Refresh your Living Room Interiors for Summer

The big spring clean has been and gone, but still, you’ve found yourself sitting in your living room, gazing around and feeling like a complete refresh is in order. Well, we say go for it! Summer is a great opportunity to redecorate!

With the warmer weather, painting and wallpapering can be finished in next to no time and within just a few days your living room can be completely transformed. What better way to style up your new living room look, than with new furniture and accessories to go with it.

We’ve put together a list of tips on how to start your living room refresh and bring your home back to life! Whether you’re completely gutting your house, you’ve just moved, or you’d just like to add a few accessories to spruce up the place, our tips and tricks will scratch that itch!

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1. Start with the Sofa!

Nimbus Modular Corner Sofa

If you’ve been ‘umming and ahing’ over a living room update, a great place to start is by picking out the perfect sofa.

The Nimbus Modular Corner Sofa is a great choice for new homes, apartments and flats. As it’s made up of modular sections, you’ll have no trouble getting it through awkward doorways, manoeuvring around halls and up staircases. If you’ve always dreamed of having an extra large L shaped sofa, but never imagined it fitting the limiting dimensions you have to deal with – select a sectional sofa like the Nimbus!

Slotting together in minutes with extra modules and ottoman footstools available to add to your set; if you move house or your family grows, you can continue building on the Nimbus Sofa. Style the fibre and feather sofa from a choice of three luxurious fabric options in a wide selection of colours! Shown in our sumptuously soft, 100% recycled navy blue velvet, this bold shade will certainly add a fresh pop of colour to your sitting room.

If you’d like to try before you buy, pick out your favourite samples and see which colour suits your space.

2. Lighten your Living Room with Linen!

Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 04 Linen 3 Seat Sofa Bed

Linen is such a luxurious and lightweight fabric option, making it perfect in warmer weather! Give your home interiors a lift with linen furniture and accessories.

Available in a choice of 3 soft colours, each being totally stain resistant, the Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 04 Linen 3 Seat Sofa Bed will instantly brighten up your home. The tufted seating, button details and bolster cushions are a breath of fresh air. Giving you a boost too – the high-density foam core and 300 pocket springs offer comfort and support while you’re snuggled up.

The 2 in 1 Swyft Model 04 Sofa doubles up as a sofa bed. Within minutes go from sitting to sleeping! Having the ability to invite friends and loved ones to stay over in the summer is a game-changer. They can get an open-ended invite and stay as long as they like! Plus cheeky drinks can be on the cards when a sofa bed is ready and waiting.

Himla Hannelin Linen Throw

Made from 100% organic linen, the Himla Hannelin Linen Throw offers an extra layer of warmth on cool summer evenings. Lightweight and breathable, you can snuggle up on your new sofa with a gentle layer to keep the chill off.

Available in muted tones, each featuring a crinkle effect and fringed edges, this textured home accessory will add dimension and texture to living spaces. It’s a great addition in the bedroom too!

Pair with other linen soft furnishings in complementing or clashing colours and let your accessories give your home a refresh.

3. Bring the Sunshine in!

Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 05 Velvet Love Seat

If the summer sun has you feeling inspired, add sunny colours to your home and keep that momentum going!

The Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 05 Velvet Love Seat in Mustard is sure to put a smile on your face. This happy and bright accent chair is a sight for sore eyes. Settle into the double layered fibre and foam seat and admire the stain resistant velvet fabric while you sit.

Position in a sunny window and dive into a good book with an iced coffee to keep you company. And if the summer forecast is more on the grey side, this lively living room addition is sure to part those clouds and keep you feeling cheery!

4. Take Inspiration from the Great Outdoors!

Woood Gravure Display Cabinet

Introduce natural materials, textures and patterns to your living room and notice the difference these designs bring. By adding raw wooden furniture, natural cane rattan, rustic stone accessories and colourful houseplants to your space – these details will be a breath of fresh air in your sitting room.

The Woood Gravure Display Cabinet is a great example of wooden furniture inspired by our surroundings. The choice of ash or oak wood veneer has been contrasted with vertical panels to bring a contemporary twist to the design. The cabinet’s exposed wood grain and organic patterns add interest and can be paired with a number of home interior styles.

Display summer holiday mementos in the 7 open compartments and keep unsightly clutter hidden in the cupboards below.

5. Mixed Materials Keep Things Current

Bold Monkey Another Marble Side Table

A great way of updating a space is by adding designs that pair clashing colours, materials and designs.

Want an example? The Bold Monkey Another Marble Side Table features a bronze tray top and patterned marble shelf and gives a masterclass in pattern clashing and using mixed materials. The statement accent table cleverly introduces new colours and textures and will give your living room the je ne sais quoi you’ve been searching for!

Zuiver White Stone Side Table

If the Bold Monkey Another Marble Side Table is too daring for you, you can achieve the same trend in a more subtle way and still have living spaces looking and feeling like new.

The Zuiver White Stone Side Table comes available in 3 sizes. Pairing a raw marble tabletop with solid oak tripod legs – scatter these nesting tables around the living room to create a contemporary Scandi style space. Finish off the look with a vase of fresh blooms or a succulent or two and your living room becomes a sanctuary made for relaxing.

6. Low Pile Rugs Keep Things Cool

Zuiver Harmony Rug in Desert Sage

Thick, shaggy rugs are a joy in the winter months, but can be really impractical in summer!
If you’re updating your home accessories for summer, we’d recommend selecting a floor rug with a low pile. They’re great in living rooms that see a lot of traffic and the lower pile doesn’t retain as much heat as a high pile rug does.

The Zuiver Harmony Rug in Desert Sage is a great choice all year round. The woven design and jute backing help keep living rooms cooler and if temperatures suddenly plumet, it’s suitable for use with underfloor heating!

Designed with a geometric shape, block pattern and available in other colours, create a 3D effect in the centre of your sitting room or place under furniture. It’s sure to draw attention!

7. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Woood Hailey Round Mirror

Make living rooms look new with minimal effort by selecting smart accessories. By scattering interesting and eye-catching decor around your living room, your home interiors instantly feel revived.

A great way of doing this is by adding mirrors to a space. Cleverly positioning a mirror against a wall or hanging a selection in an unloved corner will lighten your living room. Mirrors make rooms look and feel bigger with little effort required – just a hammer and nail and your living room will look unrecognisable!

We’re in love with the Woood Hailey Round Mirror! The circular design with alternating velvet and wooden textures draws your eye – you just want to head over and admire the retro design and flocked finish… whilst checking yourself out, of course! Available in a choice of shapes and sizes, create a display above a sofa or mantlepiece and brighten up a tired room!

Bring Life to Your Living Room with New Furniture and Home Accessories!

We have oodles of tips and tricks if you’re looking to refresh your home for summer. Want to pick our brains? Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email at


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