5. Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed

Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed

Does the gamer in your life enjoy PC and console gaming? Not a problem with the Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed. Designed with a desk and shelving, they can organise their computer equipment, headsets, speakers and controllers in the shelving compartments. Add a lamp and its a great spot for ticking off homework before joining their friends for some multiplayer mayhem. With slots for cables, mount a TV to the wall and store extra consoles below or why not go all out with a projector? Add some gaming bean bags into the mix and it doubles up as a home cinema setup.

With a multi-coloured LED light strip and remote control, the Parisot Online Gaming Bed is easy to style with posters, memorabilia and figurines!

6. Extreme Lounging Mighty B Indoor Bean Bag

Extreme Lounging Mighty B Indoor Bean Bag in Aqua

This leads us nicely onto gaming bean bag options!

The designs from Extreme Lounging can be suited to lots of situations and interior styles and are a great alternative to gaming chairs. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours theyre great for mini-gamers too. The Extreme Lounging Bean Bags each feature thousands of soft, tiny polybeads encased in an ergonomic shell, that mould and shape to the body’s natural curves – offering comfort and support while we explore open-world environments and beat those final bosses! And when every level has been completed and youre ready to rest your eyes, these supportive seats make a great place to rest, read or relax.

There are even water-resistant options so you can enjoy yours inside and out.

7. Maxel TV Cabinet

Maxel TV Cabinet by Woood

Need something that doesnt scream hardcore gamer? A home entertainment unit can be a great alternative.

The Maxel TV Cabinet, from Dutch designer Woood, offers plenty of open and hidden storage space. Not forgetting the all-important TV – this colossal compartment includes holes for cables and is surrounded by storage space. Store games, discs and consoles away if youd rather guests not know which game youve gotten stuck into and keep the open shelves free to display decorations and artwork. Although if you ask me… gamer and proud of it! Fill this storage giant with your favourites and be proud of your achievements!

Food for thought!

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