Create a Kids Bedroom Inspired by the Stars

Fancy giving your little one’s bedroom an out-of-this-world makeover? Then reach for the stars…

Whether your child is a wannabe astronaut or just loves to gaze at the night sky, a starry bedroom is ideal for kids. A space theme creates a chill nighttime vibe, helping kids to feel calm and ready for bed.

And whether it’s space-inspired bedding or intergalactic accessories, there’s heaps of ways to give their bedroom a star-studded twist – the sky is your limit!

Ready to create a fun space-themed bedroom? Take a peek at these starry bedroom treats…

Pick a starry bed your kids will love

Is there anything better than sleeping under the stars? Well, sleeping in a nice warm bed is a little cosier… And with the Lifetime Princess bed (below), kids can do both!

Your own little princess can curl up under its star-studded canopy to drift off and dream. Including net curtains and a Lorena Canals hanging decoration, kids can’t help but be starry-eyed! Add the optional trundle drawer into the mix and their friends can stay over to join in on the magic!

Lifetime Princess 4 Poster Bed

Is your little one less into princesses and more into rockets and spaceships? Then they’ll love the Lifetime Space Dream Kids bed (below).

With a oh-so cool spaceship pattern, this bed will effortlessly slot into a space themed bedroom. Plus, with room for a trundle drawer, there’s ample space to tidy away those toys before bedtime – so your little astronaut can complete their mission to the land of nod without any clutter holding them back.

Or, you can use the under bed space for a handy pull out mattress. It means there’s plenty of room for your kiddo’s space crew to sleepover!

Lifetime Space Dream Kids Bed

Complete the look with space bedding

So, you’ve found the perfect bed for the space lover in your life. Next, complete the look with starry or space-inspired bedding.

If you’re after fun bedding to complete a space-inspired bedroom, look no further than the kids’ bedding gurus at Snurk. They have heaps of fun, space-themed sets for your youngster. So whether your little one is obsessed with far-flung galaxies or wants to be the next Tim Peake, take a look at these fun space sheets…

Snurk Single Marble Universe Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Childrens Dream Voyager Rocket Duvet Set

Cover the walls with stars

If you’re creating a dreamy space theme, then you’ll need to fill your little one’s room with heaps of stars. And starry wallpaper is the easiest way!

Our Babs House Kids Bed has been styled up with incredible constellation wallpaper! The deep blue night sky perfectly contrasts the white and natural bed frame and light accessories. And it’s perfect for older kids, too. So even if your child is just a toddler now, this style of wallpaper will go the distance.

Image source: @kjgreenhome

Go the extra mile with starry soft furnishings

Even the busiest astronauts need to take five and relax from time to time. And since a space-themed bedroom is all about creating a fun yet calming space, you’ll need to pick out some cosy soft furnishings to help your youngster unwind.

The starry bean bag by Beanbag Bazaar (below) has a wonderful night-sky pattern. With deep blue fabric and a smattering of stars, your child can curl up and relax in true spaceman style.

Icon Kids Star Print Bean Bag Chair

Every kids’ bedroom needs a fun rug to create a comfortable space to relax. With a rug underfoot, you instantly add a touch of interest to your little one’s room. 

If your little one is space-mad, then the Zuiver Moon Rug (below) is just perfect. With this rug, your kids can pretend they’re blasting off on space missions or looking through telescopes. And if they’re desperate to explore space one day, they can practice by walking on their very own moon first!

Zuiver Moon Rug in Stone Grey

Add a fun rocket ship twist

Now you’ve created a star-studded lair for your little astronaut, they’ll need to find their way to space…

So if your youngster needs a rocket ship, we’ve got just the thing. The rocket-style basket by Bloomingville (below) is perfect for little astronauts and parents alike. Kids can send their teddies off on an intergalactic mission when they tidy them away before bed. And since it’s complete with a lift-off lid, you can stash away clothes or clutter out of sight.

Bloomingville Seagrass Rocket Basket with Lid

Create an out-of-this-world bedroom…

Looking for more starry or space themed bedroom ideas? Then head over to our collection of space inspired decor. The little star in your life will be over the moon…

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