Nursery Trend Alert! Art Deco and Adorable!

Art Deco style is making a comeback! First popular in the 1920s and 1930s, featuring metallic finishes, geometric shapes, bold colours and statement designs – this luxurious look couldn’t be stopped! 100 years of inspiration – and Art Deco fashion, architecture and interior design is here to stay!

If you’re a lover of all things Art Deco, use vintage glamour as the theme for your nursery and introduce your little lady or dapper chap to this influential era!

Whether you’re decking out the entire nursery in Art Deco-style furniture or just want to tip your fedora to this fabulous trend by including antique accents around their first room – we are here for it!

Want to see how we’d do Art Deco – nursery edition? Scroll baby, scroll!

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1. Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Bed Nursery Furniture Set

Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Bed Nursery Furniture Set in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

Art Deco is all about the angles! Straight lines, symmetry and geometric shapes – without a single curve in sight! If you love the linear design the Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Bed Nursery Furniture Set will be right up your street.

Including a double wardrobe, 3 drawer dresser and convertible cot bed, all with angled legs, it’s no wonder the range was called Vintage! Without the need for handles and hardware – the push-to-open doors and drawers are another dreamy Art Deco detail.

To complete the look, we’d decorate with geometric wallpaper or panelling, and for the lighting – make it metallic! The nursery will look elegant and adorable, so both you and your baby will love spending time in there.

Zuiver Retro Ceiling Light in Metallic Gold
Baiker Table Lamp

2. Incy Interiors Ellie Metal Cot

Incy Interiors Ellie Metal Cot

Speaking of metallic, recreate the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties with the Incy Interiors Ellie Metal Cot! If you were looking for traditional wooden nursery furniture… this won’t be for you!

Looking for something a little different? This lustrous chrome-plated metal cot bed comes available in a choice of rose gold or dark nickel to bring a touch of 1920s charm to the nursery. Made from a non-toxic, water-based finish – it’s completely safe for babies and tots.

And when you’re not ready to be parted with this dazzling design, add in the conversion kit to transform the cot into a toddler bed, when the time comes.

To make your little one’s metal cot the focal point of the nursery – add in softer accessories and furnishings with a little less sparkle, and paint the walls all one colour. From pastel bedding and canopies to natural fabrics and rugs, the nursery can look luxe and be baby friendly!

3. Leander Classic Baby Cot in Walnut with Optional Extension Kit

Leander Classic Baby Cot in Walnut with Optional Extension Kit

Not mad on metal? Dark wooden furniture was just as popular in the twenties! From floor to ceiling, we couldn’t get enough of rich ebony, mahogany and walnut woods with deep tones and high-gloss finishes.

Made from moulded Beechwood, but with a warm walnut finish – the Leander Classic Baby Cot ticks the 20s trend! You might even notice the subtle exposed wood grain while you’re fussing over your little angel, snoozing away inside – that’s if you’re not half asleep yourself!

Suitable from birth up to the age of seven (with the optional conversion kit), you won’t have to redecorate or replace furniture quite so soon!

To style – add in toys, bedding and décor that will compliment their bold furniture. Paint the walls in jewel tones, and if you’re feeling really daring – take the colour onto the ceiling!

Kids Concept Neo Wooden Building Blocks
Kids Concept Neo Wooden Stacking Pyramid

4. Obaby Gatsby Toddler Bed and Obaby Lumi Toddler Bed

Obaby Gatsby Toddler Bed
Obaby Lumi Toddler Bed

Skipping the cot stage? If your little one has already outgrown their baby bed and you’re itching to re-decorate in the Art Deco style, you’ll be pleased to know we have a selection of toddler beds that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1920s!

Surrounding the sleigh-style toddler bed, the Obaby Lumi Toddler Bed has been covered in a luxuriously soft velvet fabric, that’s as glam as it is cosy! Set low to the ground, tots can hop in and out of bed independently, but have the added reassurance of raised side panels while they’re dreaming!

Ramping up the luxe on another level, the Obaby Gatsby Toddler Bed has been upholstered in crushed velvet! Paired with a scalloped bed frame and gold metal legs – it’s oh-so grownup.

A great stepping-stone between a cot and a full-sized single bed – both the Lumi and Gatsby toddler beds come in a choice of pink or grey! To enchant your little prince or princess, give the furniture a fairytale twist with themed accessories and bedding, and they’ll fall in love with art-deco without even knowing it.

5. Dutchbone Vince Lounge Chair

Dutchbone Vince Lounge Chair

Rocking chairs… they’re not the most glam, are they? If you’re struggling to find a nursing chair that will fit in with your style, don’t give up on your search! Think outside the box instead…

The Dutchbone Vince Lounge Chair wasn’t originally designed with new parents in mind. Like a nursing chair, it’s comfortable, supportive and swivels. But where it differs… it’s infinitely more stylish! Made with layer upon layer of comforting fillings and upholstered in a textured cord fabric, you’ll want to visit the nursery just to have another sit-down… Choose from 4 colours and this retro-inspired seat will transport the nursery back to the twenties!

6. Vox Milenne Wardrobe

Vox Milenne Wardrobe

A place to keep your babies’ glad rags in order, the Vox Milenne Wardrobe would fit nicely into an Art Deco abode. Designed with gold hardware, carved lines and decorative panelling – the Milenne wardrobe would suit both modern and traditional nurseries. Available in a choice of colours, from bold blue to soft grey – if you later decide to re-decorate, the Milenne wardrobe easily slots into any style!

7. Art Deco Style Accessories

Is it even Art Deco without a mirror? All the rage in that time, there were some extravagant and outrageous mirrors adorning the walls of homes and hotels!

Go all out in the nursery and create an Art Deco wall with a collection of Woood Hailey Mirrors. Available in a choice of sizes and shapes, each mirror features a carved wood and velvet combo, with a textured flock finish. Sure to make a statement, it’s also a great way of making smaller box rooms feel bigger. Flock yeah!

Woood Hailey Oval Mirror

The Zuiver Bandit Round Wall Mirror in Gold isn’t quite as loud as Art Deco mirrors used to be! Inspired by our great-grandparent’s style choices; the mirrors’ metallic finish and coloured glass will give the nursery a subtle golden glow! There’s even a copper colourway if that’s more your scene. Just use caution when adding glass accessories to the little one’s room!

Zuiver Bandit Round Wall Mirror in Gold

Not a circular or a rectangular rug – the Zuiver Harmony Rug in Tuscany Pink would be a really unique final touch to your Art Deco nursery! Woven with a jute backing, the geometric blocks and octagonal design would bring an exciting pop of colour to any room. Available in Desert Sage and Brown Rice… you can have it on in your bedroom too!

Zuiver Harmony Rug in Tuscany Pink

Style the Nursery Art-dorable!

If that’s not already a term for this trend, we’re coining it! We can’t wait to see how far you take your Art Deco-esque nursery design! Started mood-boarding already? Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email if you’d like to share your ideas or have any questions!


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