How to Use Bold Patterns and Colours in a Nursery

Studies have found that by creating a colourful and visually stimulating nursery, you’ll be encouraging your little one’s development and hitting significant milestones faster!

Newborn babies are unable to differentiate and process colour when they’re firstborn, but from the moment they open their eyes, they’ll begin taking everything in and absorbing the environment around them. At roughly 8 weeks of age, babies can recognise strong contrasting colours and patterns and at around 3 to 6 months babies can see in full colour, gravitating to bright primary shades!

With this in mind – by decorating the nursery with bold and colourful furniture, décor, toys and bedding, you’ll be encouraging your babies’ brain growth, refining their eyesight and focus, increasing cognitive development – and designing a gorgeous first bedroom to boot!

We’ve assembled a sample of our most colourful nursery furniture and accessory designs, so you can achieve a stimulating and educational environment for your baby to grow and thrive in! Take a peek at some of our favourites below!

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1. Vox Concept Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Set

Vox Concept Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Set

Available in 6 bold, contrasting shades; create a colourful nursery with the Vox Concept Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Set!

The Scandi style double wardrobe and dresser drawer fronts have each been styled in a range of natural, grey and white shades and then paired with a bright pop of colour to complete the look! These strong contrasting colours will fascinate little ones and help encourage visual learning and colour recognition.

Finished with contemporary recessed handles, plenty of storage space and the option to add a changing tabletop to the chest of drawers – this striking set is a practical and stylish choice for babies and parents. Not forgetting the adjustable cot bed; add bedding in complimenting colours to keep little ones happy!

Once your little one has outgrown their baby furniture, transform the wooden cot frame into a toddler bed and then a day bed style sofa. Part of the Concept collection, add the extra furniture pieces further down the line – once they’ve started school, the coordinating desks and bookshelves will be a huge help with homework!

2. Incy Interiors Ellie Metal Cot

Incy Interiors Oscar Metal Cot

In the first months of a newborn’s development, it’s been understood that babies are drawn to bold contrasting colours more so than just a single bright colour. It might seem unusual to recommend a black cot, but hear us out! By pairing the Incy Interiors Oscar Metal Cot with monochromatic accessories, bedding and wall art and continuing on with the scheme, you’ll be creating a stimulating environment for your baby to soak in!

Available in other metallic finishes – when you pair the Incy Metal Cots with bright contrasting wallpapers and bedding – the lustrous finish reflects these happy hues and keeps little ones mesmerised!

Contrast is key, but the nursery needs to be a calming and soothing space for you to relax with your baby. Pick out furniture and accessories that follow these colour rules to encourage development, but ensure the style is to your liking too! Select colour schemes you enjoy to guide your choices and final look!

3. Vox Vintage 4 Piece Cot Nursery Furniture Set in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

Vox Vintage 4 Piece Cot Nursery Furniture Set in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

A set a little less dramatic – the Vox Vintage 4 Piece Cot Nursery Furniture Set pairs bright contrasting coloured drawer fronts with natural tones. Including a double wardrobe, tall dresser, low chest of drawers and adjustable cot – the design takes inspiration from the seaside. With pastel-coloured panelling and driftwood style wooden details, you and your baby will be transported to the coast from the comfort of your home!

Choose from 6 standout shades and add bold pops of colour throughout the nursery. Follow the same rule and style the set with contrasting coloured walls, bedding and toys to encourage brain development and visual learning as your little one grows.

The colourful beach hut-esque chest of drawers can even be converted into a baby changing unit with the optional top accessory – how handy is that!

4. Casami Beach House Cupboard

Casami Beach House Cupboard

Another seaside-inspired nursery furniture design – the Casami Beach House Cupboard brings a subtle hint of colour to your baby’s first bedroom.
Storage is essential when you have babies and tots in the picture, but these necessary additions don’t have to be yawn-inducing. Available in a choice of pastel shades, the mint green and pastel pink Casami Beach House storage cupboards introduce colour without being too loud and gaudy!

Behind the colourful cupboard door, you’re presented with 4 shelves to store essentials, bedding and toys. And as your little one grows, this playful furniture piece can continue to be used throughout their childhood!

Perfect if you’re following a seaside theme – add the Casami Beach House Bookcase and Toddler House Bed once they’re big enough.

5. Gaia Baby Tweed Serena Rocking Chair

Gaia Baby Tweed Serena Rocking Chair

Made from eco-friendly materials and upholstered in a selection of colourful tweed fabrics, both you and your baby can enjoy the Gaia Baby Tweed Serena Rocking Chair!

Create a happy and soothing corner in the nursery with a bright-coloured nursing chair. The rich-toned fabrics bring texture and interest to the space and the gentle rocking motions keep you and your baby relaxed during feeds, bonding and bedtime stories. There is even a matching fabric storage ottoman for you to put your feet up… you can thank us later!

If you’re unable to decorate the walls in the nursery, by selecting colourful furniture you can design an interesting environment for your newborn without ever having to pick up a paint roller.

6. Cotton Ball Lights Pacific LED String Lights

Cotton Ball Lights Pacific LED String Lights

When the evening rolls around, the Cotton Ball Lights Pacific LED String Lights keep things colourful!

Handmade with soft cotton threads in an assortment of colours, your little one won’t be able to keep their eyes off them!
USB powered with an on and off switch, by having soft coloured mood lighting in the nursery, you and your baby can relax and enjoy the gentle glow together. It’s a great feature when you’re trying to soothe unsettled little ones to sleep!

Available in other colours, from soothing pastels to pretty pinks, style the nursery from our selection of Cotton Ball Lights.

7. Leander Matty Changing Mat

Leander Matty Changing Mat

Practical and stylish, bring colour to the baby changing unit with the Leander Matty Changing Mat! Available in a choice of shades, each made from easy-clean, waterproof materials; make outfit changes and nappy checks a bit more bearable with a bright and happy changing mat.

The clever moulded PUR foam-like changing pad material is soft on your baby’s skin and adapts to their body temperature to keep them comfortable at all times.

Style the baby changing unit and mat with coordinating hanging toys and mobiles to keep babies entertained while you fuss over them!

8. Kids Concept Wooden Mobile

Kids Concept Wooden Mobile

Speaking of – the Kids Concept Wooden Mobile would be a fabulous choice!

Capturing the attention of tiny tots, the multicoloured mobile can be positioned over changing tables and cots. The simple, circular shapes allow your little ones to focus on the colours, keeping them entertained or lulling them to sleep. The bold colours fine-tune early visual development and when they’re all grown up, the Kids Concept Mobile would make a lovely decorative addition to their bedroom.

Babies Become Colourful Kiddies with Bright Nursery Furniture and Accessories!

Create a visually stimulating nursery by handpicking colourful nursery furniture, accessories, bedding and décor! Not sure what colour scheme to select? Don’t get lost in the rainbow, let us help you find the hue for you and your baby! Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email at for a helping hand!


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