Forget About the Weather with a Garden Building

Spring is on the horizon! Just this week I spotted daffodils trying to pop up in my garden, which can mean only one thing – warmer weather should be coming… right?! We might be on the edge of springtime here in the UK, but I couldn’t admire my new additions for very long… It’s still mighty cold/frosty/wet out there! Brrrrr!

On average it rains for almost a third of the year in the UK! With 5 out of 12 months bringing chilly temperatures. Cue the garden building! A quiet spot to enjoy a morning brew, read a book and avoid the miserable drizzle. A place to enjoy the garden, all year round, in comfort!

If you’re looking for a garden hideaway of your own, you’ve come to the right place! From dining pods to garden studios – create an extended space you’d be happy to hibernate in. Not sure what you’re looking for? We’ve paired our pods to suit every instance, so you can find the structure to suit you and your outside space!

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1. A Relaxing Retreat

Ornate Garden Deluxe Summerhouse Garden Pod

Escape the wet weather (and noisy hustle and bustle) with the Deluxe Summerhouse Garden Pod! A quiet, dry and warm spot to gaze out onto the garden and relax surrounded by nature. Equipped with power, heating and ambient LED down-lighting, you can stay as long as you need to!

Connect to the Bluetooth system and enjoy music and podcasts in peace. Get the colour-changing lights involved and take a moment for guided meditation. The curved seats offer enough space for 10 people – should you wish to share your retreat… or settle into the plush, upholstered cushions, spread yourself out and forget about the outside world. We know which option we’d choose!

2. The Home Office

Off Set Oval House Garden Pod
Outside Pod with Removable Office Table
Off Set Oval House Garden Pod Interior

Still working from home? Using the dining room table as your command centre? If you’ve been thinking about creating a more permanent solution, you’ve run out of space inside and your plans to extend the house just aren’t happening for you – have you considered a weatherproof garden pod instead?

Upgrade your WFH setup with the Off Set Oval House Garden Pod by Ornate Garden. Including integrated electric sockets, heating and lighting – you can lock yourself away at the bottom of the garden, whizz through your flagged emails and enjoy the pitter patter of rain on the stainless steel roof.

Split into two sections, both with curved cushioned seating – one side features a removable table top – perfect for your laptop, equipment and notepads. Surrounded by 360-degree views of your garden, your video call backdrop won’t be beaten – rain or shine!

Need a brainstorming session or meeting at home? Seating 10 people in total, the upholstered lounger section will come in handy. With a Bluetooth compatible sound system and uninterrupted views of your garden to enjoy, there couldn’t be a better place to feel inspired.

And when you’ve clocked out for the day, continue using the Ornate Garden Off Set Oval House Garden Pod for entertaining, dining and relaxing. Any excuse to pay your new pod a visit really!

3. An Outdoor Cinema

Astreea Igloo 360 Dome with Oslo PVC Weatherproof Cover
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Astreea Igloo 360 Dome Pod Interior

Don’t have the space inside for a whole home cinema? Move your movie nights out into the garden with the Astreea Igloo 360 Dome with Oslo PVC Weatherproof Cover!

Imagine watching Star Wars with the night’s sky above you… it’ll take your favourite flicks to another level! We know what you’re thinking… what about the weather forecast?! Don’t you worry, you’ll be tucked away beneath your protective dome bubble, without a care in the world. On summer evenings you’ll be lovely and snug, but in the chillier months, we’d recommend adding a portable heater, blankets and bean bags. Wind, water and snow proof – even if your Astreaa Igloo were on Hoth, (if you know, you know), you’d be lovely and toasty inside!

Available in 3 sizes – seating up to to 16 people – make sure you’ve got the popcorn in!

4. The Best Dining Pod

Ornate Garden Small Oval House Garden Pod

Don’t let the weather stop you from hosting a garden party this Spring! The forecast won’t have to be a factor with the Small Oval House Garden Pod.

