Brighten up your Garden For Autumn

The arrival of Autumn means saying farewell to another summer, but it’s not something to get blue about!

When you think of fall you might imagine crunchy leaves in shades of orange, yellow, red and brown, big blankets that’ll leave you feeling very cosy indeed… and don’t forget those pumpkin spice lattes we’ve all been longing for! The changing seasons might bring a change of colour, but sadly darker evenings and grey, gloomy weather comes along with it!

You might not be spending as much time in your outside space for the next season or so, but you also don’t want to wince when you look out the windows, go to feed the birds and pop the bins out. So how can you keep your garden looking lively in the colder months to come?

Aut-umming and ahing? Below we’ve got a few bright ideas you ought to try if you want to avoid garden embarrassment…

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1. Decorate Your Garden Retreat

Helios Wooden Garden Summer House by Mercia

A lick of paint makes all the difference inside and out! Instantly uplifting, why not try giving your garden shed, summerhouse, lodge or log cabin a makeover and brighten up your garden with just a tin or two of your favourite colour?

The Helios Wooden Garden Summer House by Mercia has been crafted from responsibly sourced interlocking tongue and groove timber, allowing the solid wooden structure to be painted or stained in your preferred shade! Not just adding protection from the elements, the bright pop of colour in the back garden will be a beacon of joy on a grey Autumn day.

Get creative and choose a few colours for a beach-hut-inspired aesthetic, and don’t forget the inside… every time you pop down to your retreat for some ‘you’ time, you’ll leave feeling lighter!

2. Party 365 with a Multi-purpose Pergola

Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola with Roof and LED Lighting

We know what you might be thinking… a garden party in Autumn/Winter? Has Cuckooland gone completely cuckoo? Not this time!

Pair the Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola with Roof and LED Lighting with an outdoor heater, good company and even better music and you’ll forget about the weather altogether.

The adjustable roof louvres and drop sides protect you from the elements and with a built-in drainage system, excess water flows away keeping your guests dry underneath. Completely water and frost-resistant, the conditions certainly won’t stop you from celebrating in the garden!

With the LED remote control – choose your lighting, adjust the brightness, crank up the tunes and pretend you’re still on holiday!

3. Forget Grey with Colourful Upholstered Garden Pods

Ornate Garden Medium Summerhouse Garden Pod
Medium Summerhouse Garden Pod Interior

Snuggle up inside the Medium Summerhouse Garden Pod from Ornate Garden and you won’t mind if the forecast is looking miserable for the foreseeable!

Unlike many garden retreats, the Ornate Garden Pods were made for any weather conditions. Beneath the reflective stainless-steel roof and timber arc beams, you can admire 360-degree views in comfort. Protected from the rain, even the darkest day won’t dampen your spirits when you’re hiding out in the garden!

Seating 10 people (if you feel like sharing your new space), the interior can be customised to suit you. Choose from 17 colourful and easy-clean faux suede fabrics to brighten up your outdoor pod and adjust the tabletops to suit your use.

Including interior lighting, Bluetooth audio, double glazing, power and heating, you might be tempted to wait out the winter inside… Hosting a dinner party? Having a coffee catchup? Working from home? There’s no better place to hibernate this season!

4. It Doesn’t Get Brighter Than Outdoor Lighting

Extreme Lounging B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights

This might seem like an obvious idea, but with the longer evenings just around the corner and the sun setting earlier each day, a selection of outdoor lights will instantly brighten your outside space! From the front porch to the back door, choose from a range of practical and decorative outdoor fittings to light the way. Don’t just install any old lights though… you can have fun with your setup!

The Extreme Lounging B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights are great for every season, but in the Autumn months, these lights become particularly cosy!

Without the need for any complicated installations, hang the weatherproof 10-bulb string with the clips provided or connect 3 sets to extend the length. Drape along a garden fence, around trees, over decorative structures or inside your outdoor retreat and give your garden an inviting glow this Autumn.

Mains operated – adjust the brightness to save on power and install a timer to automatically switch off when you’re done!

5. Warm Up for Less

Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater Floor Lamp in Black with +25 HEAT
Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric FIR Patio Heater Floor Lamp with +25 HEAT

A great way to continue enjoying your outside space in the Autumn months is with a patio heater… on one hand, many designs are power thirsty and the bills can quickly start to grow, but on the other hand, the Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater Floor Lamp in Black with +25 HEAT keeps you toasty for less! So, if you’re spending time in the garden this Autumn, you don’t have to be nippy while you’re out there and you don’t need to pay the earth for the privilege!

The Heatsail Dome costs approximately £0.013 per hour to power the lamp and £0.40 per hour to heat – saving you money in the long run and having less impact on the environment. When compared to your average patio heater, standard designs are far less efficient!

Aside from adding warmth and light to your outside space, the Far Infrared Rays emitted bring you added health benefits too! While you’re taking a breather in the great outdoors, the invisible FIR spectrum stimulates healing, cellular repair, circulation, pain relief and other added benefits to your body.

Cost-effective, better for the environment and with a health boost to boot, that’s something to smile about this season!

6. Evergreen Foliage Never Fails

PlantBox Living Wall Stacking Planters

Aside from Halloween decorations already adorning the shelves at the supermarket, the first sign of Autumn is usually the falling leaves!

You can’t beat shuffling through a pile of crunchy leaves in the park, but when it’s happening in your own garden, it’s a sad sight… and you know you’ll be the one raking them up! And when they’re gone, the vibrant colours go with them. That’s why it’s always good to have a selection of evergreen plants, trees and shrubs so your surroundings don’t become a barren wasteland once winter sets in.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, keep your garden colourful with the PlantBox Living Wall Stacking Planters! Stacking on top of one another, create a wall of colour with a selection of ferns, grasses, ivy and don’t forget the classic lavender and rosemary to bring gorgeous scents.

Each planter features a clever water reservoir and level indicator making caring for your green friends a breeze. Your neighbours’ gardens might look sad from October onwards, but yours will be green all year round!

7. Brighten Up Balconies With Weatherproof Outdoor Accessories

Fab Hab Big Sur Outdoor Rug in Teal

Available in a wide selection of colours and designs, the Fab Hab Outdoor Rugs will brighten up any gloomy day!

Woven from recycled plastic bottles in a choice of sizes, they’re the perfect fit for smaller balconies, courtyards and patios, but also look great underneath garden furniture sets.

Easy to keep clean and weatherproof, they can be left outside in bad weather without a problem. They’re also great at preventing slippery surfaces too! When puddles make an appearance, instead of unexpectedly practising your skating out on the patio, a Fab Hab rug offers just enough grip to keep you upright!

Suitable inside and outside, don’t just limit yourself to the garden, decorate with Fab Hab in every room if you feel like it!

Autumn-proof Garden Buildings and Accessories You’ll Fall For!

Don’t declare your garden unusable for the next few months! Make the most of your outside space, even when the temperatures drop and the rain clouds gather, with our selection of garden goodness. Want to know more? Talk to our customer service team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email, they’re sure to brighten your day!


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