Cabin Beds Perfect for Little Adventurers

Do you know an intrepid explorer? Is your little adventurer always organising escapades? Could they be Indiana Jones’s new sidekick? We’ve got the bed for your wannabe trailblazer!

Every cub scout covets a comfortable space to hit snooze! A place to hang their binoculars and dream up their next quest… Journey through Cuckooland’s treasure trove of Kid’s Cabin Beds and discover their new hideout!

Packed with storage for all of their ‘finds’, Cabin Beds are perfect for aspiring archaeologists and their growing ‘collections’. Featuring built-in drawers, bookshelves, toy boxes and hidden compartments… read on to explore the secrets of the Kid’s Cabin Bed!

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1. Marlowe Mid Sleeper Bed with Steps and Storage

First stop on the Cuckooland’s Kid’s Cabin Beds tour – the Marlowe Mid Sleeper Bed! Worshipped by many a mini-Marco-Polo, the Marlowe Mid Sleeper is so much more than just a bed. Tucked below the 3 in 1 design, kids will find a secret hideaway – when filled with beanbags, blankets and fairy lights, it makes the perfect rest stop for tired-out travellers! They can grab a book from the in-built shelves and hunker down for a few hours of quiet time. Swapping the usual ladder for a staircase, when it’s time for bed, it’s easy for little legs to climb on up to reach the summit!
Available in a white or grey finish, there’s no limit to how you style the Marlowe Cabin Bed, just don’t forget a headtorch if bedtime stories are on their schedule!

Marlowe Mid Sleeper Bed with Steps and Storage

2. Lifetime Beach House Cabin Bed

Taking a trip down to the coast, next up is the Lifetime Beach House Cabin Bed. Like it’s been plucked from their favourite holiday destinations, this seaside escape ticks all the boxes for your Mary-Anning-in-the-making! With space for kids to show off their seashells and fossils, the Lifetime Beach House Cabin Bed starts out with four pull-out drawers and a shelf. And you don’t have to stop there – add the optional shelves, hanging boxes and side tables to completely customise their beach house bed. There’s even the option to add their very own personalised nameplate, just in case they ever find themselves getting ‘lost’ on their way to bed… Part of the Lifetime collection; with coordinating bookcases, desks, wardrobes and additional storage available here at Cuckooland, you won’t have to look far for their other bedroom essentials!

Lifetime Beach House Cabin Bed

3. Cool Kids Tipi Cabin Bed

If your kids already thought camping was cool… wait until they’ve seen the Cool Kids Tipi Cabin Bed! With a choice of four themed tent canopies – each with a roll-down window – when they’re snuggled under the covers it will feel just like they’re camping out – every night! You could even decorate their ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars for the complete experience! From stargazing to storytime – their favourite bedtime books can be kept inside the fabric pouch, just an arm’s length away. And for everything else, the 48cm tall storage boxes help keep their base camp/bedroom clutter-free! Worried about the height? The optional step and guard rails make for happy campers!
And when their camping days are done with, and they’re nearing their teens, the bed’s tipi roof can be removed to create a day bed style single bed. Now that is cool!

Cool Kids Tipi Cabin Bed

4. Olivia Mid Sleeper Bed with Storage

With a place for everything to live, from their backpack to their binoculars, the Olivia Mid Sleeper Bed has plenty of storage to be explored! At first glance, it’s a cabin bed with a side staircase, but look a bit further and each step has hidden storage below! Lift the lids to stash their treasure box of thingamajigs and whatchamacallits out of sight. And for their not-so-secret storybook collection, the open shelves are kid-sized so they can enjoy self-guided play. The bed’s long shelf doubles up as a mini desk too, should they need a space for drawing, doodling and map making… X marks their new favourite spot! To inspire your pocket-sized explorer, style the Olivia Cabin Bed with a globe lamp, a world map (like we’ve done) or a few framed snaps from past family adventures. With each new holiday, you can keep adding to their gallery!

Olivia Mid Sleeper Bed with Storage

5. Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide, Drawers and Storage

There’s only one thing that could make a Cabin Bed even better… A Cabin Bed with a SLIDE! The Maxxi Cabin Bed has a slide… and a chalkboard and toy boxes and a bookcase! And, if it wasn’t already enough, it comes in white or grey. Surprise your kiddies with the Maxxi Cabin Bed and you’ll have to ready yourself for jaw-dropping, eye-popping and happy-screaming! We think it’ll bring similar reactions to discovering the lost pyramids or buried treasure… you’ll have to report back. With their new bed, every day will begin with a slide and end with a story, with hours of fun in between. You could even reward tidy bedrooms with treasure hunts and leave chalkboard riddles and codes for them to crack…

Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide, Drawers and Storage

6. Lars Low Cabin Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers

The Lars Low Cabin Bed with Trundle has enough space for their second in command to come over and stay! Designed with three smaller drawers, a shelf and a pull-out trundle – use as extra storage or add a mattress and they’ll be sleepover primed and ready. The bed’s recessed drawer handles make it easy for little hands to get to all of their essentials… and you can believe, at the weekend, those drawers will be filled to the brim with snacks, snacks and more snacks! Or as they like to call it… adventure fuel!
Finished in white and grey to fit any age range and bedroom scheme, kids can easily explore their own style with the Lars Low Cabin Bed, whether they’re into adventuring or staying home!

Lars Low Cabin Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers

7. Vipack Pino Kids Mid Sleeper Bed with Optional Curtain

Create a dream den for your explorer and customise the Vipack Pino Kids Mid Sleeper Bed with a choice of three coloured finishes and seven fabric curtain themes! Whether they’re an aspiring astronaut, they’re potty for pirates or they can’t get enough of fire engines – there is a free curtain for every kid! Easy to install, they’ll have an extra space to play, read, relax and plan their next big adventure. And when they’ve finished, you won’t have to worry about the mess they’ve made inside – if you can’t see it, you don’t have to deal with it! That’s another adventure, for another day…
Available in other configurations – including a low mid sleeper with storage, a mid sleeper with slide and a cabin bed with desk – search out the Pino range and discover the Vipack bed that’s the best fit for you.

Vipack Pino Kids Mid Sleeper Bed with Optional Curtain

8. Lifetime The Hideout Mid Sleeper Bed with Steps

When it comes to choosing a bed for your wild child, the Lifetime Hideout Mid Sleeper Bed can literally feature the word ‘Adventure’ on the front of the bed, so you know you’ve come to the right place! One part treehouse, one part bed and all parts FUN – it’s the bed every kid wants. Including a fabric canopy, roll-down windows, storage steps, hooks and a mini desk space/long shelf, it’s the perfect base to create treasured childhood memories! Add your own customised sign – with their name or message, expand on their storage with the shelf, hanging box and side table and style-match their other furniture with your choice of Lifetime wardrobes, desks and drawers. If there ever was a ‘kid’s bedroom compass’, Lifetime will guide you the right way.

Lifetime Hideout Bed
Lifetime The Hideout Mid Sleeper Bed with Steps

I Spy… Kid’s Cabin Beds!

It’s no secret, Kid’s Cabin Beds are perfect for adventurous kids, of all ages! Feeling lost and needing some guidance? Call +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email and our team will get you back on track!


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