Invite up to 8 guests along, gather around the folding table and WOW them with your not-yet-tested recipes! Set the mood while you wine and dine with the ambient LED lighting above and create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

With a completely water-resistant interior, sliding windows and integrated heating – you’ll be just as comfortable as you would be indoors, but with 360-degree garden views! If that doesn’t get your dinner party top marks… we don’t know what will?!

5. A Home Gym

HypeDome Garden Pod
HypeDome Garden Pod Home Gym

Avoiding keeping fit at home because of the bad weather? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! But don’t let the elements stop you; beat your PB with the HypeDome Garden Pod!

Move your weights, mats and gym equipment in and get back to working out. Made from 100% recyclable polycarbonate overlapping hexagonal panels – the ingenious design is 200 times stronger than glass. The rain couldn’t get through if it tried! The dome structure is noise cancelling too – so while you’re huffing, puffing and breaking a sweat, your neighbours won’t hear a thing!

6. 2 in 1 Summer House and Workshop

Garden Summer House with Side Shed by Mercia

Don’t delay those DIY projects until Summer! One part summer house, one part tool shed – the Mercia Garden Summer House with Side Shed would be a handy workshop.

With a pent-style mineral felted roof, veranda shelter, bi-fold doors and tongue and groove cladding – tinker away to your heart’s content. Once you’ve finished fixing, securely lock your tools away in the side shed and enjoy a sit down in the summerhouse – you’ll have surely earnt it.

Crafted from FSC responsibly sourced timber; if you fancy another dose of do-it-yourself, paint or stain the exterior in a bright and happy colour to combat those grey days!

7. The Winter Chalet

Forest Garden Mendip Double Glazed 5m x 4m Log Cabin
Forest Garden Mendip Log Cabin Interior

Don’t just run off to warmer climates when the weather is less than kind; instead create a retreat at the bottom of the garden with the Forest Garden Mendip Double Glazed 5m x 4m Log Cabin, and enjoy a staycation.

A second home-from-home in the wintery months, style with your pick of cosy furniture and accessories and it will feel like you’ve been transported to your favourite ski resort! Built with thick interlocking logs and tongue and groove panelling, we can’t think of a better place to wait out the winter. Just don’t forget the blankets and sheepskin throws!

Keeping the heat in and the cold out, the double-glazed windows ensure you’re not wasting energy while you’re in there. Throw in a few hot chocolates and you’ll be glad you stayed home!

8. A Greenhouse and Garden Bolthole

Rowlinson Garden Potting Store in Honey Brown

It’s growing season! Yes, it’s grim out, but your home-grown greens will love it! Still not convinced? The Rowlinson Garden Potting Store in Honey Brown will protect you from the rain…

This shed/greenhouse hybrid would be a wonderful place to hide out and put your green fingers and thumbs to work. Including potting benches, opening windows and glazed roof panels, you can begin potting earlier in the year and you won’t have to brave the cold to get a jump-start on your fruits and veggies.

Take a garden seat and flask out with you and spy on the local birds and wildlife… they’ll never know you’re in there!

9. The Outdoor Shelter

Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola with Roof and LED Lighting

Create a shelter in the garden with the Maze Rattan 3 x 3m Pergola with Roof and LED Lighting. The perfect place for quick garden pitstops, pair yours with a garden furniture set or outdoor seating and you’ll have a dry spot to wait for the Dog to relieve him or herself.

Offering all-year-round protection from the elements, simply tilt the roof louvres and drop the textilene sides to offer you shade and shelter from the sun, wind or rain. The smart roof features a built-in drainage system allowing water to run down the inside of the pergola legs and out onto the ground below. No nasty drips down the back of your jacket… Thank the heavens!

And when the summer months eventually come back around, you’ll have a shady zone to relax and unwind on the weekends. (INSERT DAYS) and counting!

Weather? What Weather?!

Have you found the perfect garden building to help you forget the forecast? Find yourself filled with questions?
Call the team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email Outlook is bright… with a chance of lightning speed deliveries – if you hurry!


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